Jan 7th, 2014


Looking for a good time? Hop on board InMotion’s SCV. The immediate thought is Segway, and it’s true that InMotion is offering a more-or-less comparable product, but there are a few of reasons the SCV might turn heads.

For starters, it’s smaller and more portable than a Segway, able to collapse down to the size of a rolling suitcase. Even cooler, the InMotion SCV’s connected app for Android can track your movement and offer vital stats on battery power and speed all while functioning as a smart key to power the transport on and off. The coolest feature of the app, however, might just be it’s ability to remotely summon the InMotion SCV to your current location or even have the vehicle trail you as you stroll along.


But the best thing about the InMotion SCV is its price tag, which registers at half that of the Segway. The InMotion SCV will retail for less $2500 when it launches later this year. One ride on it and pulling out the credit card will feel mighty tempting.

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