Samsung Galaxy NX Mini trademark filing appears at USPTO



Samsung sure does love their Android-based cameras. The Korean mobile giant recently unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 after debuting their first mirrorless camera, the Galaxy NX, over the summer. Now it appears another entry in the Galaxy NX series is the way, as revealed by way of a trademark filing with the USPTO.

The filing is for the trademark Samsung Galaxy NX Mini. All logic points to this being a smaller version of the camera that went on sale in November. It is likely to be cheaper, as well. The original Galaxy NX retails for $1,600, while the smaller, Android-less Samsung NX300 goes for $500.

The Galaxy NX in its current form carries a 20.3MP APS-C sensor along with a 1.6GHz quad-core CPU and 4.8-inch HD display. The NX features Android 4.2.2. We can expect Samsung to retain similar specs for the Galaxy NX Mini, though it would not be surprising to see the hardware trimmed to a certain extent.

The filing pops up just before CES, which leads to speculation that the Galaxy NC Mini could make an appearance at the annual trade show. It could, however, merely be a coincidence.

[via USPTO]

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  1. New android camera Samsung Galaxy NX Mini. This is also good as other Samsumg products.
    via: codingbrains dot com

  2. the galaxy nx is definitely not Samsung’s first mirroless camera.

  3. The Galaxy NX is a solid piece of kit. Pictures are amazing and instant live feed to Tablet and Galaxy smartphones is a big plus. Just too expensive. Hope they can keep with similar specs for the mini but maybe half the price then it will be complete.

  4. Samsung Galaxy Mini Nx is the first mirrorless camera appearing like charm. It will create exellent sales record in coming days.

  5. I want the NX300, I wish it had android on it, but I’m ok with it not given all it can do.

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