Dec 27th, 2013


Six HTC employees accused of leaking company secrets and arrested last August are now facing formal charges in Taiwan. Prosecutors say the group, led by former HTC Vice President of Design Thomas Chien, planned to use the insider information to start a new company.

In addition, the six along with three employees of unnamed suppliers are being charged for their role in accepting bribes and creating fictitious expense reports. If found guilty, each upheld charge could equate to 10 years in prison.

While the problem is that of the courts and no longer HTC’s, the bad karma around HTC continues to mount. Despite the release of the HTC One, a device that is sure to find its place on many an end-of-year list, the Taiwanese smartphone maker can’t seem to turn around its dismal fortunes. Even worse, HTC can’t seem to maneuver the crowded market to reclaim some of the stake it once held with consumers and investors alike.

[via WSJ]

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