HTC design exec, others facing charges for allegedly leaking company secrets



Six HTC employees accused of leaking company secrets and arrested last August are now facing formal charges in Taiwan. Prosecutors say the group, led by former HTC Vice President of Design Thomas Chien, planned to use the insider information to start a new company.

In addition, the six along with three employees of unnamed suppliers are being charged for their role in accepting bribes and creating fictitious expense reports. If found guilty, each upheld charge could equate to 10 years in prison.

While the problem is that of the courts and no longer HTC’s, the bad karma around HTC continues to mount. Despite the release of the HTC One, a device that is sure to find its place on many an end-of-year list, the Taiwanese smartphone maker can’t seem to turn around its dismal fortunes. Even worse, HTC can’t seem to maneuver the crowded market to reclaim some of the stake it once held with consumers and investors alike.

[via WSJ]

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  1. Poor HTC. Although, rumors suggest the next HTC One will have SD-card support. I haven’t owned an HTC since my EVO (very fond memories) because of the SD thing, mostly. I will give their next One a shot, if it has a slot for my SD card. Hopefully they don’t end up bankrupt.

    1. I haven’t owned and HTC or Windows Phone since the Touch Pro. I have horrible memories but I don’t want them getting out of the mobile market. I like competition.

  2. In reply to CGS:
    Same here but with my Incredible.

    1. I made it all the way to the One X but they eventually lost me. Even after the crappy Inspire 4G I still gave them the benefit of the doubt.

      1. They just started pumping out phones totally abandoning their quality commitment.

  3. I haven’t needed SD card support on any phone other than the blackberries.
    That includes the ONE and the Nexus 5. Even my old iphones are doing just fine. (yeah iphones are collecting dust now that android hardware has really helped bridge the OS inefficiency)
    Why anyone would need SD card support is beyond me. Perhaps people really need to store porn;)

    1. I’m gonna be upgrading my 32 GB SD card to a 64 GB in a couple weeks, and guess what? Not a single porn video anywhere on it. Just because you are okay with out it doesn’t mean SD cards aren’t necessary. :)

      1. While I agree having an SD card slot is a nice option, it’s no longer a deal breaker. Well, not since since moving to 32GB+ phones (got the 64GB HTC One model).

        1. That’s definitely an option, although it seems AT&T and Verizon tend to get the larger sized models, and I will never go back to either one of them. And I agree, it’s not a total deal breaker, but I like having the space there for when I know I’m going on a trip to someplace where my internet connection either mobile or Wifi will suck, because I like to load up on entertainment.

          1. Exactly the reason why I like having the option. Load up the TV series on your phone and go nuts.

        2. How do you backup your phone? My HTC One X+ and my Moto X both have issues copying files to my Windows PC. Ever since losing mass storage mode I have problems copying my files. Especially non media files. I use MyBackup Pro to backup my phones and can’t get them to transfer the zip files to my computer.

      2. I guess I wouldn’t ask what you have on there;) Even with all the music, videos and pictures I have (personal files rolled over from several years of collection), I’m just a bit over 16 GB.
        The larger files and business documents are all stored in the cloud. I’m guess you aren’t taking advantage of any cloud storage?

        1. I have been slowly adopting cloud storage. And I was able to clear about 3GB off my phone when Google Play allowed you to upload your ebook files to their server, and now I just pin them as I’m reading them. And I had lots of movies and shows, I have added them across a few clouds, but as of late my phone’s been having issues streaming them from the cloud or even downloading them back onto my phone, so I’m figuring that one out. I have lots and lots of various pictures, little videos ripped from YouTube, PDF files, torrented comic books (which aren’t compatible with Play Books), movies, TV shows, music… while many of them are slowly getting backed up onto the cloud there are places I go sometimes where I *have* to have that space on my phone to have access to my stuff.

          Also now that Samsung added App 2 SD support (FINALLY!) I’ve been moving most of (some extremely large) apps to my SD card, which has improved the overall performance of my phone greatly. So SD cards are an all around lifesaver for me.

          1. I used to feel the same as you. I had a 32 GB Galaxy S IV with a 32 GB SD card that I traded for an HTC One. (32 GB) I actually prefer the One.

      3. Oh one correction, other than the blackberries, I also have a 64 GB card in the evo design from freedompop. But of course, that’s only because the phone is old and came with either 4 or 8 GBs.

    2. I can see why people would need an SD-Card option, however I’m in the same boat as you. I never used the SD-Card slot even on my Evo LTE when I had it because I had no use for it.

      1. Do you never download large file with your phone? just downloading movies I filled up a 32GB Nexus 7 in less than an hour.

        Having an sd card slot with a 64GB card is very handy, if you don’t see a need for one then your probably not getting the most out of your devices anyway.

        1. Sure I do, but I delete them when I’m done with them. I have mostly my laptop that has my media on it (I have to carry my laptop mostly everywhere anyways), but for on the go music/TV shows, it’s on my phone.

          1. yeah, see the thing is some people don’t want to erase and install over and over and over and over again. Do you get it? That’s the point. Try not to justify the unjustifiable. It’s simply foolish not to include this tiny option. That is why NO HTC phone got my money other then the Dream G1.

          2. What?
            I’m talking about movies, pretty sure you dont need to install a movie.
            If 32/64 gbs isn’t enough storage for you, then you need an sd card. Don’t try to play off that SD cards are a must, because it is not. It’s an added feature that would be nice to have, but it doesn’t make the phone automatically crud if it doesn’t. I’m sure HTC will be fine without your money.

          3. HTC are not fine, they are still losing money.

          4. Just because it doesn’t make it crud to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t make it crud to others. No way will I ever buy a device without an SD card unless they start coming with 128GB of internal memory. But even then, what if I break my phone and want to get my pictures off of it. You can’t do that unless you have an SD card to remove.

            So yes, to me the HTC One, Nexus 5, and any other phone or tablet without a SD card slot is as you would say, crud. ;)

          5. Well, that’s really unfortunate to hear that you think the N5 and the H1 are crud because they don’t support a dated piece of technology that is proven to slow your phone down.

          6. A good quality TV episode is between 1 to 1.5GB per episode, if your watching a number of series at a time that again will eat into your app storage space, some of the larger games are now upto 2.5GB.

            Unless of course you watch the horrible 350MB versions which look like poo and only play Angry Birds in which case you will be fine.

          7. True, but theres still room. I can tell you the break down of my 32 gbs storage on my HTC One. (picture in my comment)

            I got a good 17 gbs left as storage on my H1, which is enough for me to store a lot of 1080p/720p movies/TV shows
            I also don’t keep apps that I don’t use, which does save me space. All my songs are also 320kbps.

            For me, an SD-card would be a waste to own. I know I can only speak of myself, but after owning phones in the past that has an SD card, I find that I don’t really utilize the space as I want to. I also don’t have much time on the go to watch movies/TV shows, and when I do, I’m usually next to my PC, where my media is already on it. I’ve come to a conclusion that an SD-card would be useless for me.

            SD-Cards are old technology, and hopefully there will be phones in the near future with 64 gbs+ memory for cheap. Until then, I’m satisfied with the current memory on my H1.

        2. If you need it that bad then buy a wireless flash drive? The ones from sandisk even use a micro SD card so you can swap it out.

          1. That would be another device you would need carry around with you, the whole point of the sdcard slot is so you don’t need to do this.

    3. I love the option of sd card. It’s really a stupid dumb thing not to include it in any modern phone and you see why htc is struggling? Defintely a deal breaker. Not only does extra 64GB help, I put all my titanium backup files on there as well. Loving my Note 2!

      1. Sd cards can potentially ruin the experience.. you need to manually move apps to sd to free up local storage, that can be cumbersome, and people are usually going for cheap card’s that are slow, makes your device run slower, and synchronization will take forever.

        there’s also security risks because most people don’t encrypt sd card or lock them with codes.. most phone companies don’t want your pictures stolen just because you lost your phone..

        my one x+ has 64gb internal memory and 25gb dropbox storage for 2years.. my first device without sd is definitely an improvement over previous devices with sd..

        1. im not moving any apps, why would I do that? Keep all my multimedia files music / video / titanium backups / miscel. My note 2 has 64gb + 50 Gb Dropbox for 2 years + 64gb. “SD cards ruin experience” lol who are you kidding? Not me or you.

          1. I said it can potentially ruin the experience.. not always. with the large local storage your phone has, sd card is just a bonus.. not something the average person would need..

  4. After my One X was left abandoned, I don’t see myself going back to HTC anytime soon

    1. Abandoned? to what degree? Android 4.2.2 and sense 5 isn’t that bad for a device that old.. my friend has LG 2x. His phone is stuck with android 2.2.2 LG doesn’t deserve to make the nexus lineup with reputation like that.. my old single core desire hd had more updated software than the dual core 2x from LG.

      1. The North America One X & One X+ never officially made it past 4.1. Sure I had 4.2 on my phone from flashing, but that is ridiculous.

        1. I think you can still download a software installer tool that gives you the official 4.2.2.. the web page is called htcdev. I installed ics on my girlfriends sensation using that tool.. very easy. Flashing costume rom is much harder.

    2. The reasons why your HTC didn’t get over the air updates is because nasty American networks forces HTC to make changes to software and hardware before the phones are sold on contract..
      HTC can’t push updates for that device at all, everything goes through your network then.. if you had an unlocked international version, your phone would have updated to Android 4.2.2 and sense 5 6-7 months ago.

  5. HTC just keep taking hits from every aspect; financially, and even internally. HTC makes fantastic phones, and I would really hate to see them go. Some bigger company should absorb HTC into their own and exist mutually. Companies like LG, Oppo, or even the up-coming Android device makers like HP and Lenovo could benefit by having HTC as their phone producer.

    Although I don’t know what’s really going on with HTC, from my view, they seem to be going the right direction with their phones, but still face major hurdles in becoming the phone manufacturer they are wanting to be. Hoping for the best for HTC.

    1. It’s only a matter of time before HTC are bought by someone, hopefully it will be LG as I think they’re the only company with a chance against Samsung.

      You know that the only global phone “manufacturers” making money are Samsung and Apple right?

  6. my Aunty Scarlett
    just got Acura RL by working online at home. he said B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  7. HTC is proving to the dev community that they’re keeping their devices updated. They just need to appeal to the consumer market.

    Not many people know about the HTC One. I think this is the issue here. I’m more likely too see a Galaxy phone or an iPhone on TV when people are holding random phones.

    I don’t remember the last time I seen an HTC commercial. LoL!!

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