Google Cultural Institute now open in Paris, 34 new institutes jump on board


'Institut Culturel De Google' - Google Cultural Hub - Opens In Paris

The Google Cultural Institute officially kicked off in Paris on Dec. 10th, melding technology and art in Google’s mission to “make the world’s culture accessible online.” An extension of Google’s Art Project, the cultural hub will be home to exhibitions and conferences — even a workshop as part of Google Open Gallery where artists can create digital works using a 3D camera, printer, and large interactive screens. It’s also said the institute will soon establish a residency for young artists, but Google wasn’t able to confirm a timeline.

Google pointed out the project is non-commercial, meaning Google wont be making any money off the high resolution digital content offered up by participating institutions. Google maintains these institutions — which recently added 34 new global partners and now includes over 300 museums, galleries, and archives from over 40 countries — will still retain all copyrights to the images used in the project.

With all of that, it appears the Institute still wasn’t too well received. Google’s much publicized privacy concerns lead to the country’s cultural minister declining his invite to attend the grand opening of the institute last-minute. But for everyone else, the Google Cultural Institute is currently open to all students, artists, curators and other art professionals at Google’s headquarters in Paris, France.

[Google Cultural Institute]

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  2. I don’t see how there’s privacy concerns about art. I have privacy concerns about a lot of Google products but this one’s on the bottom of my list

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