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best android phone 2013

The year 2013 is quickly coming to a close, and we’ve been talking about the best phones of each month all year (check out the best Android phones as of December 2013). But the month-to-month power rankings are nothing compared to the showdown we’re about to witness. It’s the best phone of the entirety of 2013!

There was a ton of competition this past year. Many companies went with new device strategies, such as HTC sticking with the “One” line as their go-to bread and butter, and LG deciding to drop the Optimus moniker and focus on the “G” aspect of it. Then there’s Samsung, of course, who kept their train rolling with the steam generated by the hot-selling Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The year came to a close with many formidable  options, including the LG-made Nexus 5 and the CyanogenMod-ready Oppo N1. Motorola and Sony’s efforts aren’t to be overshadowed with the likes of the Motorola Moto X and the Sony Xperia Z1.

So who is going to snag the honor of best phone of 2013? Well, we can’t say just yet… because it’ll be you deciding who gets to take that crown. This is a special readers’ choice edition, where you guys will get to make your voice heard and decide — as a community — which phone was good enough to be considered the very best that came out in 2013.

How is it going to work? We’ll be collecting private votes in the poll below over the course of the next few days, but we won’t be revealing the results until sometime later. You’re still free to voice your opinion in the comments section below, but it won’t be until the big reveal that you’ll see what everyone decided to exalt as the number one option of the year. Get voting!

[PS]: Don’t fret if the phone you were planning on voting for isn’t there. Just pen it in using the “other” option!

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  1. Note 3 or bust.

    1. I’d prefer to bust rather than have that piece of junk. Oversized, overrated garbage.

      1. I always admire a guy who is willing to take a stand in public. Even if it is a stupid uniformed stand. Even if is makes it clear to one and all that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        So well done dizel123. Everyone else might think you are just a moron, but I know better. You are a moron with a position that he isn’t afraid to share.

        1. Only Samsung sheep(aka isheep wannabes) think my stand is uninformed. But you go ahead and keep being told what to think by Samsung. I’ll keep thinking for myself thank you.

          1. Don’t you need to “start” thinking before you can “keep” thinking.

          2. As a Samsung sheep, you wouldn’t recognize someone independently thinking. I’m not just following along so you can’t comprehend that what I’m doing actually is thinking. Don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you. It probably hurt too much when you tried thinking on your own so you just ran to Samsung so you could be told what to do. If that’s what works best for you then you should keep on doing it. I don’t judge other people.

          3. That’s a lot of writing for you. I recommend a nap now and tell your mom you might not be able to make it to school on Monday.

          4. It’s very little writing to be honest. But your Samsung shepherd probably won’t let you write that much so it seems like a lot to you. Its kinda sad that Sammy won’t let you come up with your own insults. Nobody has school Monday, its 2 days before Christmas. If you could think on your own you might have come up with something decent.
            But I do want to take a nap.

          5. You know people are clutching at straws for ideas for devices/companies they want to accuse people of mindlessly following/they want to hate on just because when Samsung/Galaxy devices are thrown in with the Apple/iPhone crazies. Both platforms have their merits. Chill and look at things carefully.

          6. I think your point is very uninformed. Isheep wannabes? Far from it. The galaxy line is one of the few out there that has not gone the way of iPhone. For instance, the galaxy line includes removable batteries, expandable storage, and the note also includes a stylus and takes multi tasking to next level. I actually like theNote line. I have been using android since the mytouch 3g, i never felt like i wanted an iphone because it is so limited. You most definitely are an idiot.

          7. I know right? Again, this silly behavior from “adults” towards private companies. They defend a brand like it’s their own child. I buy Samsung products because they keep offering me the type of options I look for in a mobile device. Removable batteries and expandable storage like you mentioned. Not for the name. If LG offered me these options maybe I’d buy their phones. If HTC offered these options on their One, I’d likely buy that device rather than the Note 3. Even without a stylus although, that stylus really does increase productivity.

            Fierce brand loyalty like is on display here should be expected from teenagers. Not adults.

          8. Yep. I truly don’t get brand loyalty. I go to whoever offers what i want. I thought that 32 gb would be enough but i found myself making too many compromises and finally decided to sell the htc one and got the optimus g pro. That expandable storage makes a world of difference and so does the higher resolution camera (now i can take better pics and notes from my seat all the way in the boonies in class) and i made some extra money because of the stupid $100 price difference thanks to brand loyalty or brand name despite the fact that both devices are spec’d simalarly, lol.

          9. Glad you made a bit of a profit. Yeah it’s all about the specs of a device and if that device fulfills your needs/wants regardless of the manufactures name. Also, having supreme control over your data inside the devices is much better than being at the mercy of WiFi or data coverage or data caps on a mobile plan. Like you, I don’t like making compromises when it comes to storage on my device.

          10. We must divorce ourselves from emotion when discussion subjects that really shouldn’t evoke emotional levels like this. These are mobile device. They’re mobile devices.

        2. This from someone willing to show the world they are a COMMON BULLY!

          1. Don’t tell me you’re that guy who puts the guy who talks back to the troller in the same category as the troller.

            Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Well, the troller probably does, but nobody likes him either.

          2. Don’t be the guy who bullies the person who points out you’re a bully. Nobody likes that guy not even the alleged troll.

            BTW I never called you a troll or put you in the same category as trolls. Bullies are much worse than trolls!

      2. haha, look at the list of those who +1’d this comment. I feel so bad for these individuals. if you’re going to bring down a product, at least don’t sound like a dumbass.

      3. Look at Mr. Infallible over here guys! Stay classy.

      4. spec wise, it’s the best phone on the market right next to the nexus 5 and LG g2. the screen is too large imo

      5. Hmmmm I didn’t know 3GB Ram and USB 3.0 means overated.
        I think the word you are looking for is overpowered. Which is a good thing. The note 3 flies

    2. I couldn’t stand to use TouchWiz for more than a minute. Ugh.

      1. It’s better with a launcher such as Nova.

        1. True dat. Or Buzz Launcher. I don’t understand why folks feel the need to use TouchWiz. Android is all about customization right? I use android devices because I can run wild with them. Stock? Na, na son… I run wild. The Note 3 is a great base to start from. Great , powerful hardware. You have great hardware you can always customize the software to your liking.

    3. Samsung has horrible radios. HTC and Moto all day!

    4. New personal record on my Note 3! Dat battery life doe…

  2. HTC One of course

    1. I loved my one, but after the 4th one from blowing the top speaker, I switched up to the nexus 5….. no turning back.

  3. HTC One even though it had a few irks. At least it finally got upped to 4.3!

    1. Finally? It was the first to do so with 4.3 unless you are a Verizon user. 4.4 already released for both GPE and Sense developer edition.

      1. Yes am a verizon user.

      2. Nobody has those versions. My Moto G is more up to date!

        1. First off. My reply was in reference to the 4.3 comment. Second… Your Moto G is a toy next to my HTC One. Third I am right now typing on my HTC One Google Edition 4.4.2 phone and have Sense Android version 4.4 backed up in storage. Nice toy you have for the price ;)

          1. Best comment of this entire thread

          2. All I was trying to say was that the most stingy updater finally got it to 4.3. Not HTCs fault it’s just they don’t have the amount of leverage that Samsung or Apple have when it comes to cross carrier uniformity. I feel that even if its an overall “better” phone it means nothing if a big chunk of its users (especially verizon) don’t have the most recent updates. I also don’t know how being a verizon user gets me down voted. I was simply answering. I also love my HTC One :(

  4. you want an unbiased answer? easily the Note 3.

    1. Indeed, but the Hobbit-handed and self-conscious will disagree.

      1. And those that hate gingerbread looking, cartoon like UIs.

        1. Nova Launcher + Xposed makes TouchWhiz’s UI bearable until the complete CyanogenMod AOSP makeover arrives for the Note3.

          1. Touch Wiz + Nova Prime = PERFECTION.

            cyanogenmod? seriously, after using samsung roms, I can’t go back. caynogen / gpe / stock lack so many important features. i’d dread right now if i had to use cyanogen. ( i did for 2 weeks waiting on 4.3 for my note 2) I freakin love TOUCH WIZ

          2. Yeah, well, I don’t use any of the gimmicky features of TouchWhiz, so I won’t miss it.

          3. Samsung needs to get rid of that cartoonish UI. HTC’s Sense has a lot of features and it doesn’t look like a child put it together.

          4. Exactly, Sense UI is second to none

      2. Hobbit-handed… awww!

    2. If you’re looking at a spec sheet, then yes.

      1. i wanna look at spec and functionality =) I mean it’s just so sad how the note 3 is head and shoulder above any other consumer phone in the planet right now.

    3. Again, wanted to share my latest feat. Note 3 holding it down for me son.

  5. Now let’s see all the comments of people saying their phone is the best!!! My phone is the best! Why? Because it just is!!!

    1. No, dammit, your phone sucks. (Which one do you have, again?)

      1. I have the NoteN5GS4G2!!!! My unbiased opinion (Some people don’t know what unbiased means) is that my phone is the best!

        I actually own a Nexus 5 though.

  6. Nice the moto X is on top, and way at the bottom is the htc one. Nice skewing phandroid

    1. The poll options are listed in random order. It is different each and every time you revisit the page.

      1. So then we can have multiple votes :-(

        1. Only if you do it from multiple locations.

        2. We have minor blocks in place to prevent multiple votes, but there’s always a chance someone can find a way around that.

          1. TRUE L33T ANDROID HAX0RZ

      2. It is? When I shift-reload I keep seeing the Oppo on top.

    2. Oh good, that paranoid guy has shown up.

      1. love your comments lol

  7. Humbly voted for Moto X. It shows how sum of good things can really turn out great without jacking up the specs.

    1. yeah well i dont feel so humble right now and want to rip shiet up, wheres the note 3.

    2. What about jacking up the price?

      1. For a phone that’s customizable and assembled right here in the United States, I think the $500 off contact price was fair, and then there have been multiple opportunities to get it for $350, which is outstanding. And the on contract prices now range from free to $99 which is pretty great too. If you don’t think those are fair prices, go back to a flip phone.

        1. I don’t mind paying $700 for the Note 3 as I did on day one, but paying almost 600 for the Moto X (when it was released) is just an absurd. 350 is a fair price for it indeed.

  8. My Nexus 5 is the King of Android.

    1. agreed. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be. the speaker is the only thing I can complain about but I don’t really mind. the large bottom bezel kinda bugs me though, no reason to have on screen buttons if they don’t trim the bottom bezel imo

    2. Agreed. It’s just simply amazing. I love it.

    3. How’s that battery life…

      1. The first 2 days weren’t so good, however now I easily get a days use (24 hrs) and 4 hours of screen on time. Thanks for asking :)

    4. S4 Google Play Edition is the better “Nexus”. Too bad there’s no LG G2 GPE.

  9. Easy 2013 ranking, IMO:

    1) Note 3
    2) SGS4
    3) Moto X
    4) Nexus 5
    5) HTC One

    Honorable mention: LG G2 (I want the “knock knock” feature on more phones without physical nav buttons)

    1. The S4 is terrible.

    2. Best list, except i dont see why the HTC one deserves to be on there.

    3. 1) LG G2
      2) Nexus 5
      3) Moto X
      4) HTC One
      5) Every other phone
      6) Samsung products

    4. Nah, don’t agree with this list, but to each his own

  10. In my opinion Samsung Galaxy S4 is really good phone but price for spare parts for this model are really high just look http://www.electrogsm.pl touch screen and display it is cost over 200$

  11. I voted for the Moto X. I think that it showed people that specs aren’t everything and I think that it will definitely bring Motorola back into the competition.

  12. For price, specs and ability to choose your carrier Nexus 5 it is

    1. For my carrier I choose Verizon…ummm… Nexus 5 huh?

      1. I think he meant Moto X. ;)

      2. Wow… enjoy getting fleeced…

        1. I’m assuming you’re referring to the $23 a month I pay for unlimited data. Yes, I enjoy it very much!

    2. LoL carrier. No.

  13. Moto X up in heer!

  14. I have the Note 3 which I feel is best for 2013. My girlfriend uses the S4, but this is her 3rd one. There is an annoying echo when talking on it. She is about to get the Note 3 from Best Buy for $150 , as I type this message.

  15. Note 3
    LG G2
    HTC One
    Nexus 5
    Samsung Galaxy S4

    1. not a bad list.

    2. You sure like those manufacturer skins!

      1. um, yeah I actually do. and their added functionality puts stock to shame.

    3. There is nothing particularly interesting about the GS4 vs the remaining four. 7gigs of bloat, Touchwiz sucks, and the battery is average. It has a good/very good camera, but there was nothing great about it besides that. Moto X>GS4 by a lot.

  16. Although I own a Moto X, I’m going with G2. I know it’s not for everyone, but I like LG’s UI, plus the camera is top notch. I can’t wait to get one next month.

  17. Samsung radios… Garbage. MOTOROLA is force

    1. Agreed

    2. Some mad radios on those Moto devices.

  18. I use the note 2 and I think it is a great phone. I voted for the g2 because the time I have got to use it I was most intrigued by it. All the phones on the list are great. I like the HTC one and would consider it and the g2 as the phones I would upgrade to. The note 3 is nice but since I already have the note 2 I don’t see any huge jump in amazing features that I just couldn’t live without. I think you buy a phone based on the features you think are important. I like what I like, you like what you like, and all the phones win.

  19. I’ve only used the S4, the Moto X, and the Nexus 5. Out of the three I would give the slight edge to the Nexus 5 over the Moto X.

    1. I wouldn’t. Sure, the Nexus 5 has better hardware, but all of the software features that the Moto X has should’ve been baked into Kitkat. And some of that stuff is hard to replicate with 3rd party apps in the Play store.

      1. I use my Nexus 5 as my daily driver and occasionally pick up the S4 or the Moto X. Since I’m choosing to use the Nexus 5 over my other devices I chose it as the best phone.

  20. G2, because a top phone cannot have TFT (See this Z1?)

    1. have s4 and felt like I had to join the crowd just once.. never again. Samsung is garbage…some overlays are nice but don’t try and create the whole ecosystem over again with your bloat…am I really going to buy into your music and movie services over Google Play? really? if I had Google Play edition maybe I’d feel different but never again…htc looks like it could be my next. always liked Moto but want a want a top phone that crosses all carriers. the x isn’t quite that phone.

      1. The S4 would be close to perfect if the UI resembled stock Android. Touchwiz is just too clownish and messy. It will be my last Samsung phone if the company doesn’t make Touchwiz grow up.

        Don’t let the internals of the Moto X fool you. It’s a great phone and it would be the perfect if the camera and camera software were more like the S4.

        1. It wouldn’t have mattered, all the reviewers care about is what the phones are made off these days, Samsung can’t win, if they include loads of features it’s bloatware, if they don’t it’s bland and lacks features.

          I’ve been using roms based on the Google Edition device since it was launched, other than the camera application I don’t miss anything from touchwiz.

    2. All modern LCDs employ thin film transistors.

  21. What? No iPhones?

    1. Why would the iPhone be included in a poll about the best Android phone?

      1. They’re not the same?

  22. I totally voted for the xperia z ultra. Its the most unique phone with the best features.

  23. I would like to see how many on the list below that voted for any moto phone is with vzw…… Instead say the phone and carrier.

  24. Making people buy new phones so often is just a money making
    Gimmick. I still love my GalaxyS2. Only issue ive ever had is battery life, and I solved it with a hard to find extended battery from cellular outfitter. Prices are ridiculous off contract. Mine is the epic touch on boost.
    I paid about 180 bucks for it new because at the time they were pushing the sgs3. It wasa little bit more like 230 but it was 180 for ne because I got an additional 50 bucks off for leaving metro pcs. Just wish there were stable kitkat Roms out that I could use without losing 3/4g.
    Not losing much anyway yet because even if im stuck on Jellybean 4.1 the S3 and S4 are only up to 4.3 anyway. It starts to stink in January when they get 4.4 and my phone is already abandoned. If villuminati by team hydra didnt lose 3g/4g Data id probably try it. I can always hope someone will be interested in bringing more stable 4.4 roms to sgs2 in the new year.I may jump ship to S3 when S5 cones out at the next price break and give th s2 to my wife.

    1. Dude try Dastin ‘s villuminati rom based off of cyan 11. It’s a great Kitkat rom with data. No 4g however since Google dropped support for wimax. I just upgraded to note 3 and boy was it hard to let go of my s2. superb phone. I still have it though, I just like to play around with the Kitkat features. It’s harder than I thought it was to go from a new software and old hardware to new hardware and old software. Goes to show that software and user experience is definitely more important. But I love my note

      Edit: Sorry didn’t see the part where you already tried it. x-)

  25. Bet it will be a Samsung phone. Proving quantity over quality.

    1. Or it could be an HTC One, proving form over function :P

      For what it’s worth, I voted Moto X.

      1. HTC One was hyped and overrated. It’s not a bad phone, but theres better out there.

  26. Who cares about what device is inferior over the others. They all run Android as the OS. Each device mentioned is great for what it brings to the user. Celebrate the OS and stop nitpicking about differences.

  27. Having owned the HTC ONE/GN3 & currently the LG G2,selecting a favorite of the trio is difficult at best.Each have plenty going for them,& some annoying quirks as well,but,the positives outweigh the negatives almost equally.The HTC ONE & GN3 have more features that rate outstanding than the LG G2.
    However,the G2 has fewer WTF’s than the other two,& this is why I’ve voted for the G2,it performs well across the board.My only real gripe w/this phone so far is the slick fingerprint/grime magnet of a finish,shoulda went w/a NEXUS5/7 finish on the backside.

  28. Nexus 5

  29. I have used every single one of the main 10 phones. The best are on the market today (in descending order) : We are all biased, but if you haven’t used at least 3 for more than a day, yo, your opinion dont mean much to this person anyway.

    LG G2
    Moto X
    Note 3

    1. A person biased by using 3 phones for more than a day is just as biased as a person that only uses 1 for two years. Its all opinion. I see the obligatory **** X is in there.

  30. I have not used Note 3. But I used HTC One, G2, Nexus 5 and Moto. After using all these:
    Nexus 5
    HTC One

  31. Droid Maxx hands down. Superior battery, wireless charging, built like a tank, kevlar, touchless controls, battery, simple design, battery, nearly stock Android, Kit-Kat. By the way, did I mention the battery?

  32. I had the HTC One for about 6 mnths i really liked it allot , i thought that the camera was a very big dissapointment , but i thought the speakers where exceptional , i’m really rooting for HTC to make a comeback , i will but there next phone , i just sold my N5 literally today , i though it was a very solid phone i liked the look and feel of it allot and who doesn’t like vanilla android and the development behind the phone is second to none , but the battery left allot to be desired , even after kernel changes and undervolting ect ect ect…….maybe because i was spoiled with my Note 3 the battery can go for days ……..i have large hands so i can easily use the phone with one hand, i honestly don’t think i will ever be able to go with a smaller phone ,so having owned those three phones this year , even though i sold my HTC One , i personally think it’s the phone of the year , the shear Design of the phone should make it Top on any list ……….Peace

    1. In a similar boat, I really liked the HTC One the most, I wanted to try out a larger screen device so I got the G2 which I like as well, but HTC made a pure beast, phone of the year for sure

    2. How exactly is the camera on the ONE a “disappointment” ? Takes the best low light pictures ive ever seen. The clarity and detail is amazing as well. Have yet to find an issue.

      1. Couldn’t use it to take notes in class because from where I sat the one’s low 4 megapixel camera just couldn’t capture the board. however, I could accomplish this on my note 2 that i had last year around this time. yeah, the one’s camera was bad, though i have to admit that it took good shots when it was close to the object.

      2. In order the achieve that low light performance they had to sacrifice detail.

        Regardless of what they call it, it’s still a 4MP camera.

        1. Not much detail sacrificed if you ask me.

  33. When do we get to see the poll lol? Really curious…

  34. Why the heck we can’t see the current stat of the poll?

    This serious causing doubt that you guys are withholding the stats and manipulating the result according to which OEM sponsor your site or you personally.

    1. Agreed, the results should be visible.

      Transparency is impotent with online polls as many people won’t believe the results are legit otherwise

    2. transparent votes also manipulate the results in a different way. IF you don’t trust the site don’t take part. Visible results can be manipulated just as easily.

      1. Hmm. That’s true.

  35. It’s easy just to vote for the newest devices but i’m not going to do that.

    Galaxy S4 gets my vote.

    Galaxy Note 3 is the best device available but I would never buy it due to the size.

    Similarly the Nexus 5 is a great device however lack of sdcard card slot, poor battery life, slightly washed out display and horrible front facing camera means I wouldn’t buy one of them either.

    I can’t give it to LG because they brutally copied the Galaxy S4 design and interface, they even over-saturated the colours to try and copy the vibrant colours of Samsung’s OLED displays.

    Sony, i’m not sure even deserve a mention, the Xperia Z1 is a horrible device for allot of reasons.

    HTC One was overrated, lets face it without the metal case it would have been forgotten fast.

    1. How on earth did LG copy the S4? they have back controls! Both LG and Samsung make knock off Apple skins anyway. I still love my S3 for all of the reasons you say (battery SD card) but I always go Cyanogenmod/AOSP to avoid the nasty built in software.

      1. They look very similar from the front, also the interface looks allot like Touchwiz to me. :)

    2. The Xperia Z1 is a fantastic device. I have no idea what you’re talking about. And lets not bring up the “viewing angles” argument.

      1. The display was rubbish, anyone who tried one could see it wasn’t comparable to other flagship displays.

        Design was poor, large bezels with no curved corners made the overall profile quite big, it was also heavy device for a phone with a 5″ display.

        The camera was 20.7MP BUT the quality was average,

        It had a 3000 mAh battery BUT the battery life was also average.

        1. The display wasn’t rubbish, I’ve used one, it was fine. Bezels were a little big, but who gives a damn. I could care less about a phone camera, get a real camera for christ sake. As for battery life, I highly doubt it was bad.

          1. It’s “I couldn’t care less” Not “I could care less” The latter doesn’t make any sense. That really irritates me.

            Anyway the best camera is the one you have with you so yes I do give a damn about the camera, when it’s a high end phone I expect comparable quality to other high end devices or better.

            Okay maybe the display wasn’t rubbish, that’s an exaggeration but for a flagship device it below average and should have been allot better, most reviews agree with this.

            Battery life wasn’t great, Galaxy S4 has better battery life and did betters in endurance tests.

    3. You lost all credibility at the end when you said the ONE was “overrated” The ONEs superiority goes way beyond something as simple as a “metal case”

      1. No it doesn’t, the only other feature the HTC One has over other devices are the speakers, there is nothing else.

        Whatever advantages the camera has is offset but the fact it doesn’t capture any detail.

        The Galaxy S4, had allot more features, better camera’s, they capture much more detail, hardware is faster, better screen, larger screen, better battery life, sd card slot, removable battery, removable back, more sensors, ergonomic design, no on screen buttons, lighter, thinner,

        Most importantly , more reliable due to better build quality, allot of people returned the HTC One many times before they got a version that was “perfect”. No such problems with the Galaxy S4.

        1. Now compare the lag. S4 has a noticeable lag compared to the HTC One. Its obvious you have never used it. Who cares about those gimmicks the S4 that almost everybody I know who has an S4 turned off due to them not working like the commercialscommercials shows. Be real the S4 is a great phone but over the HTC One? Unless you care about that removable battery crap where if a phone can get me thru an entire day using it how I want to use it then it does not need a removable battery. The HTC One screen just appears more natural compared to the cartoony S4. But in the end both are great phones but wake up dude.

          1. You know HTC over-saturate the colours on the HTC One right? it’s not colour accurate either, like LG they try to mimic the highly successful OLED displays on Samsung devices.

            The Galaxy S4 has a fantastic display, it’s much better than previous versions, especially the Galaxy S3 which had retina melting colours. :)

            I agree the Galaxy S4 does have a bit of lag on older firmwares, I haven’t used touchwiz roms in months so I can’t comment on what they’re like now,

            Like I’ve said before, Samsung can’t win either way when it comes to features. To many and they’re gimmicks, to little and it’s bland and boring.

            I found some of them useful, but it’s going to depend on the user’s needs and what they want. BUT they don’t effect performance and you don’t have to use them.

        2. Somehow i think you just read a bunch of articles on here and other sites and just made up your mind about certain devices from that. There was not “allot of people” that returned HTC ONEs to get one that was “perfect”. Some reviewers were reporting that, sadly they were probably the same reviewers that stupidly thought the hinge on the T-mobile G2 was spring loaded. I understand you like the S4, i get it, my wife has one too. Dont throw other phones under the bus because its not your cup of tea. The ONE has led consumer and fan voting as the #1 smartphone all year for a reason. Its the better phone overall.

          1. No, that’s from multiple professional reviews, user reviews via forums, youtube and my own experience with the phone.

            The HTC One has done well with reviewers, not sure about consumers as it’s sales are nowhere near Samsung’s.

            Samsung’s does very fell with customer satisfaction also, they’re doing better than Apple, so if there’s any justice the Galaxy S4 or even the Note 3 should walk this poll based on both consumer satisfaction and sales.

            That probably won’t happen though, users here represent the minority.

  36. My Moto X is the perfect phone for me. 4.7 inches is large enough for me, it has minimum bezel, great radios, near stock experience, USEFUL FEATURES (seriously does anyone really wave their hand to turn a page on their Samsung phone?) it’s the color I want, it’s durable, it’s assembled in the United States, and it gets fast updates.

  37. We should be able to see the current totals on this poll. Removes doubt that the results were manipulated if we can keep track of the results.

    1. The opposite is also true, if you can see that your favourite phone (e.g HTC One) is low in the votes, then you log in under different names and vote or get friends to vote for it, if it’s private you just don’t know. It is also rather rude to assume that Phandroid will just manipulate the results, if you feel that way just don’t take part.

  38. note 3 all day.

    1. So what do you use in the evening and night?

      1. Day does not just imply sunlight, it can also implicitly mean an entire 24 hour period :) BUUUTT… i see what you did there- good job! :)

        1. All day means all day every day even on holidays. And just in case you didnt know… “For a minute” means anything up to a decade, “a second” means minutes to hours in mose cases, but an hour is pretty much an hour however you want to take it

  39. Droid Maxx. I stream music almost all day, battery does last 2 days. Near Stock Android, solid construction, and those radios! (Used g-s4 for about a week, used htc one for 1/2 week, Maxx with the win in my book).

  40. When do we get to see the results??

    1. let me help you, NOTE 3, G2, GS4

      1. NOTE 3, HTC ONE, GS4

        1. lol

  41. IMHO Android is all about making technology affordable, and the phone that excels in that is the Motorola Moto G. “G as in Gamechanger”.

    1. Great value, but it’s let down by a rubbish camera. Try it, it’s really bad.

  42. GALAXY S4

    1. Too bad they didn’t include a keyboard with lower case letters ;)

    2. Didn’t like mine. Battery life was sad and I had three batteries. Moto x makes it all day and gets my vote

    3. That’s how I felt until I sold it for the Nexus 5. Compared to the Nexus 5 the S4 is slow and laggy.

  43. I like the note 3 but its too big for me
    Nexus 5 is also great but I dont like stock android
    HTC one has a good build but to me sense 5 seems weird as you have to scroll up and down instead of sideways.

  44. HTC One hands down, I love that effing phone… Although I moved on to the G2, I probably wouldn’t have had it had a larger screen

    1. 100% CORRECT!!!!

  45. Note 3 and Moto X

  46. Idk about you but I’m still rocking that droid DNA…. although I’m still waiting for sense 5:'(

  47. The one and nexus 5 close second

  48. Its going to be either the HTC One or the S4. I don’t like any Apple but all these will be in the top 3.

  49. Moto x!

  50. HTC One was definitely the one to own in 2013.

    1. Until the Nexus 5 came out but you are right !

      1. WRONG!!!””

      2. The Nexus 5 has been a disappointment with a lackluster camera, build quality, speakers, and vanilla android is just to bland.

    2. 100% CORRECT!!!!

  51. I know it wont’ win, but I used alot of phones on the list this year and the G2 was definitely the most impressive.

  52. a lot of nice phones, but my Nexus 4 is still going strong.

  53. Well I can’t really vote because the only new phone I have tried this year is the Moto X (and I LOVE it). I’m running it on Republic Wireless and it’s fantastic!

  54. Sony Xperia ZR, fast yet not too big like the Samsung S4 or Zperia Z/Z1. Much faster than the HTC One. Good price, and for my beach working self the waterproof and resiliency are second to none.

  55. HTC ONE all the way ! Best phone of 2013.

    1. 100% CORRECTCORRECT!!!!

      1. That is correct.

  56. Nexus 5 of course.

  57. Sony xperia z1 is the best I would like to see any of you put your phone in water for 20 min and use it because I know the z1 will work its better than a s3 and s4 I have used both and my Sony xperia z1 wins every time

    1. Sorry we’re living above the water! We barley go into it!

  58. G2&N5!!


  60. ones try it

  61. LG G2

  62. The IPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3.

  63. HTC One hands down.

    1. You sir are 100% correct

    2. Hands down? Doesn’t see fair to those born without hands.

  64. The Note 3 pretty much dumps on the competition. All the other midgets are fighting to see who’s the tallest.

  65. Thank God no one is saying the Moto X. That was the biggest disappointment of 2013.

    1. Thats a lie.

  66. There isn’t a phone better than the Galaxy Note 3!

  67. Looking for the undisputed biggest and the baddest? Note 3 (non-phablet: LG G2)
    Looking for the best bang for buck? Nexus 5 (Verizon? Droid Maxx or LG G2 on-contract)
    Looking for the best for the average consumer? LG G2 or Galaxy S4
    Looking for the best for Android newbies/non-techy? Moto X or Nexus 5
    Looking for the best for tinkerers/enthusiast? LG G2 or Nexus 5 (GS4 is popular choice)
    Looking for the best for business use? Note 3 (smaller: Droid Maxx/Moto X)
    Looking for the best performance/specs? LG G2 or Note 3
    Looking for the best future-proof choice? Nexus 5 (Verizon: LG G2 or Note 3)
    Looking for the best (out-of the-box) software? Any new Motorola (Nexus 5 for stock)
    Looking for the fastest (non-Nexus) software updates? Any new Motorola (kudos!)
    Looking for the best camera? LG G2 or Note 3
    Looking for the best screen? LG G2 or HTC One (oversized: Note 3)
    Looking for the best speakers/multimedia? HTC One
    Looking for the best battery life? LG G2, Note 3, or Droid Maxx
    Looking for the best ergonomics? Moto X
    Looking for the best build quality/design? HTC One
    Looking for an SD Card slot? Note 3 or GS4
    Looking for the best/most accessories? GS4 (Moto X closely behind)
    Looking for the best phablet/large screen: Note 3 (duh)

    Worst bang for buck: Moto X, Note 3 or GS4 (GS5 is right around the corner)
    Worst screen: Moto X and Droid Maxx/Ultra (720p at 4.7″+)
    Worst battery life (still 12+ hours though so should be fine for most): HTC One or Moto X
    Worst camera: HTC One (and pre-update Motorola/Nexus phones.)
    Worst (out-of-the-box) software: Anything Touchwiz or HTC Sense (LG not far behind)
    Worst for software updates: Ummm well anything other than a Nexus or Motorola
    Worst specs/future-proof (among flagships): Moto X and HTC One
    Worst build quality: LG G2 (controversial rear keys, greasy plastic, and larger size)
    Worst for newbies/non-techy: Note 3
    Worst universal availability on all carriers: Nexus 5 & LG G2 Verizon-only Qi charging

    Looking for the best jack-of-all-trades/all-around package/least compromises?
    LG G2 (Nexus 5 tied for first if not on Verizon)

    Honorable Mentions: Droid Maxx worth a look if on Verizon. Obviously Note 3 if you want a phablet. Galaxy S4 is still solid, but it’s worth waiting a couple more months if you can.

    My personal choices:
    LG G2>Nexus 5>Note 3>Galaxy S4>Droid Maxx/Moto X>HTC One>any GPE or Developer Edition (buy a Nexus or learn to ROM if you want stock)

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