Dec 20th, 2013


News of the Oppo N1 shipping with CyanogenMod pre-installed dropped in September, with the involved parties revealing last month that the device would launch in December. As the end of the month draws near, the partners have cut it close with the announcement that the limited edition version of the N1 will go on sale December 24th.

While this means you likely won’t be able to grab one in time for a late Christmas present, the world’s first phone to ship with CyanogenMod out of the box and Google CTS certification will soon be in the hands of Android enthusiasts with a liking for CM’s take on the mobile platform. In the US, the Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod will be available through Amazon and Oppo’s web store. An exact pricing has not been announced.

The Oppo N1 features a 5.9-inch 1080p display, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU, and 2GB of RAM along with a 13MP (rotating) camera. The special edition CyanogenMod version will ship with a themed case and other extras.

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