Verizon issues Android 4.3 update for Galaxy Note 2, enables Galaxy Gear


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 watermarked

A new update is live for owners of the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon. Marked as version number VRUEMJ9 and bearing Android version 4.3, the latest software push is most notable for enabling support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Aside from support for the Gear, which includes Smart Relay and Auto Lock, the update brings several Note-exclusive features up to their Note 3 equivalent. This includes Multi-Window and PenUp.

The update began rolling out via Verizon’s upgrade assistant and has since started arriving over-the-air. Let us know if you have received the new build in the comments below and head over to Verizon’s site for the full changelog.

[via Verizon]

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  1. been Waiting awhile for this to drop. Funny how Are devs always beat the release and leaks. I am already running 4.4

    Just had to say after 4 years I am Finally First haha do i get a reward bahahah!!!

  2. I was able ot manually start the OTA, its installing now.

  3. It’s a Christmas miracle. I might have to rethink my agnosticism.

  4. Updating OTA as I write this…and switching to T-Mobile on Monday! It will add some flair to my GN2 listing on eBay!

    1. Not really. By updating you just locked the boot loader. Anyone who wants to root the phone won’t be interested. But I’m sure you’ll still sell it, it just won’t be worth as much now.

      1. Not every person that buys a phone is concerned about rooting it.

  5. Well this is actually quite impressive. I think overall the phone seems snappier than it already was. I don’t have any bugs so far. I am quite satisfied with the phone and if I see the update to 4.4 next year this phone will probably hold me over until the note 4 or s6 in 2015

  6. Update went good. So far no problems. Does seem a little quicker too. Now I just need to figure out if I wanna spend the $$$$ on the Galaxy Gear.

    1. The guy at best buy told me yesterday that they might get a price cut after the first of the year to get people to buy them because they are not selling

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did…as it is, they have it way over priced…since you can buy one of Sony’s versions for under $200.

  7. Awesome! Downloading right now!

  8. I love touchwiz, I was using cm waiting on this for the last 2 weeks, couldn’t stand it. Touch wiz does so much for me!

  9. if you value your unlocked bootloader do not take the ota

  10. Waiting on the gear to work for the new 4.3 kit kat

    1. It does work in using it right now !

      1. He said 4.3 was kit kat. His comment is invalid

  11. Now I’m getting a Gmail not responding error.

  12. I thought this was supposed to have the one handed operation like the Galaxy Note 3? Does anyone know where why Verizon didn’t get this?

    1. The Note II had one handed operation out of the box. It’s under the personal section of settings

      1. Yes I know but the Note 3 actually let’s you shrink all home screens with just a swipe back and forth. I thought the Note 2 would get this. I saw a video with one OTA updated note 2 that had it but not sure of the carrier.

        1. Interesting… I have both the Note II and the Note 3 both with Verizon but I never tried the feature you’re mentioning

          1. Here’s an example of what other Note 2 users got that aren’t on Verizon.


    2. Because Verizon has to approve the update. So whatever they don’t want in the update samsung has to take it out for their version.

  13. I just update my samsung note 2 to version 4.3 from malaysia

  14. Curious. Has anyone else who’s downloaded the OTA had issues charging your phone? I have tried multiple chargers and it seems like the only way it is taking a charge is with the phone off. I had my charger plugged in and then it’s still a very slow charge and if I’m connected just to wifi with the phone on it doesn’t even charge enough. The percentage still drops. I’m stock too as well as using the stock Samsung Charger. I noticed this after I did the OTA yesterday afternoon. Woke up to my phone plugged in all night but only at 20% battery remaining….Of course left the wifi on but that usually never mattered.

    1. nope

    2. I ended up doing a battery pull and that seems to have done the trick .

    3. I woke up to 15% battery and my phone was plugged in all night. I had to turn it off to fully charge it. I hope it gets fixed.

  15. Uhh i did the update at like 4 am this morning and my settings looks nothing like my sisters gs3 or the note 3 on 4.3… i dont think i got a full update..

  16. downloading now. interested in KNOX and the other changes

  17. Whoooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!!! Downloading now!!!!!!

  18. Its about damn time!!!!

  19. Downloaded 4.3 on my note 2. It won’t take a charge now!?!? Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Try battery pull. Fixed mine

  20. ******ALERT******
    DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU USE FOXFI!!!!!! Verizon installed their subscription checker with this update that breaks foxfi!!!

    1. Son of a b*tch. He’s right. After losing a lawsuit regarding tethering, why is Verizon blocking it again????????????????? I HATE YOU BIG RED!!!!!

  21. Son of a b*tch…AtomicSpud is right. After losing a lawsuit regarding tethering, why is Verizon blocking it again????????????????? I HATE YOU BIG RED!!!!!

  22. Updated my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 last night at around 11:55pm, Several noticeable improvement’s.
    1. Faster boot up
    2. More responsive
    3. more quick notification setting tab’s
    4. App’s to SD Support very big here
    5. You can change font style setting’s and download more free font styles but requires a free samsung account.
    6. Consumes less battery life
    7. Less ram consumed
    8. App’s on lock screen
    9. S-Voice is more improved with a seamless ease for request on par with rival personal assistance
    10. More but not many apps to support multi-window feature

    One minor and I mean minor issue that maybe for people is when you move app’s to sd, If you have your app’s on the main page’s the app display will be semi-transparent with a dummy android logo on the app with a tiny sd symbol on the bottom right no issue as you can still tap the app and work’s like normal and can be restored by removing and replacing.

  23. ******ALERT******
    DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU USE FOXFI!!!!!! Verizon installed their subscription checker with this update that breaks foxfi!!!

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