Verizon confirms KitKat for DROID phones today



Earlier this morning, we were tipped off to news that Motorola would begin the soak test upgrade for Motorola DROID Mini, DROID MAXX and DROID Ultra users. The company didn’t give us any clue as to what the upgrade would be after their last snafu, but our KitKat senses have been tingling ever since we heard an upgrade was coming.

Now, Verizon has taken all the mystery (and fun) out of it by announcing that it’s KitKat on Twitter. Verizon noted that the upgrade is going out in phases, which means not everyone will be seeing it right away. We imagine the aforementioned soak test gang will be the absolute first in line, though if the upgrade to KitKat on the Moto X is anything to go by it might not be a long wait for the rest.

We’ll be feverishly checking for the upgrade, but if you happen to grab it before we can be sure to let us know in the comments section below. It might be a good idea for you to get on WiFi and charge your battery before giving it a go.

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  1. what kind of alternate reality am I living in when Verizon gets updates to kit kat before anyone else?

    1. I give most of the credit to Motorola for this, but Verizon certainly deserves some props as well. This is pretty good.

      1. I am almost certain that there was some language in the new DROID contract stating that the release schedule could no longer be as drawn out and delayed as it was before if VZW and Moto were going to work together on this lineup of phones.

        Its amazing what can happen when Googs is the one cutting checks…

  2. That should mean atrix HD are right down the line

  3. Wonder if the Razr will get Kit Kat. Wonder if it can handle it.

    1. I’ve been wondering this as well; it seems like the RAZR should be able to handle it, but it seems unlikely that we’ll see the update because the RAZRs were in production before Google bought Motorola.. Still hoping though! (really wish the Nexus 5 would’ve just come to Verizon so I wouldn’t have to worry about it)

      1. To be honest I am VERY happy with my Razr and in a lot of ways there is nothing at this point I really need. I might wait for a while and buy a refurbished Razr HDD Max when no one wants them. I see a tough road ahead for phone makers this next year. What is it they can do to make me want to upgrade?
        To recap, my phone can play video, audio, act as a calendar with reminders has an alarm clock, read e books, email, look at office docs, surf the net, can play video to an HD set, which I have used several times . Has upgradeable storage and for the screen size, the resolution is not bad.

        Down sides of my current phone? Battery life is yuch and the screen res is not as high as the newer phones. Other than that? Err um, cant think of anything else I want my phone to do.

        Anyone got thoughts about that?

    2. I seem to recall hearing that the Kit Kat line was drawn between the Intel OMAP SOC devices and the Qualcom Snapdragon phones. IF true then no Kit Kat love for the Razr.

  4. So close to the RAZR HD Maxx being updated. :) Props to Moto and VZW for working so quickly.

  5. Make the Razr Maxx HD next… Please

  6. Apparently hell has frozen over for Verizon customers.

  7. Motorola takes its DROID line very seriously now

    1. DROID is a Verizon thing. There are HTC and (were) Samsung DROID models, too.

      The Droid DNA is supposed to be getting 4.4 in a few months, too.

      1. Back when these phones were announced in late Summer, they changed over to Moto being the exclusive provider of the DROID lineup.

        1. Wow, so they did. I totally missed that.

        2. Nonetheless, the DNA is still a Droid (so is the Eris!) and I find the headline unnecessarily misleading.

  8. Update downloading right now…

  9. Wow! Vzw with a timely update… someone pinch me!

  10. Installing now…….

  11. Will consider Motorola phone next time I’m in the market. Never thought I would feel that way again. Google has really turned things around for Motorola.

  12. Installed, now my phone appears bricked. Will not go beyond Moto spalsh screen. Soft reset did not work. Looks like I’m going back to my old Razr. MotoFAIL! DO NOT INSTALL!

  13. 4.3 rolled out for HTC one today (for verizon) — get on it phandroid.

  14. Hit my phone this morning – Update was pain free.

  15. December 26th. Still no OTA Update Droid Ultra. =P

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