“Huge” Press 1.5 update brings immersive mode, night theme and more


Press, one of our absolute favorite RSS reading apps for Android, has gotten a “huge” upgrade to version 1.5. It brings with it some very useful new features, and a good helping of new gestures to make it easier to wade through your endless timeline of news. Here’s the quick skinny:

  • Immersive mode for KitKat devices — go full screen, in case you need an extra line of text or two.
  • A night theme — because, you know, reading in the dark is totally a thing.
  • UI polish — it already looked good, and now it looks even better.
  • New gestures — swipe left, right and every other direction to get to everything you need. Includes ability to quickly mark as read and mark all articles above/below as read
  • One-click saving to Pocket and Instapaper

You can see all these new gestures in action in the various Vine videos posted on the developer’s blog, but if you’re a Press user there’s no good reason you shouldn’t head to the Play Store right now and try it for yourself. Not a Press user? It just might be the best $3 you’ve ever spent if you’ve been searching for a good RSS app.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is it just me, or the the new version much snappier, too? Feels that way to me, abd that’s the most important improvement of all AFAIC.

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