Google Glass + guns = real life first-person shooter [VIDEO]


Can’t say I’ve ever been much of a “gun guy”, but I certainly enjoy firing off a couple of rounds while in the comfort of my living room… you know, video games. Maybe that’s why this YouTube vid from a cheekflapperer struck a chord with me.

In the video, Flapperer takes his Google Glass to the shooting range and the result is nothing short of what we’d imagine a first person shooter will look like on the PlayStation 6. Cheese n’ rice, that’s a lot of firepower…

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I think that rifle is a dressed up .22. Very cool video, I really like that Glass gives the view of the person experiencing it. I cant wait for the future when more people have these, should really be interesting.

    1. It is, look at the magazines in front of him, AR style 22lr mags. I wonder how well looking through an eotech works with it.

    2. Never seen a drum mag for a .22 but that doesn’t look like the recoil you would expect from a 5.56 round being fired full auto, so yeah I guess I would say a .22 as well.

        1. Well color me surprised, might try one out with my M&P 15-22

          1. That drum magazine won’t work in the 15-22, its built for the conversion kits like ciener and other platforms using the same magazines. I think the same company, Black dog, makes 35 round mags for the 15-22 though.

          2. Aww, have the 15-22 so I didn’t have to buy the conversion kit for my AR. 35 round mag would be sweet too though.

        2. Fun place to visit if you’re ever in Ft Worth, by the way

  2. That’s awesome.

  3. I’m not a gun guy, so, is using tiny 2-round clips common (for practicing fast reloading I assume)?

    1. I am a gun guy and I have NO CLUE wtf he is doing. Assume you are correct…but can’t imagine why.

      WRONG- Also for the record the rifle is a Ruger 10/22 with a modification kit, converted to full auto.
      -Oops, my bad looks like this is for an AR15 conversion (didn’t know they existed). The drum looked like a but a second more detailed looked and alas I am mistaken…sorry for the misinformation.

      1. I need that full-auto mod for my Deer Hunter 2014 guns! (Hey – I said I’m NOT a gun guy, but that game is oddly fun :))

      2. Yes, it’s a common way to train speed reloads, hence why he starts on a timer.

      3. Actually, for the record, that is a fully automatic M16 converted to 22lr.

        And yes, it looks as if he is practicing reloading. IDPA, 3gun and other shooting sports will set how many rounds you can have in your magazine for each event. Sometimes you are only allowed 2 or 3 rounds between mag changes so it’s a good skill to practice.

    2. Well he isn’t using clips, but yes it is common when practicing reloading with magazines.

  4. So what is the difference between a camera on a tripod and this? Or a GoPro? Less of a quality video? Heck a GoPro cost several hundreds less and has way better quality, Sony has a camera that attaches to a headband for just this kind of stuff.

    1. You understand that it’s not just a camera, right?

      1. You do understand it is not a stand alone device and has to be accompanied by a cellphone for a bluetooth connection? Right?
        A GoPro/Sony camera does bluetooth as well through your cellphone.

        1. you do understand that it can be connected to a computer?
          if they drop the price when they release it, it would be a better option than gopro for a lot of people. and who doesn’t have a cellphone these days. just sayin

    2. Imagine if software were developed for the Google Glass, though. It could be a heads up display similar to something in video games, only you could actually be running around and moving in real life. Fake guns that the glasses recognize… The possibilities are endless, even fake grenades, etc. It could be the new laser tag.

      1. That’s what I was hoping this was. A cool HUD with this would have been worth watching. Minus that, this was just a video of some guy shooting.

      2. Nice idea but I would imagine that would require additional hardware adding to the already ridiculous price tag, unless you used the NFC of a phone and there you are again, still needing a device to piggyback to.
        If the price was $49.95 or less I would say you might have a winner but $1500 now and 5 bills or more later, Na, not a barn burner.

        1. I’m thinking more along the lines of a place where you go to take advantage of this kind of gaming, like when there used to be Laser Tag places. Imagine if you just had to download an app that synced your phone, glass, and toy weapons. The glass could be modified (think snow goggles), and you could go to these places and play “Laser Tag” that is more like a real life first person shooter for a certain fee (example: $30/hr or whatever). I’d say it’s hardly far fetched and could certainly be made possible much easier than it could be with a GoPro.

          1. Might be a novel idea, why not supply the Glass like devices for all to use and rent them for play, why require people to own that device?

          2. Lol that’s what I meant by going somewhere to play and playing for $30/hr or however much it would cost. The hourly rate would include weapons, the modified Glass, and the room in which to play. Just like if you were to go to a paintball range and rent goggles and guns. You would just have to bring your phone.

    3. I mean, it’s like comparing a smartphone to a DSLR. Glass has loads more utility and I imagine the quality will only improve in future versions. Sure it’s expensive right now, but that’s because it’s more than just a camera :P

      Also, Glass has a leg up on those items you mentioned in that you can upload pics AND video directly from the headset. Zero downtime or effort.

        But the price!
        Over rated for what the cost is (Glass).

        I highly doubt that Glass will ever match a GoPro/Sony cam in quality of video. While a GoPro is wearable and I agree you do not see real time unless you are looking at you phone and watching the video through the GoPro, Glass has a place but I don’t think video content is its forte.
        Google is looking for a niche for Glass and some in the public may like them, then again so did some with the Cyborg dongles stuck in their ears. Average person, can barely work their smartphone.

        1. Yes, the price! You’re comparing a prototype developer price with retail pricing of something much bigger, and bulkier and has been on the market for a while.

          Personally, some of the video and stills I’ve seen shot with Glass are pretty impressive considering how small the device is.

          Either way, it seems like you aren’t going to be impressed no matter how great they make Glass.

        2. this is not the final price/camera of the release model of Google glass, so reserve judgment

          1. And thank God for that. I wore one for 5 minutes and had a hella headache.

          2. 3D glasses? Lolololol jk

          3. I can wear 3D Glasses, no prob. I think it’s that there’s no way to focus the thing, and I wear normal glasses, and didn’t have THEM on. I was at an Android event, and got to check the thing out, and it was fuzzy and painful. I’m figuring that once they get these hooked up so that you can also attach prescription lenses (Which is in the next iteration), it’ll be a lot better.

        3. I wish people would realize the price is high to keep people from impulse buying them, but even more so that the price is to enter the Explorer program, not just for a beta device!

  5. Pfffft…. XE12 is out, lets talk about that. =o)

      1. Thank you sir!!

  6. Reload practice or not; 2 rounds in a mag on the semi is annoying to watch. It would only take a few more seconds to shoot 6 or 7. :)

  7. so did the glass do anything besides record the video? If it highlighted shot placement, round trajectory, shot count, flashed “Reload” or something it would be useful

    1. Yeah, someone needs to make an app for that

      1. App that keeps score how many KIA by you!! Later we can add social sharing feature for high score.

  8. Poor americans…

    1. I know, it sucks to shoot a gun, not fun at all =/ But seriously, you’re missing out.

  9. a great showcasing of how poor the camera is on glass, the frame rate atleast, during slow motion the casing’s ejecting are still blurry.

    However that is a fine automatic rifle, thanks for sharing that!


  10. This is be SO much fun for my kids. We like them to start out by shooting/killing at many people as possible… at a very young age. It’s great for adults too! They get very good at killing that way.

    1. You scare me.

      1. just ignore him. He’s just another one of those idiots who thinks there’s some connection between shooting pixels on a screen and shooting people in real life.

    2. It’s always the anti-gunners that seem to advocate violence to others when it comes to firearms. I wonder if that is why they are anti gun.

    3. So your kids are sociopaths too? Maybe you should give them up for adoption and go get yourself sterilized… for the good of mankind of course.

  11. So that’s why I can’t find any .22lr!
    Save some for the rest of us buddy :)

    1. I’ve been hoarding a brick of 500 for a rainy day… At current ammo prices, I might pay off my mortgage with it soon.

      1. I am buying an air rifle for plinking/squirrels after christmas. .22 cal pellets are below $10 for 500. Which is still too much in my mind for anything .22, but what can you do?

        1. Not a bad plan. The mechanics are the same, so it’s a great way to keep in practice. Obviously the ballistics differ, but hey, what can you do for the money?

  12. Thanks Chris.

    You aren’t a gun guy, but you abstained from the sometimes obligitory anti-gun comments found on some other tech blogs. That’s appreciated.

    On a side note: You should really try shooting sometime. It’s very soothing, as well as a lot of fun. One of my favorite forms of relaxation is to send about 100 down range at that evil paper. :D

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