Ex Oppo VP announces OnePlus, a smartphone startup looking to build the perfect device


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After weeks of rumors prompted by ex-Oppo VP Pete Lau’s sudden departure from the new smartphone manufacturer, he’s back to make some things official. First off, reports that he left Oppo to start his own smartphone company were right on the money. Unveiled only moments ago, Pete Lau officially announced his new baby: OnePlus.

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Aside from a name, not too many other details were actually revealed. There was no hardware prototypes to show off, no mention of devices coming preloaded with CyanogenMod — nothing. Just Lau reflecting on his time with Oppo, and plans to start a global “smartphone revolution” in his quest to build the perfect phone for consumers, without compromises.

As vague as all that sounds, we’re excited to see what comes out of this. Lord knows Lau is going up against some stuff competition, but the smartphone industry could always use a newcomer coming in and shaking things up a bit. If the Yota Phone taught us anything, it’s that there are still some truly great ideas out there, even from the most unlikely of places.

To receive updates on Pete Lau’s new startup OnePlus, hit up the source link to sign up for more info as it becomes available. Oh, and you can join the forum where the first post is from Pete Lau himself, looking input on what pieces of hardware you guys think would make the perfect smartphone.

[OnePlus | OnePlus Forum]

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  1. This guy is obviously super capable and I’ll be excited to see what comes of this. Oppo has done some neat stuff lately and hopefully OnePlus will have legs.

  2. i’m interested..

  3. I think timing will be crucial. if he can make the greatest smartphone on the market but it takes him too long go release due to low resources, it will fail. if the major oems beat him to it, nobody will have much reason to buy his imo

  4. Will it be a Tesla or something in the mid market. Give the quality of Moto G with 4G LTE- around $200 unlocked that should be enough

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