Tumblr update introduces vastly improved search engine for even easier #Allison Brie #GIF results


Tumblr search tablet

It was back in October that Tumblr announced an all new and enhanced search engine for sifting through the wealth of images and blogs Tumblr has at its disposal. Where previously users could only search for a specific tag (not very useful), Tumblr made it possible to search for multiple tags or even an entire phrase.

Tumblr for Android update Allison Brie

Today Android users finally get to join in the festivities, with the latest update just hitting Google Play. Looking for “hot babes”? Simply open the app and plug in the desired search term to pull up posts mentioning “hot babes,” or with a hashtag in the front for tags containing “#hot babes”.

It’s pretty amazing, and something we can’t believe wasn’t implemented from the start.

Tumblr is now your oyster. Just be safe out there, boys and girls.

Allison Brie thumbs up GIF

Download on Google Play: Tumblr


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  1. Hasn’t it always has hashtags search??

    1. It’s super duper enhanced now. Before their search was almost useless. You could only search a single hashtag. Now you can search for posts with multiple, or posts that include entire phrases. Much, MUCH better now.

      1. Hmm… Gonna go try it out lol
        Idk why I just didn’t do it in the first place

  2. Who else clicked because of the hot chick?

    1. Chris always knows how to get people to read his articles :-P

  3. Who?

    1. The Internet’s girlfriend.

  4. well there goes MY productivity for the rest of the day . . .

    . . . unless you count finding gifs of Allison Brie as productivity. which i do. #winning

  5. I hate the new search engine. It freezes up my computer.

  6. *Shameless Self Promotion* We released DuoVid on Google play last night.

    It plays 2 videos simultaneously next to each other from either your Android local library, YouTube or your own URL.

    Great for comparisons; learning a skill etc

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