Skype update brings floating picture-in-picture video calls to Android tablets


Skype 4.5 PIP video calls

The last time we heard from Skype, it was back in October when they introduced a fresh new UI for tablets. Today, Microsoft is going a step further, giving Android tablet users the single best feature to date: picture-in-picture video calling.

New for Skype 4.5 — now available on Google Play — the app is now able to run on top of other apps, continuing a video call in a popup window no matter what you may be doing on your tablet. Skype calls it a first of its kind and brings their app that much closer to its desktop counterpart.

No word if PIP will ever make its way to smartphones — this is tablet-only for now. The only question that remains is when the heck Hangouts will introduce similar functionality?

Download on Google Play: Skype 4.5

Chris Chavez
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  1. I gotta try this on my Xperia Z Ultra. Sure it’s a “Phablet,” but it has enough room for this sort of thing.

    1. Hmmm… I wonder if it’ll work on that beast. I’m thinking it might given the DPI (which I’m sure the app uses to judge if it’s running on a phone or tablet).

      1. I don’t see it under the options, but I’ll fiddle with it tomorrow when my daughter Skypes her Mom.

  2. My question is when is Skype going to support group video on a tablet? Hangouts even has it for phones.

    1. Bistri has free group video for Chrome, Firefox, and Android. Check it out!

  3. Looks pretty interesting.

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