Motorola Touchless Control update brings new KitKat-only features


Moto X Touchless Control DSC00742

Hop on over to the Google Play Store and you’ll find that Motorola has pushed out another update to the Touchless Control app for their X8 equipped line of handsets. Well, some of them anyway.

According to the brief changelog, a few more Google Now commands have been added that work even without first unlocking the device. New features also include a listening tone after speaking the “Okay Google Now” command so you know when your device is listening, and being able to speak your unlock PIN to your device, making for truly hands-free experience (even when secured with a PIN). Nice.

Unfortunately, the changelog concluded with a disclaimer mentioning that the new features were apparently reserved for Android 4.4 KitKat devices only, leaving Motorola’s current Droid line out in the cold (at least until they can update 4.4).

Those of you with Moto Xs can and update right now from the Google Play Store. Link provided below.

Download/update on Google Play: Touchless Control

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  1. I knew I should have bought a Moto X instead of the Nexus 5. Lesson in being lured by horse power. How cool would it be to say “ok, google” what time is it? while my phone is in my pocket or on my desk.

    1. Suit yourself, I’ll take power and Roms any/everyday over voice stuff. I’m not a big user of it anyways.

    2. I don’t know, man… I’ve owned both and I can tell you the Nexus 5 is a hundred times faster at doing just about everything than the Moto X. Of course, the N5 has much shorter battery life and lack of Touchless Control. Then again, the camera on the Nexus 5 is better, and display is sharper thanks to 1080p.

      I know some people who got lured into the X simply because of Touchless Control but never use it (I fall into that category). I also found the over saturation of the display overkill, even for me (I used to love AMOLED displays).

      Give and take… it’s always give and take with Android. :P

      1. I wanted the MotoX but it was priced to high when it first came out. If they had the 150 off before the Nexus 5 came out I would have bought the MotoX.

        I don’t want a AMOLED screen anymore after having Ingress burn into the screen.

      2. IDK, the moto feature that lures me in MUCH more is the active notifications. i can’t see myself using touchless control all that much.

        1. I really don’t want to do without active notifications. I LOVE the way it simplifies the most common interactions with my phone: checking the time, seeing what new notifications I have, and diving into or ignoring those notifications – all without unlocking the device. Touchless Control itself isn’t a big win to me but Assistant is pretty useful while driving. Love the offer to have text messages read to me and the ability to reply verbally. I do use TC to compose and send texts while driving on occasion – when the text isn’t a reply to an Assistant-lead conversation.

      3. You know Chris, I have both and I have to say, you are wrong about the battery life of the Nexus 5… At least if you don’t have the screen cranked to max. I have no problem getting 5-7 hours sot on mobile any day of the week. Its actually a little better than my moto x. I love the ergonomics active notifications on the x though. It just seems to get all the fundamentals right. The tradeoffs for the big screen and blazing hardware mostly resides in the size and feel of the device. The moto x is much better in that regard for me…YMMV.

      4. Don’t forget about twisting the phone to launch the camera. As a parent with a 15 month old that feature gets put to work all the time.

  2. Wait I thought you didn’t have to unlock the phone to use touchless control. Can any current X enlighten me?

    1. A few commands were good, but there were some Google Now commands that didn’t work without first unlocking. They’ve added a few more to the list.

      1. Then, why they call it “Touchless Control” if you have to unlock it aka touch it first?

        1. I mean…. they couldn’t call it “Touchless Control 90% of the Time”.

          1. If you don’t use any security to unlock it’ll all just work right?

          2. I thought you trained the damn thing to recognise your voice, and your voice alone? So wouldn’t that then provide the required security to take place of a pin code?

          3. It’s not foolproof. Someone w/ a similar sounding voice may be able to trigger TC.

          4. Yep.

        2. Because it’s your own choice to use a passcode. The feature works quite well without one.

  3. So let me get this straight I can say my unlock code for all to hear me?

    1. lol I thought the same thing.

      “Ok Google, 69 69!”

      1. your password is 6969? Billy Madison would be proud.

    2. Only a moron would say it in front of everyone.

      1. You’d think they realize that.

    3. Are you saying you only use Touchless Control in front of people? Because, more often than not, I use mine at home. This is immensely helpful.

  4. Why would i just SPEAK my pass-code in front of anyone ? This is absurd 0_0

    1. Nobody told you to SPEAK in front of others, just use it when you are home or in a place where no one else is hearing you. Its just an option, not a must-have feature for you.

  5. Whats the point in Touch-less Control if you HAVE to unlock the device first ?

    1. If you wear gloves you can’t type your password, but you can unlock phone. It’s the point.

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