Dec 13th, 2013

Moto X Touchless Control DSC00742

Hop on over to the Google Play Store and you’ll find that Motorola has pushed out another update to the Touchless Control app for their X8 equipped line of handsets. Well, some of them anyway.

According to the brief changelog, a few more Google Now commands have been added that work even without first unlocking the device. New features also include a listening tone after speaking the “Okay Google Now” command so you know when your device is listening, and being able to speak your unlock PIN to your device, making for truly hands-free experience (even when secured with a PIN). Nice.

Unfortunately, the changelog concluded with a disclaimer mentioning that the new features were apparently reserved for Android 4.4 KitKat devices only, leaving Motorola’s current Droid line out in the cold (at least until they can update 4.4).

Those of you with Moto Xs can and update right now from the Google Play Store. Link provided below.

Download/update on Google Play: Touchless Control