Sonic the Hedgehog 2 dashes into the Google Play Store for $3


sonic the hedgehog 2 screen

Ready for yet another great, classic game to be ported over to Android? Sega is continuing Sonic’s migration over to the Android platform with yet another game of his. It’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and you know his buddy Tails is coming along for the ride.

The game has had its graphics and soundtrack remastered for this release, and features intuitive touch controls that make it easy to zip around each level. You’ll get all the same great content you enjoyed on the Sega Genesis version, including the iconic 3D half-pipe level that provided a dimension of gaming that was well ahead of its time.

Even if you’ve gotten enough of the base game as a child, Sega has added some new goodies for everyone to enjoy. For starters, a Boss Attack mode will have you beat all the game’s bosses in one run, giving you a unique new challenge that should keep you plenty busy. You’ll also have the ability to play as Knuckles, the shadowy, arguably “cooler” Sonic, as I like to call him.

Sega is also including a new suite of levels, with folks gaining access to Hidden Palace Zone for the very first time. It’ll feature new enemies and new contraptions, and it’ll all culminate with you beating the snot out of the evil Dr. Eggman. All you’ll need is $3 to go along for the ride, so scrape some pennies up and head to the Google Play Store.

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  1. Loved this game as a kid, just bought it :)

  2. Super glad that they’re doing more ports on the fantastic Retro Engine, but bleh. Knuckles? What about Amy, yo? She’s been along twice as long as he has. I wouldn’t mind either if it was possible to mod it or something, but you can’t. So if I wanna play Sonic 1/2 with all these new features I’m stuck with playing as Sonic/Tails/Knuckles. Which is cool and all, but I’d much prefer to play as my waifu xD.

  3. Umm. It’s Dr. Robotnik. Not Eggman.

      1. I’m aware. But if you lived and grew up in the United States, it was always Dr. Robotnik. It didn’t change to Eggman until way later.

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