Google Santa Tracker updated for 2013, brings 3 new mini-games and Chromecast support


Google Santa Tracker 2013

After debuting on Google Play last December, we suppose it’s only fitting Google would be updating their would famous Santa Tracker for 2013. Now available in the Play Store, Google Santa Tracker 2013 brings an “updated Santa tracking experience”, with 3 new Yuletide games — although only 1 is currently available, with the other 2 locked until the 17th and 19th of December.

Google Santa Tracker 2013 game 1

Google also added Chromecast support with different channels that can be flipped through like a remote, giving us an inside look at how things are going in the North Pole. Santa Tracking wont actually commence until the 24th, and the clock is already ticking. You can download Google Santa Tracker for yourself or the kiddies via the Google Play link below. Enjoy.

Download: Google Santa Tracker (2013)

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  1. Makes you wonder whats special about those dates…

    1. *puts on tinfoil hat*

      More Google Play devices? O_o

  2. Finally, this is how I want them to start treating the chromecast, everything should be able to send something up there.

  3. I want a Satan tracker.

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