Dec 11th, 2013

Nexus 5 Phandrizzle

A few weeks ago we told you guys about a nasty little vulnerability on Nexus devices that, if exploited, could cause some headaches as a result. Things like connectivity issues, to freezing and random reboots could all be achieved after receiving a malicious Flash SMS on your Nexus. While this didn’t sound like anything other than some general mischief, the implications were that, if left unresolved, could leave a device open to far more sinister attacks by would-be hackers.

KOT49H (4.4.2_r1) AOSP changelog:

  • 567ea11 : Fix OOBE crash/DoS after receiving 0-byte WAP push.
  • 3574026 : Reduce logging of flattened Preferences
  • d00f7cd : Android denial of service attack using class 0 SMS messages
  • 37f06a4 : Put fragment in specific activity’s whitelist
Well, according to the now posted changelog by Funky Android (using a script created by our old friend, JBQ), we now have a better idea of exactly what changed between Android 4.4.1, and Android 4.4.2. We already knew the most PR friendly new addition was, of course, the improved camera performance in the Nexus 5. But it looks like you can also expect 4.4.2 to fix that SMS vulnerability as well. All’s well that ends well.
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