Dec 9th, 2013

moto x holiday sale

Just a quick, friendly reminder that the second opportunity for getting a code to get Moto X for $150 off starts at noon today. The process is simple: submit your email and get signed up to receive a code that can be used for $150 off an off-contract Moto X through Moto Maker. The code will give you a window of one week to submit your order, so you’ll have time to think about how you want your phone designed.

Stock from the last opportunity — which happened last Wednesday — was exhausted in just 9 minutes, so you’ll want to be quick on the draw if you happened to miss out last time. And please, for the sake of everyone looking to get in on the deal, try not to get more than one if you don’t plan on buying more than one.

Many folks missed out because of this the last time around, so be courteous and let others get an opportunity to get a code. This’ll be the last opportunity you have to take advantage.The link should be going live here at about 12pm Eastern. Here’s the full list of instructions:

  • Go to and register for the promotion starting at noon EST on the two sale days. You will know right away if quantities are still available.
  • Once registered, you will be emailed a promo code within a few hours. This code is active for one week.
  • Go to Moto Maker and design your phone within the one week window (take your time and have fun!).
  • At checkout, enter your one-time promo code to receive $150 off the no-contract price in the shopping cart. (Your code only works once and for one phone.)
  • Submit your order to get rocking with your custom Moto X in time for the holidays. Moto Maker will provide an estimated delivery date while you design your product and again at checkout. You will also receive an email when we start assembling your device as well as when it ships.

Don’t forget to use the sale code THANKS to take 30% off any accessories you buy with it. Good luck!

[Update]: Annnnd that’s a wrap. Only took about 12 minutes this time around. Didn’t get one? Be sure to ask around on Reddit or Some folks like to request multiple codes to make sure they get at least one, so it wouldn’t be crazy to think you can find a soul or two willing to offload their code to someone who plans on actually using it.

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