Dec 7th, 2013

It’s hard to argue that the ASUS Padfone series isn’t an innovative and potentially awesome product: rather than pay full price for a phone and tablet, the ASUS Padfone is a phone that – when inserted into the Padfone tablet shell – becomes the tablet. There was the original ASUS Padfone and Padfone 2, most recently the Padfone Infinity, and we’re set to see the ASUS Padfone Mini on December 11th.

Now, for the first time, we’re seeing press renders of exactly how the Padfone Mini will look:


The bezels on both the phone and the tablet are larger than I’d hope to see, but considering the logistics of the technology, you’re going to have to make some concessions compared to a dedicated tablet and dedicated phone. Of course on the bright side, you’re able to carry two devices in one and it should come at a comparable bargain… we’ll have to wait on that verdict.

So where does the whole “mini” thing come in? Well the ASUS Padfone Infinity is a 5-inch phone with a 10-inch tablet while the ASUS Padfone Mini is expected to bring a 4.3-inch phone and 7-inch tablet.

ASUS is announcing the phone in Taiwan and it’s likely the initial launch will be restricted to Asia and Europe. We’re not hopeful it will come stateside, but we know American Android fans have been clamoring for the Padfone opportunity.

For which of these Padfones would you elect? The Padfone Infinity or the Padfone Mini? Is the 4.3-inch and 7-inch combination a big enough jump in size to justify this product when you can already buy great 7-inch tablets at ultra affordable prices?

And perhaps the biggest question of all: if ASUS is the only one pursuing this hardware configuration, does it mean it’s a losing idea that’s bound to die? It’s definitely cool… but will it last?

[Via @evleaks]

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