ASUS to unveil Padfone Mini at December 11th event in Taiwan



Invites are going out for a December 11th event at which ASUS will unveil the Padfone Mini. The event will take place in Taiwan.

The Padfone Mini is expected to be a smaller, (possibly) cheaper version of ASUS’ 2-in-1 device. The most recent model in the lineup, the PadFone Infinity, combined a 5-inch smartphone with a 10-inch tablet. The Padfone Mini is expected to rely on a similar setup, swapping in a 4.3-inch smartphone and 7-inch tablet. As with older Padfone models, the smartphone portion will function as the “brains” of the setup and utilize a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor.

A major hurdle with the original Padfone sales model was pricing, expecting consumers to spend big on both the smartphone and tablet halves. The Padfone Mini could address this issue to an extent, offering a cheaper model that could have more mass appeal.


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  1. you don’t have the answers Sway!

  2. I really like the idea, but I wouldn’t be ready to pay more than the price of a regular tablet/phone (999 euros is not acceptable). The specs would also have to be competitive.

    1. I agree the problem is that if the phone is the guts of the device then the tablet portion is just an lcd and maybe an added battery. Doesn’t seem right to charge basically $600 for each half.

  3. and another device the US carriers will want nothing to do with

  4. Its biggest problem in my opinion is carriers hate the idea. I think it’d be awesome to be able to throw my phone into a tablet shell when needed be but it doesn’t work with carriers in the US. I could be completely wrong about this though.

    1. I don’t even think they have an existing phone that works properly in the USA. It’s Asus’s fault they don’t get a phone on a carrier. I was ready to by the pad fone infinity in the US but the radios don’t support the needed bands.

  5. Bring it to the USA please! You haven’t done so yet.

  6. This whole padfone thing just isn’t catching on. Seems people aren’t so keen on docking their phones INTO their tablets afterall.

    I know *I* want to keep ’em seperated (cue Offspring music…..)

  7. I’d rather 4.3Inch phone and 10inch tablet combo also needs higher specs should be a snapdragon800+3gigs ram

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