Oppo Find 7 could debut with Snapdragon 805 CPU



Roughly a year since the debut of their flagship Find 5, rumors are starting to piece together what we can expect to see out of the phone’s followup. According to recent whispers, the Oppo Find 7 could launch with a Snapdragon 805 CPU, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest system-on-a-chip for mobile devices.

Other rumored specs include a whopping 3GB of RAM, a 13MP camera, and — a first from Oppo — 4G LTE support. As to that LTE support, Oppo recently posted an image to their Weibo page with text that translates to “4G LTE, I’m ready!” The message could simply be a response to a recent push to aggressively roll out LTE to Chinese mobile users, but it might double as a tease for the Find 7.

If the Find 7 lives up to its rumored spec sheet, we again could be dealing with a mammoth phone from the feisty mobile manufacturer looking to make a name for itself among the myriad of Android options out there. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the reason why many users outside of China will never have a chance to check out the hardware should it come to fruition.

[via Gizchina]

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  1. I see no buttons. On back?

    1. Virtual side buttons? XD

      1. No lie, that would be cool. If the side of the phone was some type of ink screen or something that stayed on with the phone and would have a back light when needed.

        Ooo!! I see the new phone designs!!

    2. I doubt that’s what the actual phone will look like. Oppo has way better designs than that if you look at the Find 5 and the N1.

  2. This is what I like to see. Sounds like overkill but this is another niche market. Android fanboys wet dream! Latest hardware and they don’t hold back!

  3. I’ll be interested. Provided the “Find 7” thing doesn’t mean it will be a 7 inch screen…

    1. I believe it’s supposed to have a 6″ screen.

  4. Six inch full hd screen and dev support , I’m on the bandwagon . Better than buying a phone from vzw!

  5. ” Oppo find 7 ” Has a 6″ display

    1. 5.7 inch 2k resolution that’s 2560×1440 on a 5.7 inch screen… After using the Find 5, I’m sure to get this Find 7

  6. Qualcomm should have skipped wasting everyone’s time with the Snapdragon 805 / 4K resolution support and gone to ARMv8 like Apple.

  7. This is making the HTC One (2014) look midrange…

    1. That 5 more in the Snapdragon? =.3

  8. Still didn’t top the galaxy note 3

    1. Let me guess, because of the screen size and lack of stylus?

      1. Pretty much, if you want to be the best, you actually have to top the competition

        1. I think the HTC One Max is beastly. Mainly because I could care less for a stylus and more for media consumption.

          But you did say the “top competition”. So it seems more people actually care for the stylus and screen.

          Oh well…

          1. HTC One Max wasn’t revolutionary at all. It was a major let down.

          2. what did expect? the same could be said for note 3

          3. What I expected was at least a spec upgrade.

          4. I agree, once or if the Max hits ATT ill trade out my G2 for it, Id essentially be downgrading specs but Sense 5+ is simply that good, smooth consistent experience everytime. And for multitasking Ill just download the floating YouTube and browser app

  9. Even though I have no intention of buying this phone, 5.7″ would be too big for me. The N5 is already on the borderline of being uncomfortable for front pocket storage. Sitting down, the phone is long enough to noticeable. I’m not sure how you note 3 users carry your phones… if you front pocket it, you must never sit down I guess?

    1. Wow… U must be built like a teenage girl

      1. Wow, I love people on the internet. So sarcastic because they know their ass will never get beaten. Jeans pockets hold the phone at the front of your leg, so it gets in the way when sitting.

        As for your other comment, no, I’m 6’1″.

    2. Usually just grab it out of my whatever pocket it’s in when I go for a sit :)

    3. I had the note 2, I never had a problem with it being in my pocket…then again I don’t wear skin tight jeans.

  10. latest hardware but what’s the software bringing? What?… Android 4.3 and then what? I’d rather get a note 3 and I hate Touchwiz

    1. Knowing Oppo they will support this for at least two android version like Samsung does with the Note and Galaxy Series.

  11. GIMME!

  12. They should make an 8 inch tablet with these specs, and throw in microSD. If they don’t, SOMEBODY should :P

  13. throw in the sd-card support and you have a monster of a phone.

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