Nexus 5 now getting Android 4.4.1 update – get your cameras ready!



If you didn’t believe the Android 4.4.1 rumors or the test shots, you can throw all your skepticism out the window now. The update is very real and Google has announced it. The best part – Nexus 5 owners will be getting it today!

Google promises the update will be ready sometime today and is highlighting the main improvements it brings. This update is all about the camera, which is actually an awesome fact. Nexus 5 users can attest to how bad the Nexus 5 camera can be.

Android 4.4.1 update camera improvements

Phandroid 4.4 KitKat

  • Faster focusing, especially in low-light.
  • Faster white balancing.
  • Ability to pinch-to-zoom on HDR+ mode.
  • Less shutter lag.

Over all, this will make your pictures much less blurry and better illuminated. Say goodbye to your dark, blurry holiday images, guys! Or… at the very least they will be better now. We know it’s hard, but try not to spend all day tapping that “Check Now” button!


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  1. Bit of good news for the substandard camera for such a good Nexus 5 phone in mid-high end smartphone category. I will keep my finger cross for my nexus 5 because the basic sensor and camera lens, camera mechanism still the same…

    1. Mid-high end? Since when is a Snapdragon 800 device mid range? This is top shelf for this year.
      You should have known going into Nexus that other manufacturers pack in better cameras, and we have to deal with more software than hardware enhancement.

      1. the problem is a lot of people sort high and low end based on price. the camera and speaker could be better that doesn’t make it mid high end

        1. WIth specs that dont particularly beat many competitors. And most purchases being based on personal opinions Id call it mid-high range as well.

          1. The only phone out right now that it doesn’t beat on paper is the LG G2. Not sure what phones you’re looking at. Maybe you have a time machine and you have a phone that’s from 2014 that I don’t know about yet.

          2. And Note 3

  2. Glad to hear of any improvements. Is there Abby other noon camera improvements with the .1 update?

    1. Who’s the idiot that down voted this? That’s a very good question. I’d like to know that as well. Though I’m sure you can find out from the given link.

      1. Was me accidentally.

        1. LoL!! =.P

      2. Link just talks about the camera, I’d already seen it earlier. Either way, Any and all improvements to anything are welcome.

    2. Speaker definitely louder and I heard that some were having Email exchange issues and those have been fixed as well. Change log should be out soon for the rest.

  3. I can get use to this.. So glad I sold my GS4 for the Nexus 5!

    1. I did the same thing and couldn’t be happier

    2. I’ve had the Nexus 4 for about 6 months…I love it but it was an in-between device while waiting for N5. Ordered my Nexus 5 last night so should come sometime next week.

  4. People are reporting that the speaker is definitely better from the update.

    1. I just installed it. The camera is definitely faster and there’s a slight improvement in the speaker but it’s still weak in comparison to other devices I have (the S4 and the Moto X).

      1. The speaker or the camera ? Neither of which is better on the X.

        1. The speaker on the Moto X is light years ahead of the Nexus 5 and it’s better than the speaker on the S4. Heck, the phone can get louder than the HTC One although it’s not as rich as the One.

          The Nexus 5 camera is definitely better than the Moto X but both are no match for the S4.

          1. S4 definitely took better pictures at night

  5. The Nexus 5 is the first “high end” Android device that I have owned. I like the way this works :)

  6. I am not getting the update yet…has anyone had luck? Any tips on how to pull it?

    1. As always if you go into settings/apps/google framework services and stop it and clear data the update could or should appear.

      1. this isn’t a guarantee

        1. Works for me every time as it did tonight.It’s always worth a try can’t hurt.

  7. Other than HDR being a little slow.. I don’t really have any issues with the camera quality.

  8. Compare to G2 after this update?

  9. Nothing in this update affects illumination.

  10. Wonder when this will be available for the GPE HTC ONE, probably soon i would assume.

  11. Had to flash back to stock to get it, but so far seems worth it. The UI cue that HDR is processing really makes a world of difference in usability.

  12. Still havent gotten it *hits “check now” again*

  13. What I hope this patch actually fix is :

    1) Problems connecting and synchronising with Exchange email account :
    2) Voicemail notification icons don’t show up until reboot.
    3) Network often unavailable despite having the icon that say otherwise :

    It seems to me that these issues are much more important than the camera.

    1. I believe this update fixes at least the first two issues.

    2. Maybe you got a defective phone? I’ve had mine for a month and haven’t had any of those issues.

    3. wat the voicemail notification icons never go away for me lol so I have to stop the phone app

  14. No update so far. WTF. Lol

  15. has anyone else noticed an increase in the vibration power? maybe i’m crazy but the first time i started typing after the update the vibration seemed stronger and more precise.

    1. that would make sense. i’ve noticed the haptic feedback to be a bit weak.

    2. I sure would like it that was true. If I have my phone on vibrate and sitting on the table the vibration makes almost no sound at all.

  16. Seriously, I will believe there’s an update to 4.4.1 when I see it. I am not doing the work arounds to get it

  17. I literally just got the Nexus 5 two days ago. Sweet!

  18. how to install the update btw ? any idea..without flashing or rooting

  19. Received a new Nexus 5 from Google 2 days ago (4.4 OS). As of today..no 4.4.1 update. How accurate is this article?

  20. “Nexus 5 owners will be getting it today!” Ya..Right!!

    1. I think Google said it will be rolling out in the next few days…… So your probably gonna get it in the next day or 2.

      1. No, still nothing

      2. Its been 4 days since they released it, I haven’t received it on my nexus 5 either…That’s slow!
        I am impressed with the phone, its great but not with Google services…Been using iOS since 2009 wanted a change so I thought I would give nexus line a try. I still can’t use a lot of apps because they are not updated for kitkat yet (including Skype with Microsoft log in – that’s a pretty major app to not have the update, its been more than a month since kitkat was released), and some apps that I used on iOS are just not found in the google app store.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still waiting as well. But as far as Google services goes I think that’s the best part of having a Android phone. Congrats on the move over to the dark side :)

  21. Please help, I just checked for the update using the phone and it says that your phone is up to date

    1. Just wait. They’re rolling the update out in a staggered fashion, just like every time they do this.

  22. AWESOME! Will this also resolve the speaker problem? I heard Google say that they will resolve this issue with an update.

    1. its not going to solve the speaker problem, the speakers are just really bad.

      1. A few reviews have already said that the speaker is much better with 4.4.1.

        1. Its a hardware thing, not a software thing. The reason why the nexus 5 is so cheap, is because they have to dumb things down to make it that way, the speaker is really horrible because of that reason. So a piece of software may eq it better. But either way, the speaker will still be very bad.

          1. Just because the phone sells for less doesn’t mean they have to dumb things down. That is a common misconception caused by the fact that most other high end phones cost $600+ but the only reason those phones cost so much is because they have a HUGE profit margin. The Nexus 5 has a very low profit margin.

            Plus, the biggest complaint about the speaker is the volume not the sound quality and if it were a hardware problem the volume would be consistently low across all apps but it isn’t

            Google actually confirmed weeks ago that it was a problem that they were addressing in an update and reviews of 4.4.1 have mentioned that the speaker is now MUCH better.

  23. I finally have it. No not the normal data push. I decided that I’m too impatient to wait for the update to be pushed out; probably in 5 weeks (joking–but I can’t wait for it). I downloaded the official 4.4.1 zip file from Google and sideloaded the darn thing to my 2 day old device. It’s very easy to do, but I didn’t want to go this route. Now I’m having nightmares and flashbacks of my old Galaxy Note…why do I always have to either flash, root or sideload when I want an update???? My wife is correct, should have bought an iPhone instead!

    1. You’re obviously not part of the normal Nexus demographic. Most of us that buy dev phones quite enjoy tinkering with the firmware.

      1. New to the Nexus line, but I have mucho experience rooting anything Samsung; in the beginning, it was the HP touchpad. However, I just didn’t want to tinker with this one since it’s only two days old..too late now. What’s your take with 4.4.1. ? With me, the jury’s out. For me, still not impressed with the camera, but I think it’s only because I don’t understand the app (icons). Are there any guides-manuals?..or is there, perhaps, even a better dev .apk for the cam?

        1. Check out XDA

      2. For me the best part of having a Nexus is the pure stock Google experience. Any custom ROMs will just get you farther away from that. Plus, if you want to mess around with custom ROMs you can do that on almost any phone. It also voids your warranty.

        1. Except that the Nexus 5 isn’t pure stock.

          1. Ummm….yes it is. The Nexus line is the very definition of stock. Stock Android is Android as Google meant it to be. Non-stock Android is any version of Android that has been modified by anyone other than Google.

          2. Umm… no it isn’t. It has features that aren’t stock specific to the phone. It’s close, but not stock.

          3. OK. What about it isn’t stock? What would you consider to be stock?

            The definition of stock is not having any modifications by any non-Google developers. The version of Android running on the Nexus 5 out of the box comes directly from Google with no third party modifications. Therefore it is stock Android. Examples of non-stock Android are manufacturer customizations like Sense and TouchWiz or custom ROMs like Cyanogen. Those aren’t stock because they are modifications done to the base source code by someone other than the official Android team that works for Google.

          4. Short Answer: Pure AOSP. The Nexus 5 isn’t pure AOSP. Again, it’s closer than most, but it isn’t pure stock.

            Long answer:
            2 things come to mind that make this not stock, as they’re exclusive to the Nexus 5:
            1> “OK Google” voice activation
            2> Google Now integration into the home screen

            If this were stock, the Nexus 4 and 7 would also feature these when they upgrade to Kitkat. They don’t. Not stock.

            From Google:
            “The Nexus program is about pushing the next generation of user experiences across software and hardware. As part of that, we’re trying something new on Nexus 5 and we’ll see how users like it. Users have loved launchers from Google Play for some time now; in fact, some of the most popular launchers have been installed over 100 million times. For now the Google Now home screen integration and “Okay, Google” hot word is specific to the N5.”

            It’s no longer about being a stock experience for devs. Now it’s about pushing the USER experience.

          5. Cool story bro. I don’t think anyone cares about the technicalities involved. Long as there isn’t touchpiss or Sense, it’s all good and I happen to like the GEL. If you wanna be technical, fine. It’s pure Google. There.

          6. Hey, if you want to go through life as an imprecise boob, so be it. That just shows sloppy thinking on your part, not an error in anything I’ve said. Of course, your using the term “touchpiss” shows that you have the emotional maturity of a 3rd grader, so I’m not sure why I’m even bothering.

    2. …nonsensical. You don’t “always have to either flash, root or sideload when I want an update.” You chose to; and at least you have that choice.

    3. go buy the iphone. android is not for cry babies.

    4. I think you answered your own question about why you always have to flash, root, or sideload when you said “I decided that I’m too impatient to wait for the update to be pushed out.”

  24. Took a couple photos with the new 4.4.1. I’ll test it out in the next few days, but I don’t think the update is all that promising. Maybe I’m a little picky, but my old Sammy had better quality.

  25. Went to YouTube to test the speakers. Listened to music etc. The sound quality has improved. However, please keep in mind this 5 inch device is NOT a boom Box. If you want a quality of sound that can only be had with an expensive surround sound system, purchase a decent set of headphones.

  26. Yes, new to the Nexus line. I’ve tinkered many times with my first gen Samsung Note. I was hoping for an Android device that would receive auto updates since thinking can be time consuming. BTW, does anyone have a guide or users manual for the cam app? Maybe it’s me not understanding what the icons stand-for or what the optimal tweaks need to be. I’ve searched everywhere, but came up empty handed.

    1. this upgrade is supposed to address camera issues… best way to learn it is to touch and try settings pinch the screen and play around..

  27. Bought a nexus 5… Worse thing ever…..nexus 4 is better! Now using an iPhone 5s ,the camera is the best ever….

    1. What makes it so bad? I had the last generation iphone and have an Android Samsung tablet. I was going to just buy a Nexus 5 at the Google Play store and get my SIM from 35orless.com

      1. For no reason, i have it and it’s perfect. but we have different taste so if you can try different phone before buy one

    2. Bull. The Nexus 5 is greatness. The Nexus 4 is fairly lame in comparison.

  28. More reasons for me to keep my Nexus 4. I’ll wait for the Nexus 6 to upgrade.

  29. Still no update for my N5 black 32gb

  30. is any reason why some N5 got the upgrade and others not? 3 days since the 4.4.1 release and i still waiting

    1. Same here….

    2. They roll them out a little at a time so as not to kill their servers

      1. yeah i read it before cant find the link but one of the google guys said the 1st batch was a some sort of trial to see how ppl will take it,, based on that they will full release the data push… i am on the brink to root it and do it via sdk…

    3. They might as well not say anything if they can’t deliver.

      1. hope to have it soon,, was very annoyed that my bro got it before me, both got the phone same day,, am using the white he the black one..

    4. hi, as a i understood, google update their phone slowly, first 5 % after if there isn’t any bug, they continue to 20%… So that’s why we don’t have the the 4.4.1 update, me too i’m upset i really want it

  31. Ugh… 2013 Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 here… No update yet on either.

  32. so, my update said it was 4.4.2, not 4.4.1. Any other changes I should know about?

    1. I just received my Nexus 5 today and the update out of the box was also 4.4.2.

  33. good post

  34. Anybody else still waiting for the update? I’m still on 4.4 and 4.4.2 is already out…

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