Android 4.4.1 coming soon to Nexus and Google Play edition devices [RUMOR]


Phandroid 4.4 KitKat

It’s been about a month since Android 4.4 KitKat first dropped onto the scene. Since then, the update has had it’s fair share of hiccups, causing issues on some devices like the Nexus 4 that eventually lead to release of the KRT16S build.

What’s next? Well, we’ve seen reports of users having problems with Exchange being broken (kind of a big deal), and there was the whole Google Experience Launcher remaining exclusive to the Nexus 5. Well, perhaps 4.4.1 will fix some of these concerns. According to @LlabTooFeR on Twitter — an Android modder who often gets his hands on leaked software builds — Android 4.4.1 is already heading to the HTC One Google Play edition, coming in hot with build KOT49E.

Digging into Phandroid’s own analytics reports, we’ve seen a spike in devices visiting our site over the past few weeks, reportedly running Android 4.4.1…. and Android 4.6.7, and Android 9.9.9 (Android Upside-down Cake). Okay, so this is extremely easy to spoof, along with the location where these devices are allegedly coming from. Fun? Sure. Definitive proof? Not so much.

Android 4.1.1 site visits
In any case, we’ll put more weight in the words of @LlabTooFeR who’s more than often dead-on with this kind of stuff. It stands to reason if Google Play edition devices will soon receive Android 4.4.1, that means Nexus devices will also follow suit (likely even sooner). What changes would you like to see for 4.4.1?

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  1. 4.1.1? Backwards?

  2. Wait, so is the title a joke too? This entire article is a joke? There is no Android 4.4.1 coming? *confused*

    You lost me on the “Android 4.1.1 coming soon to Nexus and Google Play edition devices” part.

  3. did you keep mixing up 4.4.1 with 4.1.1?? I’m confused

    1. I just thought the article was a joke when he mentioned Android 9.9.9. My head hurts from reading this article. =.[

      1. I’ll make it better… *pats head*

    2. Oh, man. It’s all looking the same at this point.

      *clocks out*

      *jumps out window*

      1. Man, GB 2.3.4 is gonna run so *sweet* on my One, man!

      2. defenestration – the only solution.

  4. Eeerrr…. 4.1.1??


    1. Half Life 3 confirmed!!!!

  6. just hoping they restore Wi-Fi tethering. my moto x developer edition was great except no Google wallet on T-Mobile. now I have Google wallet but no tethering.

  7. This is all your fault

  8. here is a beer Chris

  9. They need to fix the HUGE bug with Exchange/Corporate Mail accounts that broke in 4.4.

    1. This.
      I had to get all my users to buy an email app because of this issue.
      It also had a really bad battery eating issue associated with it.
      I can’t get this fix in my hands soon enough but it’s taken a month to fix and
      now several more weeks to get the fix out there.

      We got hurt by this really badly… :(

      1. I’ve also been having bad experiences with apps that worked fine under Android 4.3 all the sudden causing huge CPU load over an extended time with 4.4, usually because of background updates. Battery life IS an issue.

    2. YUP. It’s slated for a “future release”. Hopefully 4.4.1.


    3. Is it only a Nexus 5 bug? I use exchange on my Nexus 4 and its fine for me.

  10. I’d love to see the stupid controls in the camera app disappear and never come back. I don’t think that’ll happen. I’d sorta like to see tab ui nav bar back. I loved using it on my N4. Immersive mode gets a little annoying.

  11. Get rid of all the stupid WHITE!! How the hell am I supposed to use this thing at night… White contacts, white messages. Stop being so racist Google. Seriously, it’s blinding.

    1. Instead of getting rid of “WHITE” , Switchable Dark and Light themes would be perfect.

      1. Yes, definitely perfect.

  12. My GS3 only got Jelly Bean like, three days ago. Compared to what I’ve seen of KitKat, I think I prefer JB. KK is sooo bright.

  13. Enable the 3rd party SMS for the nexus 7 LTE!!!

  14. Face unlock fix. My favorite unlock method is broken on 4.4

  15. Google, please don’t break my Nexus 10 again. The last three OTA’s all completely broke my table so badly I couldn’t even use recovery until I flashed back to 4.1.2. Get it right, please.

    1. buy an iPad

      1. That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard of…

        1. Apple will sue you for that comment

  16. This may seem minor to most of you, but can I PLEASE have an option to scroll my app drawer/widgets VERTICALLY? I have far too many apps to swipe one page at a time. Also, the speed sensitive vertical scrolling was a great visual indicator of how smoothly my system was running. It’s one of the main reasons I started using Nova Launcher over stock.

    1. Like it was in Gingerbread with the 4D drawer? That was SO cool. I wouldn’t use home screen replacement apps only because that drawer was so cool.

      Then I seen that ADW had that design in the paid version…

      Ah!! The Android 2.x days.

    2. Just use the new nova launcher (beta still?) there was an option in the previous version to change it to vertical scrolling, its probably still there…

      Google changed to horizontal page scrolling in the app drawer way back in ICS, I don’t seem them changing it back… so third party launchers are your only option.

  17. google just needs to slow down and release one update per year. better to get it right than to get it quick.

  18. They really need to deal with the power consumption problems on the N4. The difference between 4.2.2/4.3 and 4.4 is day and night.

  19. Hopefullly enough to push me to the N5. I’m holding back based on inconsistent battery life (hopefully in software fix) and because of the camera (both quality, and speed of app and shutter speed.) Hopefully these will both be in the software as fixes. I hope that for other Nexus devices and even non-nexus devices, this will bring official GEL support. I’d love to have this with now blips on my N7. Can’t wait.

    1. I’ve been really happy with the battery life of my Nexus 5. I get around 3.5 to 4 hours of screen on time over 48 hours off the charger on LTE.

      The camera is really good, but it does need some tweaks for shutter speed and focusing. The hardware is definitely there, but the camera software needs fixes.

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