HTC announces financing program for HTC One


htc one financing

Purchasing an off-contract is becoming much more popular. Especially with devices like the Nexus 5 and Moto G offering good specs for low prices. A new trend seems to be on the rise, though. Motorola has recently started financing off-contract phones and now HTC is jumping in the bandwagon.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is offering a financing program for the $600, 32 GB HTC One. Assuming your credit passes the test, you will be able to what could be the best phone of the year home. All for $0 down and as low as $25 monthly payments (no interests).

We assume these terms may change if your credit is not as great as they would like it to be. This is probably why they say “as low”. Fortiva Loans is in charge of the borrowing department. Regardless, it’s nice to see more manufacturers doing this.

You can get the HTC One for less from other retailers, at this point, but having a device in easy payments is always great. You can go apply for HTC One financing at HTC’s website. You should hurry, the current deal is only available until December 29, 2013. You might have to put some money as a down payment after that.

Also, this is the GSM version. So it will be good for GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Who is signing up?!


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  1. Such copycats.

    1. yeah i hate it when companies borrow good ideas from other companies and the consumer wins in the end.

      1. Oh snap!

      2. I can’t handle the amount of sarcasm.

    2. Hell yeah! They are blatantly copying the banks and the credit system! How dare they?!

  2. This is only for the poors who have bad credit anyway.

    1. I agree as a poor with no credit. Would be nice to have last years best phone. Then again I am trying for moto x

    2. or the poors with good credit…. or the people who CAN pay for it but manage their finances/priorities (christmas time, xbox/ps4, other expenses) differently than you do.

      1. haha I like how you talk about “priorities” and Xbox and PS4 in the same sentence


        1. lol listen, i have a nexus 4 and i would love to upgrade to a phone with a better battery life and a better camera… however, it is very important to me that i get battlefield 4 on the new xbox. I cant justify spending an extra $450-600 on myself ontop of what i already spent on xbox one ontop of christmas shopping.

        2. Lte is not cdma

      2. Financing $600 over 2 years is NOT managing your finances properly.

        1. Says who? Every budget is different. You also don’t have to finance it over two years, you could do $100/mo and be done in 6 months. If someone has $100 a month of disposable income, they can decide to either lock themself in their home for 6 months and get a new phone or they can pay $25/mo and still have $75 a month for going out or xbox or drinking or dates. If it’s all falls under the “disposable income” umbrella then how are they not managing their finances properly?

        2. It is if you’ve never got anything on credit and it’s your first time. People need some way to learn how to budget. College Freshman can get this and learn how to budget their money.

          Once they get their car and house, they’ll know how much they can afford. It’s a learning process.

      3. THANK YOU!!

    3. People with bad credit can’t finance things. =.=

      Having good credit means that you have the money to afford the monthly payments and still keep going. Also, it’s more than just paying things off. It’s how much you’re paying and how long you’re paying.

      If you can keep your credit score good, then that means you know how to budget your money. If you can budget your money you can afford higher things on credit.

      How do you prepare to purchase a house if you’ve never bought things on credit? You get your first house and just make these huge payments thinking you’ll pay it off faster only to be living paycheck to paycheck. LoL!!

  3. CDMA users need not apply,shunned once again apparently………………..

    1. I don’t understand why people would be on a CDMA carrier at all if they’re a mobile enthusiast. How do y’all switch phones?

      1. I switched to T-Mobile earlier in the year.However, a CDMA network may provide the best coverage/value for others.

        1. Not if that coverage is sprint.

          1. IKR!? LoL!! I instantly thought of Sprint when KOLIO said that.

      2. Something something vastly superior network to the GSM crap in the United States something something.

        1. I’m not sure I’d say Verizon is vastly superior to at&t (slightly better possibly), and I’m sure you aren’t saying Sprint is the superior network. Verizon may be slightly better overall, but at&t plus the freedom to switch phones and not deal with lack of devices is enough to switch.

          1. I’d say so … just here in Florida Verizon covers inland and some of the bay I’m in the Tampa area and att only has small pockets of coverage even in the city …sprint is there but slow as a crawl and well t mobile is only in the city and outside buildings

        2. Something something something dark side. Something something something complete.

    2. uh….go buy a nexus 5 off of, then take the device into a sprint store and see what happens. I promise you can walk out making phone calls on it with unlimited everything, and a sub-par coverage area for 80/mo…

  4. Well im all set with my ONE already. Hopefully this will also apply to the HTC TWO.

    1. Please don’t call it the HTC Two.. lol

      1. Its coming and there’s nothing you can do about it, lol

      2. lol, well im just guessing. Still better than HTC ONE 2 , lol

        1. And the 2016 follow up, the HTC ONE 2 THREE 4

  5. think it’s good that the companies are bypassing the carriers

  6. This is the direction the market needs to go. Devices should be sold, financed, insured, and updated through the manufacturer, not the carrier and carriers should be offering customers discounted rate plans for not taking the subsidies like T-Mobile and now AT&T are doing (Sprint is kind of doing it with One Up).

    1. Edit: sprint is totally doing with OneUp

  7. Man, they really want some cash eh..

  8. Meh, ill always look at eBay for my new device itch

  9. Of course a better idea is for companies to stop trying to make a huge profit on each device and simply lower their prices somewhat. This would make financing less “needed”. Though I’m of the opinion that if you need to use a subsidy or finance a phone in order to be able to afford it, you should be looking at a lower priced phone in the first place.

    1. should people also only buy cars and homes in cash as well? If you can afford to make the financing payments then you can afford the object you are purchases. Financing also improves your credit.

      1. But if they are of the belief of affording the car and home, why do they care about improved credit? That said, there is a difference between 30k cars, 300k houses and a $600 phone. If you don’t have 600 saved your not financially ready for a new top of the line phone, but you still need a place to live and a car. Just because you can afford the payments doesn’t mean you can really afford the item without crippling your financial future.

        1. Yes, and just because you have $600 saved up doesn’t mean you want to drop it all on a phone. People have budgets, some people have after all of their bills and savings, $200 a check of what i call “play money.” So they have no right decide to pay it $50/mo over the next year? And save the rest of their “play money” for going out and dates and other activities? You are just making a generalization that everyone who doesn’t want to pay $600 up front cannot afford to.

      2. Unbridled and unnecessary financing does not improve your credit. That’s a rationalization people without control use to justify spending themselves into oblivion.

        As Tom said, the scope of a $600 phone purchase is nowhere near the same as a home or car. A phone is relatively nothing. If someone can’t pull it together enough to scrape up such an insignificant amount of money, well, that’s a fairly bad commentary of a persons budgeting skills. We really live in a world where people need a two year loan for $600?

        But hey, all the power to HTC if it helps them regain their glory.

        1. A generalization is being made about someone financing something meaning they simply cant afford it. As i told tom below, there’s a difference between not having $600, and not wanting to drop $600 today. I could have $200 left over after every check for play money after bills and savings. People often budget their money. You are making a generalization. If I decide to pay off the phone $50 a month… or even $100 a month over the next few months with my “play money” so i can have wiggle room to still go out and party, that doesn’t mean i’m without control and spending myself into oblivion. Sure I could purchase it now in full, but I don’t like to see my $$ drop below a certain number for emergencies. I could wait a few months n buy it in full to cope with my OCD, but what would be the difference between making 6 payments in disposable income. If its disposable income its disposable income. There are no issues if one spends their disposable income into oblivion.

          1. CDO*

            Fixed it for you. =D

    2. Exactly, people could also just get a cheaper phone, its not like people dont have choices of phones and prices. If you get the best, you pay the most, The concept is quite simple. If you cant afford it, then financing is your friend.

  10. and Google has started a price war…..

    1. Price war? Against who and what?

      1. nexus 5 and moto G

  11. If you can’t afford a $600 phone, you can’t afford it with monthly payments either.

    1. Doesn’t matter in real life. Most people still foolishly buy their phones on contract.

      1. Which is me. It keeps me happy. I hate not having the latest, so I finance. Good thing about financing is that I can still save money. So in the end I pay off the phone and still have money.

        I rather split $600 across different things instead of all on one thing.

    2. Calm down. You just said that those people can’t afford $25. That means they can’t afford gas, which is more than that every month.

    3. fail.

      “if you cant afford $36,000 up front, you shouldnt buy this car for 340/mo”


  12. a little late to the dance!

  13. No Verizon version? FAIL HTC FAIL. Learn from Moto.

  14. Financing a $600 phone = Fail. This is getting pathetic.

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