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Instagram lives online, so it strikes us as odd when we see such a company sending physical press invites to an event. This is exactly what has happened as multiple media outlets start receiving physical, wooden invitations to an event in New York City this coming December 12th.

The invitation is pretty much an Instagram photo printed on a wooden canvas, inviting the media to “share a moment” with the team. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom will be there to show us all the goodies. There is a huge question to be answered, though: what is this event all about?

There are recent rumors of Instagram working on private messaging, but that is yet to be seen and nothing really points towards that.

Can we take something from the fact press is getting physical invitations in the form of images printed in a wooden canvas? I would it would be very cool if we could purchase some of those with our very own images. After all, it seems all media outlets are getting different images.

Nothing is for sure now, though. We will have to wait until December 12 to find out!

[via Mashable]

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