Prescription Google Glass pictured in the wild gives us our best look at the eyewear yet


Google Glass prescription 3

Up until now, we haven’t gotten a real good look at Google’s plans for prescription eyewearers looking to outfit themselves with Google Glass. Sure there was the scruffy looking fella from months ago, but it was still tough to make out exactly what was going on. Will Glass’s titanium frames be detachable? Will the main Glass unit simply stick to a existing frames?

Google Glass prescription prototype

Well, Googler Brian Matiash is finally giving us a better view of prescription Google Glass, sharing a few images of the high-tech eyewear — likely still in its prototype stages — to his his Google+ page. From the looks of it, frames carrying a design much like non-prescription Glass will need to be made specifically for Glass, with one side attaching to the main unit. This means if you were hoping to bring your current favorite pair of eyeglasses with you, they likely wont have a proper Glass fitment.

Google Glass prescription 2

Now that you’ve had a better look at prescription Glass, what do you guys think?

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Google Glass v2 invites now being sent to existing Explorers for one-time swap

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  1. tina fey is looking extra nerdy

    1. That’s the beautiful Sarah Price, the Google Glass Community Manager.

      1. Indeed. I would take that as a compliment.

  2. I’m not sure there really is any other way they could have done it. Looks OK I suppose.

  3. looks a little better but what if they integrated it into the frame and made the device a little smaller and thinner(components throughout frame). these still look super nerdy. if they want this to go mainstream then they need to work on aesthetics. I know this is still in testing but just my 2 cents

    1. Your 2 cents are necessary. I was thinking Velma from Scooby-Doo when I saw these. I’m like “No. I hope they don’t look like that”. LoL!!

      1. Haha yeah she does. Maybe Google should buy a sunglass manufacturer(maybe Oakley) and get some help on design

  4. Hope they can get that thing shortened to the end of the frame or shorter.

  5. Does anyone know if they are working on a left-eye version? I don’t see well out of my right eye and am concerned I wouldn’t even be able to utilize Google Glass.

    1. You might have to wear them upside down for the time being…

      1. this guy

  6. I’ll probably hop on the fifth version of this. Once it’s slimmer and cheaper.

  7. definitely not Tina Fey!

    1. The box at the end… My computer can’t read emoji. =.[

  8. Looks like the glasses part is removable. I approve of this design! I probably wouldn’t be removing the glasses part often, but it’s a nice touch.

  9. Just wear contacts. Duh

    1. not everyone can wear contacts some people’s perscriptions won’t allow it among other reasons. I personally wear both contacts and glasses and switch between almost every other day. I’d hate not to be able to wear glass because of it so as long as glass is detachable form the glasses frame so I don’t have to buy 2 pairs then I’m totally on board.

    2. I refuse to wear contacts.

    3. i hate contacts…but i hate glasses more…so i wear them…my eyes arent bad enough for surgery plus i wanna be able to read when im older without reading glasses so i just deal with contacts…i cant understand how people who have a choice dont i hate glasses i only use em when im home i cant stand having to look through them to see esp when i turn my head to drive n such…also the lack of peripheral vision drives me nuts

  10. The world unsafe with people texting and driving… OMG now they`ll need four eyes instead of two…. TWO to watch the road if they Do and the other two read their messages on their new gadget… Good luck with new safety device…

    1. Rubbish, all this SAFETY stuff is used to often as a weapon against ANY technology…

      1. I disagree with you. I drive everyday at least 4 hours a day and I seen the stupidity on the road. So, nothing against the technology. Technology has nothing to do with what people are doing.

        1. you and mark are both wrong….we all know its teenage girls who kill people by texting and driving because the female is incapable of multitasking, esp the younger ones

      2. For every one responsible user there’s dozens of morons out there who ruin it for everyone else. They are why we will never have amazon drones or flying cars.

    2. yeah we should also remove radios from our cars so that .2 seconds it takes to change the station wont cause accidents anymore…

  11. Not quite the modular device we were hoping for… But it doesn’t look bad.
    It does, however, look expensive.

  12. Lop-sided weight distribution and inadequate battery life have been raised by many Explorer users. I was expecting Google to address both issues at v2 by adding a battery compartment on the other side. That would be more difficult still with this design I suppose. It’s seems to be a compromise product right now.

  13. Funny how the used super-model looks when marketing the original and now use a nerd-girl for the bespectacled user :P

    1. Everyone looks more nerdy with a pair of glasses

      1. yeah. but she still ain’t no model.

        1. Are you a model?

  14. Gimme gimme gimme!

  15. Wonder if they will ever have slim frames like I wear, I hate huge glasses lol.

  16. that looks ugly better wait for apple iGlass

  17. To balance the weight, they could make the stick on the other side out of lead – or some less poisonous heavy metal.

  18. im not sure why they cant run a wire through the rame to the other side n add a second battary on the other side of the frame n make it look even…so, you know, this thing can actually be on all the time and be, you know, useful

  19. Welp. These are pretty awful. You’re doing it wrong, GOOG. It’s just hard to have such a big hunk of plastic hanging on the side of anything, and make them look cool. Glass needs to be fully integrated into the frame, so that Glass and the frame are one in the same, with 2 smaller batteries – one on each side. Then use removable prescription lenses. Every part of Glass has gotta get smaller – there’s just no other way.

    1. Full integration into the frames is a lonnng way from today’s technology.

    2. I am waiting for the digital eyeball replacement.

    3. Actually its not that hefty. As someone who wears really, really light specs, my brief usage of it never found me feeling uncomfortable. Those in the Explorer program would know better, obviously.

      1. I’ve never used Glass (in any form), but it’s not the weight that I’m speaking about. Just plainly the physical configuration and look of the thing (the prescription glasses version). I’m all about function first, and love all things tech. But this configuration is so hideous that it will never get mainstream approval. I understand that we’re still in beta stage here, and hopefully future iterations will get it right. But I don’t think I would have even bothered showing off that version above to the public, if I were el GOOG.

  20. Instead of processor/battery on frame, another design option could be to have a neck wire with processor/battery laying on your back and wire up to cam/display that doubles as stringed glasses. Likely much less dorky looking and less weight on ear. Also can potentially have larger battery and flatten the entire package on your back.

  21. I’m glad I don’t wear glasses then. Too bad there’s no feasible way of implementing Glass to sunglasses.

  22. Yeah this is one of those technologies where being an early adopter doesn’t really pay off.

  23. i really want a pair of those corrected for me :-)

  24. Actually doesn’t look bad at all!

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