Dec 4th, 2013

Google Glass prescription 3

Up until now, we haven’t gotten a real good look at Google’s plans for prescription eyewearers looking to outfit themselves with Google Glass. Sure there was the scruffy looking fella from months ago, but it was still tough to make out exactly what was going on. Will Glass’s titanium frames be detachable? Will the main Glass unit simply stick to a existing frames?

Google Glass prescription prototype

Well, Googler Brian Matiash is finally giving us a better view of prescription Google Glass, sharing a few images of the high-tech eyewear — likely still in its prototype stages — to his his Google+ page. From the looks of it, frames carrying a design much like non-prescription Glass will need to be made specifically for Glass, with one side attaching to the main unit. This means if you were hoping to bring your current favorite pair of eyeglasses with you, they likely wont have a proper Glass fitment.

Google Glass prescription 2

Now that you’ve had a better look at prescription Glass, what do you guys think?