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Most folks’ honeymoon period with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty much over. The Note 3 has launched, and other devices are stealing a lot of thunder headed into 2014. Samsung is usually right into the thick of development for their next flagship right around this point, but new rumors suggest the team is well ahead of schedule on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Korean outlet ETNews is reporting that Samsung is on-track to begin mass production of the smartphone as early as January, and could be setting it up for a March or April release. This means we could see the phone announced as early as CES in January 2014 or Mobile World Congress the month afterward.

The Galaxy S5 is rumored to be similar to the Galaxy Note 3 under the hood, as Samsung will look to at least match the Note 3’s Snapdragon 800 processor (alongside a possible Exynos Octa-Core variant capable of 64-bit computing), 3GB of RAM and more

With that, ETNews also says Samsung will unveil the next generation of the Galaxy Gear smart watch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you feel like it hasn’t been that long since the first entry in the company’s new smart watch line-up dropped, you aren’t alone.

Samsung galaxy gear on wrist

It has long been reported that Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear smart watch was rushed to market to try and beat a possible Apple-bred competitor. As such, many folks have resided to jokingly calling it a “prototype for sale,” and that Samsung’s true first real attempt at a smart watch wouldn’t take long to come to market.

The lackluster Galaxy Gear hasn’t turned many heads to this point with the company reportedly generating only 50,000 sales (on over 800,000 units shipped to retail to date). We’ll have to wait a while yet to see if Samsung’s next attempt is worthy of praise.

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