Here’s the new CyanogenMod 10.2 boot animation, and it doesn’t look too shabby [VIDEO]


In case you didn’t remember, the CyanogenMod team has started work on version 10.2 (which is the final Android 4.3 Jelly Bean release before the team starts focusing on the KitKat-based CM 11). Nightlies are already on their way to some folks, and it’s been discovered that the team decided to whip up a new boot animation for this major release.

You can find the animation in the YouTube video above, but what you’re looking at is what you’re going to get — something simple, clean, professional, and elegant. It features a rather authoritative photo of Cid, the CyanogenMod mascot, with a clockwise arrow circling it. Beneath that is the “CyanogenMod” text in the always-familiar typeface they like to use. It’s not too flashy, because it’s not supposed to blow your mind.

This is the image that’s going to represent the new, improved, and “official” CyanogenMod every time you boot your phone up. No more skateboarding bugdroids, and no more amateur animations: this is serious business, folks.

We’re not sure when to expect CyanogenMod 10.2 for the masses, but it’s worth noting that the Oppo N1 should have first dibs. The Chinese OEM of said phone is the first to officially support flashing of the custom ROM, and we have a feeling it won’t take much longer for the CM team to deliver the goods to that particular device. Watch the quick flick of the boot animation in the YouTube video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Don’t you mean cm11

    1. No, they mean cm10.2. The blog post they linked to is about cm10.2.

      1. Oh OK, it just said 10.2 is KitKat before, so I said kitkat is cm11

      2. Its actually both. I flashed CM 11 yesterday and now I have the new animation.

  2. CM 10.2 is not kitkat. Its jellybean 4.3. CM 11 is kitkat.

    1. you beat me to it

    2. Thanks for the quick correction!

  3. cm11 sir

  4. Didn’t anyone read the article? Everything they said was correct. The Cyanogenmod team is working on the M1 release of cm10.2, “which is the final Android 4.3 Jelly Bean release before the team starts focusing on the KitKat-based CM 11”

    1. Yeah, they couldn’t have corrected it by the time you got to it… /s

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is some newsworthy stuff………..
    Thank God I came across this story.

  6. I’ll probably stick with CM10’s boot animation. I like simplistic, which both 10 and 10.2 are, but 10.2 seems a bit overly simplistic. I’ll have to see it on my devices before I make a final decision.

    1. I agree. More isn’t always better, but this one is too…less.

  7. wow, they aren’t “focusing”on cm 11 yet? Cm11 runs very smoothly on my optimus g pro. Cant wait for them to start trying

  8. DoNotLike the new ultra-minimal boot animation, but… it’ll probably grow on me. Didn’t like it either when CM10 ditched Andy-the-skateboarder on a psychedelic plasma background in CM9 for a the “Cyanogenmod” text inside a rotating circle. I can dig the “bad andy” logo inside the circle instead of text, but the simple arrow rotator looks amateurish (and saves a miniscule amount of space in the ROM zip)

  9. Weak

  10. I saw this on my B&N Nook Color’s nightly from a day or two ago and it’s kind of meh. I usually like CM’s boot animations, but this is too clean and simple.

    I actually miss the rushing blue awesomness of CM9. Felt like I was forever falling into a blue Slurpee machine.

    1. I love those Slurpee’s. Cherry! ;)

  11. Cool! I remember when the guy who made this posted it on Google+a few months back. I liked it then and I’m glad the folks over at Cyanogen Inc. liked it as well.

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