Nov 26th, 2013

glass explorer invites

Ready for another chance to spend a crap ton of money on experimental products? Google is opening up their Glass Explorer program to a new wave of users, with the company sending email invites for those who signed up on their website to buy their way into the Glass Explorer program. Having the invite alone isn’t enough, though — you’ll also need $1,500 of disposable money for the privilege to own one of the most primitive pieces of tech out there.

Emails are being sent out with one-time-only invite codes, and the codes will only last for 7 days (meaning you’ll need to act fast, or miss out on this second chance at getting into the Explorer program). We’re not sure if another opportunity will come along before Google brings this thing to retail early next year, so jump on it if you just have to have your Glass unit as soon as possible. Check your email for the code if you previously signed up to be notified.

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