Nov 20th, 2013


Earlier today, Google announced that Google Currents and Google Play Magazines would be combined into one convenient app. For those new to the experience, Currents lets you get all the news you care about from all your favorite sources — including Phandroid — in one easy to reach place. With the new release, we felt now was as good a time as any to remind you that you can find us in those parts of the world in one of two simple ways:

  • Search for Phandroid within the Google Newsstand app and hit the subscribe button!
  • Hit this link from your phone or tablet to be taken straight to our “Edition” inside Google Newsstand

And that’s it! You’ll get all the latest Android news, reviews and videos sent straight to your phone or tablet. Be sure to take care of that if you haven’t already, and give Google Play Newsstand a try in the Google Play Store (it’ll replace the Play Magazines app) if you’re curious about the whole thing.