Nexus 5 stock shortages not ending anytime soon with 16GB black model completely out of stock


We knew the Nexus 5 would be a hot item when Google officially announced October 31st availability. The device sold out of immediate shipment orders in under an hour, with later orders being given 2-3 or 3-4 week time tables for leaving the warehouse. If you thought stock would normalize after a couple of weeks of availability, think again — the 16GB Black model is completely sold out in the Google Play Store.

nexus 5 16GB black sold out

The Play Store listing simply shows “we are out of inventory,” and urges customers to check back soon. It’s not surprising that the 16GB Black model was the first to run out, as its low price point of $350 attracting many eyes (and wallets). Black is also typically the most popular color option, so it’s also unsurprising that the white model is still available. Here’s the latest shipping estimates as of the time of this writing:

  • 16GB Black — out of inventory, not available to order.
  • 16GB White — ships in 4-5 weeks
  • 32GB Black — ships in 2-3 weeks
  • 32GB White — ships by November 26th

That’s a rough time by any standard, though this entire process has been much more smooth than previous device launches. We’d all love to be able to wake up one morning and see pallets full of Nexus 5 units inside a warehouse ready to ship, but these things take time to make. Be sure to let us know if you’ve gotten your device yet in the comments section below.

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  1. I can’t help but to feel like these stock shortages are on purpose in order create the illusion of high demand.

    1. or maybe google purposefully didn’t create a large inventory to test the market’s demand of them

    2. well this is exactly what apple does…. i am not entirely sure this is what google is doing. google has NEVER planned to dominate the cell phone market with a nexus device so it is entirely possible that demand exceeded their expectations

      1. I think many companies are guilty of this marketing tactic.

      2. I cant think so. The last one was an embarrassment for them because they obviously mis-judged the demand. Lots of finger pointing between Google/LG. You’d hope this time they would have had their heads together and figured out a closer figure to demand.

        Not sure if the idea of doing it as a “strategy” is beneficial here. Its not a “premium” product where its rareness is the reason you want it. They are ALWAYS better off selling more phones than less, if simply for economies of scale. There are only two reasons for buying the nexus, clean Android and incredible value. Neither of those are an exclusivity thing. Maybe if they had a special color but a black 16gb phone is hardly something you want because nobody else has it.

      3. I agree about Apple’s strategy, but for Google motives – I think it’s a part of the deal with the OEM, who makes a Nexus device in question. LG may sell some extra G2’s by selling it as almost the same device with higher specs, while Google holds off the demand fulfillment for some time. The other question is how many people are ready to give up pure and smooth Google experience for that piece of garbage, bastardized Android on G2.

    3. Either that or incompetence. I doubt it is because they are outselling Samsung and Apple

    4. I think it is more along the lines of an initial test run to verify no major issues. Plus I think there really is high demand.

  2. 16gb model is being offered by carriers very soon hence the shortage

  3. i just ordered my 5 32gb black 2 days ago and it said 3-4 weeks?????

  4. I ordered my 32GB Black Nexus 5 on October 31st; it said it would ship in about 2 – 3 weeks, however, on November 3rd I got an email saying it had shipped and I just received it on November 8th. It was a very smooth process in my eyes, I just wish that they let me order the cover for it

    1. thats good to hear… on the 10th I ordered the same 32 black and it said 3-4 weeks but now it does say 2-3… maybe ill get it quicker!

  5. I have the Black 32GB version. It’s a great phone, but T-Mobile is only EDGE in my area. I may be returning it, but selling in on Swappa.com might be quicker. Is anyone interested, instead of waiting a month to get it?

    1. Id be interested in that

      1. How can I get a hold of you, Harit?

        1. Actually before we move forward, I’d only be interested in a trade. I have a sealed ATT LG G2. Would that be something you’d be interested in? Cause otherwise I don’t want to waste your time

          1. Nah no thanks. I’m a Verizon customer, and thought about switching, but other carriers don’t have a very strong data signal in my area. Thanks anyway, though.

          2. No problem, good luck!

          3. Thanks, you too!

          4. Hairit, I have a sealed 32gb white that I got for my wife but she doesn’t want it. Was going to send it back. I might be interested in your G2.

          5. Where can i contact you to discuss further?

          6. Are you on xda? Don’t want to post email address publicly.

          7. yessir I am. MoneymakerM6 is my xda profile

    2. yeah I have the same problem T-Mobile is super slow here. in a week or so I’m gonna be switching to aio wireless. that should work great in my area since they are on at&t. either way I’m keeping my nexus 5 and saying goodbye to Verizon

      1. That’s good. But make sure you can get LTE speeds for AIO in your area. T-Mobile is attractive because I don’t use a lot of minutes. When activating a new SIM card, I can get 100 minutes, Unlimited Texting, and Unlimited Data (5GB at high-speed) for $30/month. That’s just unreal. I can use WiFi at home and LTE when I’m at work. I’m still testing though, so we’ll see. Call quality is great wherever I go. T-Mobile customer service kind of sucks, whereas Verizon is nothing but fantastic. We shall see.

  6. Ordered mine (32GB, white) yesterday. Play currently has a ship data of the 26th of November, hoping for earlier, but not counting on it.

    1. ….aaaand I just got an email that says it has shipped! Nice!

  7. damn I just returned mine I should have held on to it and sold it online.

  8. It’s a nice phone, great improvement over the 4

  9. Was initially interested in a 32GB version as a 2nd/back-up phone,until T-Mobile announced WI-FI calling isn’t supported.

    1. You must be new to this as you were expecting Wi-Fi calling on a nexus.

      1. No,not new to the ANDROID scene & I’m familiar w/the history of the NEXUS line.

        It’s not an unrealistic expectation for the phone to take advantage of the feature,so save me the “Purity of the NEXUS” sermon & your condescending attitude…….

        1. Nexus 5 is not a T-Mobile branded phone and the reason why their WiFi calling is not on there. Spare yourself some wishes

      2. it works with Google voice through groove ip

        1. groove ip is losing support early next year aren’t they?

          “On May 15, 2014 Google will no longer allow XMPP based calling through Google Voice. Since GrooVe IP uses that interface, this app will stop functioning on May 15, 2014”

          1. Correct but that’s when Google is supposed to be allowing calls through hangouts

        2. I am glad you posted that! I just remembered I have to install the OBIon app on the N5. My GV goes thru Obihai (as my home phone – I ported the number via ATT-TMobile-GV), and I can use it as a portal from anywhere I can access the internet. Contacts aren’t integrated but I am smart enough to get past that if I have no signal.

      3. Yeah, but I feel his pain. Seldom do I “need” it but when I do it’s really missed.

    2. I’m on T-mobile too and get crappy reception in my apartment so I feel your pain. But if Wifi calling was included we’d have another Verizon GNex on our hands with delayed updates and not treated like the Google Play version of the same device. I’d rather have a 100% Google supported carrier free version than Wifi calling but that is just me.

      1. Same here @ work.I get ya on the updates,wouldn’t mind a slight delay w/this feature included though.Surely T-Mobile would be a bit quicker than VZW for such.

        Anyway,very good point & taken.

        1. TMobile might be better than Verizon, and TMobile has been my carrier for nearly 10 years, but….TMobile updated my TMobile G2 exactly one “point” level (from 2.2 to 2.3) on a $500 phone bought from them two years ago. Counting on them for updates based on that track record sounds like a disappointment in the making to me. That’s a big part of why I bought the Nexus 4 and now the 5

  10. My Nexus 5 32 gig was ordered on 11/1. Google Play said the order would ship in three weeks. Instead, it shipped this AM. So, I think the delays will not be serious. Google’s just being conservative in its estimates.

    1. Leaves warehouse date was 11/5/13, though I received it on 11/4/13.

    2. Oh def. Mine purchased on release day, was supposed to ship by the 8th of Nov, instead it got to me on the 4th. They’re conservative estimates seem like a good business move to me too.

    3. Ordered 10/31, promised 11/8, shipped 11/4, arrived 11/7. Very nice, kudos to Google on this one. Love the bright screen, camera HDR+ mode produces great pix, video is great. I have the unlimited plan on T-Mo for $30, so I don’t worry about minutes or data. LTE in downtown absolutely screams, watched ESPN live game in a restaurant without using their Wi-Fi. I live 7 miles from downtown, so I only get HSPA+ at home for calls. Hoping for a wider LTE rollout soon. Battery life was disappointing the first day or two, but it is noticeably improving and I’m happy with it on Day 5. Great upgrade from the GNex.

      1. In the first hour I ordered 2 about 15 minutes apart, accepted white 16 & 32 because black was unavailable (it said) delivery on both was by Nov 8. Got second unit ordered on Nov 6 and first unit ordered on Nov 7. So we have had them about a week now. I don’t care about the color as I cover it in a black Spigen slim ultra case, wife likes the white in her Spigen Slim Armor White case. Both love everything about the phone except my BT voice dialing doesn’t seem to “hear” as well as my Nexus 4 and previous phones…..LTE is impressive and it’s been everywhere I have checked here in South FLA. Wireless charging on my desk with Qi charger by GMYLE ($26 Amazon) and no worries about the battery.

    4. Yeah, they used a “leave by” date instead of an exact shipping date. I think people see that and expect it to ship on the “leave by” date. Basically them playing it safe, and a bunch of people happy thinking their phone is shipping early.

      1. So, these articles spreading fear over late ship dates could use just a tad of correction!

  11. Plenty of 16GB versions available through Best Buy if you’re willing to spend a little extra to not wait a month.

  12. any word on sales numbers? maybe that’s why they are short this time

  13. I love this phone so far. I have an extra 16 GB white if someone is interested and is in bay area (South Bay) and doesn’t want to wait. Still unopened box. I don’t need to make money on it. It was $390 with tax and shipping.

    1. can u ship to penn or palo alto?

  14. Ordered nexus 5 white 32 gb yesterday said 2-3 weeks.

  15. Here in Brazil we’ll have to wait until Q1 2014, you guys are lucky…

  16. Why make excuses for Google and LG? Samsung never has shortages of their phones and they make and sell a heck of alot more than LG/Google.

    1. Think of it this way. Google isn’t a manufacturer and LG has their own branded products to worry about first.

    2. EXACTLY – they make and sell a lot more – they own the factory.
      Pop quiz: Who makes the Nexus 5?

  17. I read some article that Nexus 5 screen if broken than it is close to impossible or very difficult to replace(due to fuse with frame). I was excited when first launch with high end spec with good price point but knowing such shortcomings, now I think why people rush to buy nexus 5 phone ? If screen broken than it is worthless unlike samsung galaxy or Iphone !!!!

    1. Some people don’t have the problem of dropping their phone. (Like myself). I’ve had a smartphone for more than 6 years now and still haven’t broken a screen.

      1. Agree if you can always be careful and protect but I was about to buy for my son and after reading screen not easily replaced, I back-off. I have gone through replacing screen on 3 of 4 phones in my house for last 4 years.

      2. You are few lucky ones.

    2. then don’t break your screen butterfingers.

      I have only dropped one portable electronic device, a nds. From the original gameboy on forward to my current cell phone no drops of any electronic device yet,

      1. You obviously haven’t gone out drinking ;)
        2 broken screens, at least 6 beers/screen broken = most expensive 12 beers ever

        1. Get a water and beer resistant moto x that can take a better beating then the nexus 5.

        2. don’t take your expensive electronic out when you are about to go inhibit your body from functioning properly, causing your motor reflexes to slow and weaken.

          ie, you drink, you drop your device, to bad so sad, should not drink anyway, nothing, and I mean nothing good comes from it. That has been proven again and again and yet people seem to worship alcohol. worst invention ever, and yes, that includes such items as atomic bombs and biochemical nerve agents.

          1. that serious huh, you must be a blast to hang out with ;-/
            And plenty good has come from it. It helps ugly chicks get laid!

          2. Not true. Drinking in moderation can help boost good cholesterol. Look it up. Abusing alcohol is bad, but then so is abusing food or exercise, your family, your friends, yourself….

        3. So you learnt nothing after the first time??

          1. You can learn whatever everyday from whatever but at the end, accident can happen because we are human.

          2. Exactly… I would know, I dropped and SLIGHTLY crack my HTC One the other day

    3. How often do you break the screen on your phones?
      I have a better idea, buy a case for your smartphone if you think you’ll break it.

      1. That’s exactly why I buy Otterbox cases for my and my wife’s phones. If we drop it, or our kids drop it, we don’t have to worry. … what even more fun is when you show off how good the cases are by lightly tossing them and letting them fall on the ground in front of the people you’re talking to. The horrified expressions on their face when the phone is in the air and when it hits the floor is priceless….especially when you pick it up and show them there’s no damage to the phone.

    4. Never broke a screen and I got my first cell in … a long time ago! I know someone who has broken every one they have owned, so maybe people are different. If you have lots of problems with breakage, then shop after you ask the repair shop which screen is easiest and cheapest to repair! Get an Otterbox type case, put a lanyard on the phone – treat it like it cost $400-500 !

  18. I can’t believe my white 32g is most available. I ordered mine on release date, was told ship by Nov 8th, it arrived early that day. Muuuch better than my N4 fiasco last year.

  19. It was issues like this is why I had to pass on the Nexus 5… Glad I went to the G2

    1. Issues like too many people want to buy it? Yeah, how rotten is that? Seriously, people order and cancel without penalty screwing up estimates made by the in house clairvoyant who advises them of the number of orders in advance…Me thinks you just didn’t want it bad enough or didn’t want to part with the cash…”issues like this” – now that’s funny!

  20. I ordered Black 32GB on 11/9 and mine says leaves by 12/11.
    Long wait :/

    1. i ordered mine on the 10th and it says 12/03 for a black 32gb… check again see if it refreshes

      1. Nope still the same date. It may not have been updated…or you got lucky! :)

        1. I dont know if i should just order the 32gb before im too late or wait to see if they restock the 16gb? I dont want to wait too long, maybe 1 week at most

    2. Ordered my Black 32GB on 11/8, says it will ship on 12/03. I am hoping for earlier now since the leaves warehouse date changed from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 weeks for the black 32GB.

  21. What were people expecting. It is such a great deal for a phone with great specs.

  22. Ordered on release day, received on Monday. Def a better experience then when I got my Nexus 4.

  23. I have a 32gb white, 32gb black, and a 16gb white available. 32gb for $460, 16gb for $410 if you want.

  24. Recieved shipped order confirmation just now. yay!!! ordered yesterday about this time 32 gb white nexus 5

  25. I ordered in first hour and received 1 week later on Nov7, 16gb black.

  26. Good thing I already have mine :)

    1. Who ever downvoted this is feeling mighty upset. LoL!!

      My boss has his. I hate him. Only because he has it. =.P

  27. I ordered both a white and black 32gb… The white one looks great in person; The slightly off-white matte back looks a lot better than the all rubberized black one, and shows finger-prints less actually.

  28. Ordered my white 32GB on Nov 4. I received the phone on the Nov 8th. This was after Google told me it wouldn’t ship til the 26th. Order your sim card in advance! Loving the Nexus 5 coming from a 4s!

  29. Ordered mine on November 1st. It was supposed to leave the warehouse Nov 26th but I got shipping confirmation today. Expected to arrive tomorrow (16GB Black) Just in time too cuz I fly outta town on Thursday morning! Talk about cutting it close!

  30. Got my 32GB black one on the 5th. I love it. Seriously fast. Especially with the Cataclysm ROM I installed on it. A lot faster than the stock ROM.

  31. My friend ordered a white 32GB one on the 10th November, he received it on the 12th November.

  32. Ordered one online on the 1st. supposed to ship by the 16th. walked into Radioshack on the 6th they had one so I got 16G Black on contract $173.00 out the door. Cancelled the one I ordered online. woohoo! great Phone. coming from a nexus 4. Had all previous Nexus phones since 2010. Natural progression to the 5 for me.

  33. I am trying to order from google’s website…and it shows out of stock.
    I want Black Nexus 5 32GB(UnlockeD). I want it before 28th November 2013. Please Help Me. PLEASE!

  34. I really want to get the Nexus 16gb but both models are out of stock. I need to know whether or not google will restock this model or if i have to get the 32 gb. Help anybody?

    1. they will restock it eventually, yes… even if it takes about 1 month. that’s how much it took last year.

      1. ok then i plan on waiting. I just dont want to take the chance of google saying they will sell it, but only from carriers, where the price is way more

        1. Yea, I went through the same scare last year when the Nexus4 was sold out…. then google replenished their inventory, and everything went back to normal…. However, a month is a long time to wait… if you want it sooner, just order the 32gb version.

          1. its back! Thanks you google

          2. these phones are worth the wait. Make sure you keep all your photos in the Photos app (which is really a redirect to G+ Photos), and not in the Gallery app, this way you’ll save tons of space on your phone, and they’ll all be in the cloud. also, don’t forget to enable auto-backup of your photos in G+ settings, and select Standard size so you get unlimited storage, or else you’re capped at 15gb i think.

          3. Thanks!!! Getting mine on December 15…. long wait but I guess its worth it

          4. There is also a camera update coming later this year which’ll fix shutter delay on the camera

  35. I ordered a White 16GB model on 11/6/13 and my approximate shipping date is 12/3/13. Anybody think ill get it any sooner???

  36. Ordered mine- 32GB white on 15th Nov. Leaving warehouse within 2-3 weeks.
    When I click on info it tells me it will leave warehouse on 6th December.
    Fingers crossed….

  37. I ordered a 16Gb black one on the 8th and according to parcelforce it is waiting for me today when I get home…

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