Chainfire’s 500 Firepaper app is a live wallpaper that rotates 500px photos


500 firepaper settings

Chainfire has broken away from his typical scope of development — usually serving the needs of geeks everywhere — to bring us a cool live wallpaper that will fascinate you if you are a 500px fan. It’s called 500 Firepaper, and the app takes random public photos from 500px to use as an ever-changing background.

The app won’t simply show pictures at random, though. Users are given options for specifying which categories they want images to come from, as well as whether or not they want to see photos from the editor’s choice list, the most popular list, and more.

Chainfire, with the understanding that this isn’t something groundbreaking, says the need for this app goes a bit deeper than some would initially imagine. For starters, it’s an app he’s always wanted to do, though the memory limitations with previous versions of Android made it too difficult and frustrating to continue.

From then, it was something that was put onto the backburner until Chainfire suddenly found himself bored this past weekend. That he can go in and dig into some code for a couple of days and pop out an app like 500 Firepaper is marvelous.

The added motivation came from Chainfire wanting an app like this, but wanting to trust that the developer did it in a way that wouldn’t hurt the user’s experience (not hogging up memory, draining battery, eating up excess amounts of data and so on). Ultimately, he decided he couldn’t trust anyone to do that but himself. With his track record, I’d say that makes me pretty darn trusting of him, as well. Be sure to give it a try in the Google Play Store for free.

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  1. immediate download

  2. Tried it, coz it’s CHAINFIRE baybeh!

  3. A ParanoidAndroid developer had something similar to this months ago. It’s not free though =)

  4. I downloaded it before you posted this. It’s pretty awesome. The only thing I wish was different is that I could have a picture set for longer. Maybe one per day.

  5. that’s pretty cool, thanks!

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this today. Might be a keeper!

  7. Love it. Have always wanted something just like this but for’s wallpapers (which I manually download)

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