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Cid CM

When the folks at CyanogenMod publicly announced they were going legit, they let us in on one big development — an installer that would make it super easy for many people to install CyanogenMod. It’s the biggest Android ROM on the scene, and it would be a shame if more people didn’t try it due to the technical barriers that many are afraid or unable to cross.

Today, the team has announced that the installer is now available in the Google Play Store. The application will be used in conjunction with a PC companion app, and all of it will allow you to get CyanogenMod on your supported device within just a few easy clicks.

“Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process,” says Steve Kondik, the esteemed co-founder and chief technology officer of Cyanogen Inc. “I’m especially pleased by the support the community has shown for our initiative and want to thank all those that helped beta test the installer.”

Bummed about a lack of Mac OSX and Linux support? Don’t worry. A spokesperson for CyanogenMod Inc revealed to Phandroid that a Mac OS version is in the pipeline, and that Linux support is something they’d consider if the demand for it is high enough.

CM installer windows 1

Their understanding is that most users on Linux would be the type to want to carry out the installation process manually. We’re not sure how accurate that estimation is, but if you’re a Linux user and want to prove them wrong you can certainly make your voice heard through various communication channels.

How is it?

Well, it’s tough to say without the Windows installer just yet. A quick test run of the app reveals that it doesn’t do a very good job of letting you know if your device is supported. There is no download restriction in the Google Play Store, and the “Begin” button inside the app doesn’t enforce any such checks before it looks for a Windows installer.

This is a bit troubling considering the app will, at some point in the process, perform a factory reset. We’re not sure if this step will happen before or after your device is confirmed to be supported.

You’ll obviously need a phone that can be rooted and that can have its bootloader unlocked. Believe it or not, there are still a great deal of devices out there which don’t meet this requirement. Thankfully, the CyanogenMod team has taken the guesswork out of it by providing an official list of devices supported by the CyanogenMod Installer.

You might notice that many of Verizon’s phones, as well as others, are missing. That’s because while certain versions of these phones might be bootloader unlocked, the team won’t support a device if the unlocking method came by way of an atypical exploit (meaning if it’s something the OEM or carrier would want to patch up, it’s not good enough).

This is less about technical limitations and more about wanting to make sure users who use the installer have a safe passage to CyanogenMod goodness, no matter which build their phones are on. We can’t say we’re mad at this added bit of caution — if folks with those other devices really want CyanogenMod, they’ll know where to find it (and how to get it installed via more “traditional” methods).

The download is already live in the Google Play Store, and you can find the CyanogenMod Installer Windows app over at beta.get.cm. Before you go any further, you should know that what you decide to do with your device is your own responsibility. If it’s not an official carrier or OEM-supported app or action, you run the risk of voiding your warranty. We’re sure the CyanogenMod Installer will tell you all that, but it’s good to know before you jump into the thick of things.

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  1. This is pretty damn neat.

  2. What phones is it available for though.

  3. Does this need root? I’m guessing yes.

    1. I was wondering that myself.

      1. I thought it wasn’t supposed to.. Isn’t the point of this to let people use CM without the hassle of rooting through conventional methods and whatnot and basically do it all for you?

    2. Nope. It doesn’t need root.

    3. No root to start. The app will root and unlock your device for you.


  4. They should list compatible devices on the app page to save people the time and hassle of figuring out what is and isn’t compatible.

  5. Of course it will need root… You can’t change things on your phone without root. This just provides a simplistic method for you to install the CM rom.

    1. Not sure if this is correct.

      Part of the CM installer’s goals was to make it so that your grandparents could install CM if they wanted to. All they’d have to do is install the app and the Windows installer.

      I don’t know about you but my grandma couldn’t root her phone to save the rest of her short life.

    2. It does not require the device to be rooted “to start.” The app will root and unlock your device for you if it isn’t already


      1. Quentyn, you seem to be the expert here so quick question – when they say “factory reset”, do they mean a full wipe, as in apps and data? Will I be starting from scratch (just with the new firmware installed). I’ve had my phone for a year now (GS3, rooted) and would hate to be starting over.


        1. Unfortunately yes, you’ll have to start over.

  6. Though I have always wanted to put CM on my phone, I was afraid of the rooting thing and flashing, in the fear I may brick my phone in that process. Now I got a new phone and I am going to try this with my old phone. But not sure if HTC Inspire 4G is supported.

    1. kishan,
      I had the HTC Inspire sometime ago, rooting it is tricky, there is a program that walks you through it, can be found through a simple google search, and one has to make a gold card to do it. When I had the Inspire, I did use Cyanogenmod on it, really made a great improvement over the stock HTC Sense rom. I think a lot had to do with the cpu’s being used during that time.
      Now I use the SGS4, M919 T-Mobile version of the phone on AT&T, and really didn’t care for Cyanogenmod on it. Usually use stock, rooted and debloated rom, alternatively the Google Edition ROM. Both work fine. The beauty of Android, there’s no wrong decision just use whats good for you and what you like.

      1. Thanks, @VersedNJ:disqus. Do you have “dummies” tutorial on rooting it?

  7. Once installed, is there any easy way to uninstall CM through the app?

    1. Well, most people make nandroid backups of roms they have used, be it stock, CM or something like a Google Edition rom for the HTC One or SGS4. Then use a custom installer like Clockwork Manager or TWRP. Easy to back up, remove, or flash a newer or archived rom back to the phone.

      1. @VersedNJ:disqus Much appreciated, thanks for your insight! Any personal preference, Clockwork Manager vs. TWRP?

  8. Looks like the windows installer is available. http://beta.download.cyanogenmod.org/install

    Still do not find it clear on what devices are supported…wish i can get it to work on my ME7 Verizon GS4, but I doubt it.

  9. that’s pretty cool, not willing to do a factory reset on my device to try it out though

  10. ran smooth on my nexus 7 2013…cant wait for the Nexus 5 to be supported!

  11. Doesn’t work on S3 i747m :(

    1. d2att is the same hardware. works like a charm on my i747m (installed the old fashioned way , mind you. I’ve yet to try the installer)

  12. Yea M7spr is supported! I’d rather just download and flash the old fashioned way through recovery.

  13. windows….is there a mac variant?

    1. A spokesperson for CyanogenMod Inc revealed to Phandroid that a Mac OS version is in the pipeline, and that Linux support is something they’d consider if the demand for it is high enough.

    2. Just find a friend with Windows.

      1. whahahahahahahaaaaa

        nice joke mate :|

        1. Or just do yourself and the industry a favour and stop buying Apple products.

          1. but but but, it’s just an aluminium keyboard that’s connected to my linux-running hardware

  14. If you’re on Verizon, gnex is the only supported phone

  15. Look at those negative reviews from bitter people lol It’s ridiculous.

    1. I was gonna go there right away just to see the ridiculous reviews from angry consumers who have heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who is a tech guy that CM is awesome, and have no idea what a boot loader is, let alone what a rom is. Those that think this is just another app they can install to let the magic happen!

      1. Take a look at this one:

        This app and it caused my phone to burst into flames and killed my … This app and it caused my phone to burst into flames and killed my puppy. Installed this app on my phone and it burst into flames. The resulting fire killed my puppy and burned down my house. Seriously stay away if you value your puppies life. I guess the problem is the evil of the developers was transferred to my phone. I should have known better than install an app from Cyngn,who steals people hard work to make a buck off it.

        They’re just doing this out of spite lol

  16. still dont understand why running bits and bytes on *hardware* will void the warranty on *hardware*. That’s what hardware does. Heck… if it cant do that, it needs a repair.

  17. It’s too bad my devices aren’t supported. Hopefully the list grows.

  18. i did exactly what it said for my tmobile htc one… and it wiped my device and said it had trouble finding the device after. that sucked hahahha

  19. ‘ Linux support is something they’d consider if the demand for it is high enough’

    yeah, right…..

  20. I would like a desktop client for Linux

  21. No thanks I’ll stick to the conventional method of installing it less likely to foobar my phone

  22. It’s pretty flawless for the galaxy S4 for sprint. Just installed it, no complaints. Easier than your standard method of root/recovery/flash.

  23. I wish I could do this one my Mac

    1. boooo. PC4TW

  24. Just installed on my unrooted gs2… easy as pie, works great.

  25. Tried Nexus 4,5 and 7. All didn’t work.


  27. THIS IS SO DUMB. if you need a “installer” for your ROM maybe you shouldnt be doing it. why doesnt Cyanogen mod stick to what they know best. like stealing peoples work and not giving the right credit. who would CM be with just Steve? GET REAL BRAHHH.

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