Nov 7th, 2013

Google Search Now KitKat

When Google blindsided the world with the release of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat, we couldn’t shake the feeling that things may have been rushed on Google’s end. After finally receiving the Nexus 5 and playing around with KitKat firsthand, our initial experience only further reinforced that sentiment.

Recently reviews for the Nexus 5 have been popping up online (ours is coming soon), some offering additional insight from Google themselves on KitKat, and what’s coming around the bend. Wire’s Mathew Honan spoke with Google during his Nexus 5 review for Wired and according to him, a Google Search app update is coming November 13th (the same day the Moto G will be announced) and will bring additional features to Google Now.


Similar to Siri, users will be able to create a sort of dialog with the Google Search app. No, it wont have Siri’s witty banter, but the Search app will follow up with questions to commands where multiple options exist. For instance, if you tell Google Now to call someone in your contacts, it will ask you to specify which contact when different contacts share the same name. “Okay Google. Call John.” Search will then ask, “Which John?” and you’ll be able to speak back and specify. Things like that.

Google Search will also be able to launch apps from within search. Looking for pizza? Google Search will have an option to open the Dominoes app already installed on your phone. Searching for Thor The Dark World info? Flixter can be opened directly from search to provide you with additional info.

Google is also promising to infuse Google Now with more location based information. For instance, when visiting a national park (Yellowstone was provided as an example), Google Now will automatically show you geyser times, without ever having to ask it a single question. Seamless, and in the background.

These are just some of the new additions said to hit Google Search on November 13th. Still up in the air is if all these features will be exclusive to KitKat, or if Google will throw Android users still on Jelly Bean (roughly 52.1% of active users) a bone.

[via Reddit]

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