SwiftKey is working on adding emoji and optional number row in a future update


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It’s not something iOS users can relate to, but as Android users, we know that keyboard competition in the Play Store is fierce. The biggest heavy weights fighting for your hard earned money include SwiftKey, Swype, and more recently the stock Android keyboard from Google.

It was earlier today we told you guys about the latest update hitting the Google Keyboard in the Play Store, the one that stuck it to SwiftKey after adopting a similar method of swiping entire sentences without lifting a finger. Google continued turning the knife after going further and including cross-app emoji support, albeit only for Android 4.4 devices on up.

No doubt feeling the heat, CTO and co-founder Ben Medlock began hitting up SwiftKey’s forums today, addressing user’s concerns on adding new features. The biggest ones? Adding native emoji support and an optional 5th row for numbers. While this news probably isn’t as big as SwiftKey’s new “Layouts for Living,” it’s a feature we’ve been begging for what feels like years now.

When can we see these new features? Well, only SwiftKey knows for sure. Just rest assured that they are working on it, and we can expect to see emoji and optional number row in a future update.

[SwiftKey 1, 2]

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  1. You’re welcome.

      1. Hate the update… Wth would they change the layout. Layout options maybe, but total changes?

  2. Indeed, I’m the one who personally reached out to and have been in contact with Ben, and I’m the one who just a day or two ago mentioned in a comment on this very blog for you guys to write this very topic. Not sure if it’s because of me that you decided to write about it, but for sure without my efforts you would not have been able to write about it.

    1. Lol

  3. Guess you guys only read the comments from articles you actually post. Although I can understand why. I did try to give you guys a heads up though since this is one of my favorite sites. :-)

  4. Ggfb20 you being thirsty. Relax man lol.

    1. You’re going to make me google “being thirsty”? Common man, it’s Friday.

      1. Thirsty just means seeking attention heavily.

        1. If I truly sought attention one would think I’d post a lot more right? I was actually a bit disappointed that I attempted to give a heads up to one of my favorite sites only to be overlooked. I actually prefer to stay out of the spotlight. I already get far too much attention offline :-)

          1. In my phandroid app it showed that you posted like six things. o_O

          2. I initially posted a two word reply to the article, all of my other responses either answered questions or defended myself against false allegations. Oh and in response to your post. It may have been better to join the initial responses in one big post.


  6. Love Swiftkey. Awesome keyboard.

  7. Lol SwiftKey for life. I hope they work with iPhone users though 0.o

  8. number row, one step closer to my galaxy s4 keyboard 8)

  9. Has SwiftKey’s “swype” functionality been improved? It didn’t seem as accurate as Swype’s in the betas, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try the newer versions.

    1. It kills swype now and the predictions are unbelievable

  10. Still waiting for that promised Japanese keyboard, Swiftkey..

  11. Yes I have been waiting for the number row for a long time in SwiftKey!

  12. Why is a number row a huge request? It’s easier to type numbers while in the keypad format.

    1. If ur typing a long series of numbers, yes. But sometimes u only need to type a small number and u don’t wanna long press 3 times just to type 105, for example.

  13. Check out antlow born here on YouTube



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