Nov 7th, 2013

SwiftKey Flow thumb watermarked

It’s not something iOS users can relate to, but as Android users, we know that keyboard competition in the Play Store is fierce. The biggest heavy weights fighting for your hard earned money include SwiftKey, Swype, and more recently the stock Android keyboard from Google.

It was earlier today we told you guys about the latest update hitting the Google Keyboard in the Play Store, the one that stuck it to SwiftKey after adopting a similar method of swiping entire sentences without lifting a finger. Google continued turning the knife after going further and including cross-app emoji support, albeit only for Android 4.4 devices on up.

No doubt feeling the heat, CTO and co-founder Ben Medlock began hitting up SwiftKey’s forums today, addressing user’s concerns on adding new features. The biggest ones? Adding native emoji support and an optional 5th row for numbers. While this news probably isn’t as big as SwiftKey’s new “Layouts for Living,” it’s a feature we’ve been begging for what feels like years now.

When can we see these new features? Well, only SwiftKey knows for sure. Just rest assured that they are working on it, and we can expect to see emoji and optional number row in a future update.

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