Nov 8th, 2013

Dr. Who fans will undoubtedly appreciate this Easter Egg that can be found by popping open Google Now and searching for “When am I?” on your Android phone.

Do it. Seriously. Right now, do it… I’ll wait right here in this smartphone booth.


See? Told you it was worth the effort and I’m still right here waiting for you. For those not following along at home, here is what we’re audibly told (SPOILER):

“The present, of course. TARDIS functionality is still undergoing development. Sorry.”

I won’t pretend to be a Dr. Who expert and after getting schooled by Wallie Hawkins in the comments, am passing along his far superior explanation of the TARDIS (you can read more here):

he didn’t create it, he stole it. It’s a space filled with different dimensions, each room being a different one and the doorway is simply that. a doorway to another dimension. and then the whole thing travels through space and time. and it’s not made out of a phone booth. It has a cloaking device to blend in with it’s environment. He ended up in London and it broke and is stuck as a police box. He could fix it but he likes it…

Clearly there is at least one, and probably many, Dr. Who fans at Google.

I’m a bit obsessed with time travel movies myself, but never got entrenched in Dr. Who. Perhaps this will kick off my next unhealthy Netflix binge.

[Via Thomas Maiocco]

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