Nov 7th, 2013

Google Keyboard 2.0 update DSC01453

The latest version of the Google Keyboard — as introduced on the Nexus 5, and leaked here — has finally hit the Play Store for all Android users. The new Google Keyboard 2.0 brings lots of new enhancements, like space aware Gesture Typing, eliminating the need to lift the finger when swiping out completely sentences. Yes, this is similar to the Flow feature on SwiftKey, and from what we’ve seen, works pretty well.

Google Keyboard 2.0 Google Play

The updated keyboard also does away with Android’s now old blue accents and gives users the ability to add emojis to any text, regardless of the app. Unfortunately, the expanded emojis are reserved for Android 4.4 and above, so it’s a Nexus exclusive for now. Download the new Google Keyboard 2.0 for free via the link below.

Download: Google Keyboard 2.0 on Google Play