You can earn Google Play Store credits for answering surveys with Google Opinion Rewards


While many of the app and game purchases in the Play Store amount to just a few dollars each (if that), some people are still very conscious about spending money on digital goods. We are in a recession, after all, and any opportunity to save money is highly appreciated. That’s why we’re excited to see something like Google Opinion Rewards.

Simply put, Google Opinion Rewards will give you Google Play Store credits  for answering surveys, likely for use with anything other than devices and accessories. Here’s how Google puts it in the app’s description:

Download the app and answer answer basic questions about yourself. About once a week you’ll get a notification on your phone that a short and relevant survey is ready for you

Interesting. Some examples of questions are “when do you plan to buy your next car” and “what kind of car will you most likely buy.” I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds like Google just found another way to find out even more information about you and your interests.

I obviously don’t think Google will use whatever information they happen to want for malicious reasons, but you can bet these answers aren’t going to just sit on a server for the fun of it. It sounds like Google will want to target ads toward you even more effectively based on the answers you give. Oh, you’re buying a car in two years? Well, we’ll just conveniently show ads from top manufacturers leading up to that point.

By no means am I a paranoid person, nor do I have anything to hide, so I’ve never had a problem with Google using their knowledge about me to target me with more ads. I can’t imagine things will change now (even if they’re gathering said knowledge in such a blatant and direct way), especially since I am actually being rewarded for it.

Of course, all of this is just an assumption based on Google’s historic monetization model. I could be way off the mark. Either way, if you have no qualms with it then you can find your free download in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Count me in.

  2. Free Play Store Credit…I’m having a hard enough time spending the £25 I’ve won from buying KitKat bars (and I’ll keep on buying until I win a Nexus 7 or until the competition ends, whichever comes first). But what the hell! More credit can’t hurt. :)

    1. I thought I heard you could only win once so I only bought the one KitKat bar. I thought that was weird because it would discourage people from buying more.

      1. I’ve won a nexus 7 and 3 £5 Google credits. So keep buying dude

    2. Consider yourself lucky. I live 10mins from nyc and have yet to see a kit kat bar with Andy on it.

  3. I have installed the app and went through setup, but it has yet to send me a survey… any one else having this issue?

    1. Patience does a body good.

    2. Yeah, I went through the “tutorial” where it asked some questions of who ran for President in 2012. Said it will determine my eligibility and send me surveys when it deems me eligible.

    3. Pretty sure it said in the app that you get a survey only once a week or so, and that it will notify you when it comes. Patience is a virtue.

  4. Only Available in the US…. ugh :I

    1. America…FU[K YEAH!!!

      1. ‘MURICA.

        1. What is bad with America? Maybe this that they get EVER more than others!

          1. Do you know America is a continent ? Then why can’t I get the update? When did I say that America was bad? Thanks to the US, we have Google and android in our lives.

          2. I know. I mean USA. You wrote ‘MURICA. Check meaning of this.

          3. I know what I mean’t . And I’ll say it again . ‘MURICA.

  5. Who’s in a recession? If you’re claiming the U.S., its economy (at least GDP has actually grown for 10 straight quarters. (A recession is generally defined as two straight quarters of negative GDP growth.)

  6. Google,

    If you make it a free device, I will tell you my life story and you can show me flash cards with the appropriate ads on them while I go through my morning routine every day. Sound good? Ok, it’s a deal.

  7. Finally. Someone must have told Googlers about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

  8. There say the answers are anonymous, so my guess is that they’re getting paid by interested partie for aggregate responses.

  9. My survey was all about politics and Obama. lol

    1. Same… And lamesauce

    2. I’m pretty sure everyone has the same first survey. And of course I’m unsatisfied with the way Obama has been running office.

  10. App crashes when I hit the get started button lol……way to go Google

  11. Sweet, I’m down for answering short surveys to save money.

  12. Play Store link is broken

    1. Same here. Are you outside the US? I am – maybe it’s a US only app..

      1. I’m in the States, and it is US only. I was able to find it in the Play Store.

  13. Link broke

    1. Same here. Are you outside the US? I am – maybe it’s a US only app.

  14. Downloaded. No reason not to. I spend lots of money in Google Play anyway, so if I can earn credit towards it just by answering some questions I’m game. I do surveys for a few different websites already. *shrug*

  15. Since Google stopped anonymous comments and insisted on comments going to Google+, I stopped putting any comments on play stores. I do not want to become an unpaid advertiser for any product that I am buying.

  16. Just wanted to mention, today I got my first survey. It was only one question but Google gave me a $1 credit! That is, BY FAR, the best rewards system I have been a part of, I was assuming it would be 30-40 cents per survey. Hopefully they continue to give credits that high going forward.

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