Nov 7th, 2013


Android 4.4 KITKAT brought a lot of great new changes, and one of those changes was Google Hangouts finally bringing us the SMS integration we’ve all been waiting for. While most folks are thrilled, there are sure to be some who aren’t fans of the new convergence.

For you, there’s one saving grace — 8sms. Simply put, 8sms is an adaptation of the stock SMS app from Android 4.3 and earlier. The code was borrowed from CyanogenMod, though the developer added a few useful features, including notifications popups, a quick replay interface, built-in emojis, an optional dark theme and more. In fact, it doesn’t like a bad SMS app to try for those who are on earlier versions of Android.

The app is being distributed in the Google Play Store, and you can follow development over at this XDA thread or at the official website. Be sure to head over there and donate some bitcoin if you want to reward this developer for their hard work! Stay tuned for a video tutorial where we show you how to switch SMS providers in Android 4.4 KITKAT!

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