Amazon glitch sees Moto X, LG G2, Galaxy Note 3, selling for $200 OFF CONTRACT


Amazon Glitch

Oh, man. Looks like someone over at Amazon is having the worst day ever. As reported by multiple users on Google+, a glitch on Amazon’s site early this morning saw a number of Android devices marked down to just $200 off contract.

It was only a few minutes, but many opportunists wasted no time in picking up this “deal”, buying everything from the Motorola Moto X, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was uncertain whether or not Amazon would honor their slip up, but according to reports, many of these orders have already begun shipping.

Amazon was able to catch on pretty quick (no doubt from people buying some of these Android devices in bulk) and apparently many orders — the ones that haven’t shipped — have been effectively cancelled. Looks like for some Android users, Christmas is coming early this year, although they may have landed themselves on Santa’s naughty list.

Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

Chris Chavez
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  1. For once could I be one of the people to find something like this while its happening

    1. NO

      Sorry couldn’t help it

    2. RIGHT?!

    3. yeah 8( like when blockbuster was closing every store months ago in my city and they where selling new ps3 games for $6 T_T

  2. Haha wow. I wish I would have seen this. Buying in bulk seems like a jerk move though.

    1. Yeah

    2. not if it means everyone they are selling it to gets it cheaper than retail.

      1. I would like to think that some would extend their lucky find but the realist in me says otherwise. They will line their pocket books.

  3. I think many of these “glitches” are someone’s 2-week notice.

  4. Lucky bastards!

  5. Wow!!!!

  6. Bought 10 of each and all were shipped ;) gonna have a Merry Merry Christmas

    1. Sell me one :/ At&t

    2. Time to hit up ebay, lol.

    3. You seriously just dropped 8 g’s on phones?

      1. Yes it was 300 shy of all I had to my name but I’ve been paying much attention to android sites since the mytouch way way back. Saw the goof up didn’t believe it and bam. I’ll make double back on the profit. Wish I would of had more money

    4. I would not doubt it if they told you to return them or pay the correct pricing.
      But knowing amazon they may let you keep all or 1 or 2 at the discounted price.

    5. Yea, I bought 20 each. Love internet.

  7. man.. I’ve been looking for a G2 on cragslist all day today (for a reasonable price). Wish I would’ve checked Amazon during the glitch.

    1. Check out eBay, you might find a good deal. I got mine for about $100 less than retail price (though I live in Australia).

      1. I’m really hoping to spend no more than $450 (wishful thinking, I know)

        1. The new “Full retail price” for the G2, at least on Verizon, is currently listed at $450, on Verizon’sVerizon’s own site. May be a temporary sale, but just FYI.

      2. Good thinking.I’m actually bidding on one right now. Currently the highest bidder at $356.

  8. I saw the G2 for Verizon but we’re any other carriers available for the phones?

  9. damn soo close to getting a note 3 ..i wish i discovered this earlier :(

  10. Had something similar happen to me with a hockey jersey, but I didn’t save nearly as much money. Had to work my butt off for them to actually honor their advertised price too. Anyways, congratulations to the lucky individuals that benefited from this!

  11. woot woot.. picked up 8 moto x

    1. thats a really douchy thing to do. Now others can’t because Amazon was able to catch on faster when it sees bulk orders. I for one, only ordered a single G2.

      1. Call me a douche but who’s making over 1000 in profit? XD

        1. and Douche with 1000 bucks right there.

          1. ^^ late to the party son

        2. Lol, I didnt call you a douche, said your action was douche. :p

          1. If you had the money I’m sure you’d jump on the opportunity.. Don’t kid yourself

    2. Good luck having them honor that.

  12. Picked up a G2 for myself and a Moto X for my girlfriend :)

  13. Oh damn, i could have got me a LG G2!!! lol

  14. Would have like a Moto X this way, but I doubt they would honor it.

    1. Some already have had their phones delivered. Obviously they could be lying, but they’ve posted pictures showing the phone(s).

      1. Phones delivered, when the article says that the glitch occurred this morning? I’m thinking… Ohhh… probably not!

        1. The glitch was yesterday morning, this article was posted yesterday. Droid Life was the first to report it.

  15. I currently have an order that hasnt shipped and still has not been cancelled. Although I’m unlikely to receive it, the article is a little off.

  16. Have a look at how Samsung cheats its Indian Customers with the note 3:


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