Rayman Fiesta Run launches on Android for $3, check out the new trailer



Rayman Jungle Run has gone down as one of my personal favorite Android games of all time. Taking the casual runner gameplay we’ve seen in countless mobile games, Ubisoft (pronounced “you-be-soft”, not “oo-be-soft”) managed to do it better than anyone by mxing top notch hand-drawn visuals, and the next-gen platforming of the console versions. Released in September of last year, it was high time for a sequel.


Today Rayman is making a triumphant return to the Google Play Store in his all new adventure, Rayman Fiesta Run. As the name so aptly suggests, players will guide Rayman and his corhorts through 76 “latin” themed levels, facing off against traps, enemies, and epic bosses.

If the game is even a shadow of the previously released Jungle Run we already know it’s worth the money. Check out the launch trailer below, and after you can download Rayman Fiesta Run in the Google Play Store for just $3.

Download: Rayman Jungle Run on Google Play

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  1. I was hoping to use Google Rewards to finance these games, but I dont have any yet.

  2. I guess this mean no more updates for Jungle Run? Oh well, time to pay my $3 and move on.

  3. Nice, I really like Jungle Run so I’m definitely gonna try this out.

  4. nice, i’ll be getting this :)

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