The Nexus 5’s guts are spilled all over the place in this teardown


nexus 5 teardown

To say our fascination with what sits on the inside of devices is a bit weird wouldn’t be unfair, but we’re no less ashamed. While we’re obviously not interested in taking part any of our own Nexus 5 devices here at Phandroid, we aren’t going to look away if someone else decides to do it. iFixIt took yet another hit for the teardown team, giving folks a look at the inside of the device down to its barest components.

Found inside the soft-touch chassis of the Nexus 5 is a very clean set of internals, all held together by a process that doesn’t use much glue at all. The modularity of the components and the solid engineering by LG helped iFixIt determine a repairability score of 8 out of 10, where 10 is a device that is the easiest to repair. That should bode well for DIYers who aren’t interested in shelling out tons of dough for most official repairs.

Unfortunately, I say “most” because the display was the one sore spot that kept this device from getting a perfect 10/10. According to iFixIt, the display and glass are hard-welded to the display frame, which will make for expensive repairs in the event of broken glass or a broken panel. That’s all the more reason to keep a case on this bad boy and protect it from the harsh elements of life. Head to the source link for the full tear down.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. R.I.P nexus 5 … What have they done to you :(

    1. Looks far from dead to me.

  2. Wonder if they would be willing to sell it cheaper as is!

  3. Seeing this apart really makes me want to look into replacing the battery and camera module… must resist the inner geek.

  4. Wonder if it’s worth getting the insurance because of how hard it is to replace the display.

    1. don’t go in for standard carrier coverage, that’s a straight-up shell game. Get a regualr insurance policy http://www.worthavegroup.com/ offers decent coverage at reasonable prices.

  5. Please! CAN ANYONE HELP! is there any place you know where I can walk in and pick up a Nexus 5 case. or do you have any links where I can pick a good case for it up and shipped here soon. My Nexus 5 is buck naked!

    1. Amazon and eBay are your friends. Mine is from Amazon, Spigen with case and screen protector.

  6. Looks like the battery is easy to replace. I might just overlook the non removable battery in the future

  7. Meh, I honestly don’t really understand the need for a case/TPU. I’ve never had an instance where I said to myself “Damn, wish I had a case”. Maybe I’m just not a big clutz.

    1. Don’t jinx yourself dude

  8. In case of a broken screen. Just back up data, sell phone on eBay, buy new (replacement) phone. Less hassle and cheaper than repair. At least that’s what I do.

  9. I wonder if the G2 battery would fit inside the Nexus5?

    1. Nope, the LG G2’s battery shape is larger unfortunately

  10. OMG I’m shitting myself. I hope my spigen case and glass comes soon!

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