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Nexus 5-1

We have our Nexus 5, folks. Do you have yours? If not, don’t fret — we’re willing, able and eager to answer any questions you might have before your device makes it to your doorstep. Whether your shipment has been delayed a couple of weeks or you’re just curious about a couple of KITKAT-related details, we’ll do our best to answer any and all questions you might have.

We’re talking about all of it over at the Nexus 5 section at AndroidForums.com, where a few other interesting threads are hosting great discussions about one of the newest kids on the block. Here are just a few to sink your teeth into:

And that’s not even half of it. There are tons of great discussions waiting for you over there, and you can take part in them by creating your very own account (it’s easy, quick, and — most importantly — free). Don’t hesitate to make a thread if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, as our eager community of Nexus 5 enthusiasts will be more than happy to help. Hop to it!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wished I could get the official android 4.4 on my Nexus 4 already. It will be nice to have this new changes.

    1. It’s been confirmed that it isn’t getting 4.4… Buy The Samsung Moment! it’ll get the update for sure

      1. Nexus 4 will not update to android 4.4 ? where are you getting this information? It has been confirmed days ago that it will -_-

        1. On this site: http://www.dominos.com

          1. I love Domino’s Pizza. Altough Little Ceasar’s Pizza is somewhat tastier. :o

          2. But you are biased CE(a)SAR!!!!

            can you tell I am bored.

          3. I remember that I liveD in the US and people could only pronounce my name like that. Ceasar this Ceasar that. IT is CESAR! o:

          4. OMG them prices!!!! In the UK its £10.99 (about $18??) for a medium cheese & tomato :(

  2. Yeah, I’m waiting on mine for my Galaxy Nexus [begin sarcazmosis]

    1. Its coming soon! Already a Verizon version is ready. Any minute now :-)

      1. does it have a Verizon Wireless logo where NEXUS is written on the other versions? :D

  3. OK, I kow you said ask in the forum, but is there any truth to what some reviewers (CNET) are saying that the Nexus 5 screen is the dimmest of all the current flagship phones? If so, I guess this is necessary due to the undersized battery, but come on. The G2 screen is very bright and battery life is superb. Is this where corners were cut to keep the price low?

    1. The screen is great and the same as the g2 I think. I came from an HTC one and the screen there really really impressed me. The nexus screen is as good and as bright and bigger

      1. @Alistair Shaw how do you find the camera compared to the HTC One? Is it snappier ? especially with moving people etc? I find my HTC One doesnt focus fast enough to capture children.

        1. I prefer the nexus camera to the camera on the HTC One, though I do miss zoes a bit.

          The nexus takes some very good shots with HDR+ and video is incredible, so much better than on the One. However as for taking snappier shots, i don’t think it is any better. I don’t think many mobile phones are good for fast shutter speeds, watch a few reviews on others phones, perhaps the galaxy s4, or lumia 1020 but if motion/action shots are what you want I don;t think the nexus is for you.

    2. I don’t know, it seems pretty damn bright on its highest setting.

  4. That barcode sticker in the middle of the phone is sooo ugly. Who was the genius to think of that design

    1. It peels off!

      1. ok, because the background of the sticker looked like a plastic area made to fit that sticker.
        hopefully that whole shiny part does come off

        1. It does

          1. phew!

    2. Ummmm… It IS a sticker after all. Lookup removable.

  5. True that 4.4 allows backup of ALL app data/settings?

    1. Particularly I’m wondering about game saves.

    2. Gonna test this right now after downloading some apps singing into various accounts, then factory resetting. Will report back.

      1. Okay, so after downloading the Twitter app, signing in. Force syncing everything to Google, and factory resetting the phone……. it didn’t save the data.

        Kinda frustrating as the setttings app specifically says, “App Data”, but maybe this is something developers need to do on their side, updating apps with the new APIs? :/

  6. One question – How do you set the home screen (in KitKat) at the middle section (say 5 screens total, home in the middle 2 on each side) like in previous versions?

    1. I think that is stock software dependent, not an actual setting.

    2. There’s no way to. The home screen will always be the 2nd homescreen from the left, the left being Google Now.

      Homescreens pages are now unlimited, unfortunately, no way to choose which you want to be your default. :/

  7. One q concerning voice search feature: no matter how loud I shout (while at the home screen or even Google Now screen) the voice search just refuse to activate automatically. Is there something that I have to turn on (or shouldn’t turn off) to make it work?

    1. Head over to Google Now home screen, click the lowest menu option you see, go into voice settings and choose English US. Any other language does not work. So annoying.

      1. Thanks. That does the trick!

  8. I hate using the on and off button to switch the screen on and off. I wish nexus 5 has knock knock option like G2. Im just wondering if there is anything I can do? Is there any good apps that I should get so I no longer having to use on and off button. Thank you

    1. that knock on feature isnt new. ive had it on my gnex for a while. you will need root however. its called pgm2. im sure nexus 5 will get support.

  9. my nexus 4 need to be reset because I hit something on my setting and now my phone won’t do nothing.Well everything in my phone be erase? contacts,facebook and apps…

  10. is the nexus 5 being sold by sprint going to be the same model being sold by the google play store? the real question for me, or at least what im trying to get answered is if i put a, lets say a T-Mobile sim in the sprint nexus 5 will it work ?

  11. Only problem I truly have is the ringer and notification. Does anyone know if they will come out with a software update for this issue?

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