Download: Google apps extracted from Nexus 5 factory image


Nexus 5

We’ve been digging through the Nexus 5’s factory image, testing out all the new Google apps to see which work, and which don’t. Here’s a quick list with download links if you want to be on the bleeding edge of Google software. Have at it.

Tested and working

And the rest? Well, we haven’t gotten the opportunity to test them all out. Feel free to download and try out a few for yourself, just be warned, they might break a few things if you aren’t careful. Make sure you let us know what’s installing, that way we can finish up the list. Cheers!

[Nexus 5 extracted apps] (Link removed)

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Download: All new Hangouts v2 extracted and ready for installation

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  1. You’re crushing it! Thanks.

  2. Keep says it won’t run unless I update Google Play Services…and there’s no update for that through Google Play

    1. We need Google Services 4.0 guys, asap!

      1. saw on G+, look for gmscore i think its play services

        1. Yep that’s the one. Got it now thanks!

          1. No prob, glad to help

  3. Love this. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

  4. This made my GNex :)

  5. keep is requiring an update for google play service on my verizon gnex… =/ lame. but email is working!

  6. I seem to have missed what the email update does? Is there a link to news about it so I can see whether to bother or not with that one?

    Officially loving hangouts already. So much nicer than stock G2 messaging app. Or frankly any other sms app actually.

    1. I was using textra until just now. Hello hangouts on my lg g2,just like you !

      1. Genuinely never thought I would be saying that I love Hangouts ha ha. Google, you wily buggers, you’ve done it again.

      2. Haha same here, except I was using Slide Messaging Pro on my G2, the new hangouts update is great :)

  7. Hangouts with SMS work!!

    Vzw GS3, beans build 19

  8. Video calls on hangouts keeps throwing a ANR. LogCat records this as an error right before the ANR:$BabelClientException: 401 Unauthorized Invalid Credentials — null

  9. we need google play services 4.0 for some apps :(

  10. Hangouts also seems to crash when I receive an MMS

    1. MMS works fine for me. Send & Receive.

  11. Is there a new version of Chrome?

  12. cant seem to download maps or calculator. keep getting a “parse error”(??) on verizon gnex

    1. I also got the parse error on my Nexus 4 w/ CM10.2.

    2. Same here for maps. Didn’t try calculator.

    3. Same parsing error on my Nexus 7 II.

  13. keyboards working just no emoji support.

    1. Yeah where is that?

      1. Thats what Im saying. Im guessing its because we’re not on 4.4.

  14. Chrome craps.. Installs but closes quickly after opening. Maybe a reboot will fix. YouTube won’t install, the installer just says “app not installed”. Hangouts, maps, email all seem to work on CM 10.2 nightly on international S3

  15. was hoping chromecast from the gallery would happen but a last

    1. i think you mean “alas” instead of “a last”
      not trying to be a db :P

      1. your right I did.

  16. Wallpapers found yet?

  17. Maps kept saying app not downloaded on my note 3 and the clock kept saying error parsing package

    1. I had the same problem. There’s something wrong with that Maps APK file.

    2. delete the current maps from your device and install new one. it works.

  18. Email won’t connect to an Outlook server :(

    1. Read my comment above. You need Exchange2Google.apk which hasn’t been uploaded yet.

  19. Seems like the new email doesn’t have exchange support. I need that for work.

    1. I looked it up, there is a workaround Select SSL/TSL (Accept all) for outgoing and STARTTSL for incoming.

      EDIT: Actual link:

      1. You gave the link back to this post rather than the workaround.

        I wonder if custom roms could hold back the email.apk to the older version?

        1. Damn, sorry ha. Let me get a new link…

          EDIT: Link posted above, also, just so you know, you can’t set push on this, you can only do a check every 5 minutes to an hour.

          1. Oh well I guess I can live without Push…. Not like I should be reading emails while teaching class anyway. Will probably hold off to upgrade until the full Roms for the N4 are out anyway though.

          2. It would be awesome if I still had Push… My college email goes through Exchange. I’m a project manager for my business class’s project and I need to look at emails as soon as I get them. I don’t have fifteen minutes to waste, I need them immediately.

    2. Extreme fail to remove Exchange support

    3. You just need the Exchange2Google.apk which hasn’t been uploaded yet. Check /system/app/ in the image.

  20. Nope.. Google said about taking that out before and they have.. So no push notifications which sucks for a sys admin like myself.. I need monitoring notifications asap not every 5 minutes. The only upside with the new email is subfolders of the inbox are now listed at the top

    1. No, you just need the Exchange2Google.apk which hasn’t been uploaded yet. Check /system/app/ in the image.

  21. Latest email loses support for Exchange servers?

    1. It doesnt seem like that fact has been widely reported. Which is weird.. you would think Exchange support is somewhat important.

      1. Well, good news and bad news…

        Good news: It seems as though early Androids never had support for Exchange protocols, so Outlook started supporting POP and IMAP clients. Settings can be seen here:

        (note: For incoming, select SSL/TSL (Accept all certificates) for outgoing, select STARTTSL)
        Bad news: It doesn’t support Push… It will only update every 5 minutes to hour, depending on your choice. Reading the comments below, it sounds like it may be a bug (aka unexpected feature) or a bad decision by Google. Hopefully they resolve this…

        EDIT: Actual link:

        1. No luck getting it set up even with the workaround. Wondering if there is a way I can upload the old mail apk that has exchange compatibility

          1. Make sure to check all the port settings and server settings. I know you need to change smtp server under outgoing settings to port 587 and smtp server to

  22. The lack of exchange support is kind of a deal breaker for me, what are we supposed to do when we get updated toKitKat?

  23. Video calling unfortunately crashes on my S3 running CM 10.2 nighlies

    1. Put this file in to /system/lib it fixes hangouts video chat. must use a root file manager!

  24. Settings.apk?

  25. Issue with Google home looking for a search app and chrome crashes…

  26. Search needs play services. And keyboard works.

  27. Launcher works once you install search.

  28. such a joke that the camera app remains unchanged

  29. Using Canadian LG G2, Hangouts with SMS and Keyboard with emojis both working great. Havent tried Hangouts video call or MMS but I dont use those functions. Thanks

  30. To get Home working, I installed Velvet.apk. it works!

    1. To enable hotword detection (“Ok Google”) update the English US language pack.

      1. Hot word still not working on VZW One.

        1. Do you see the option to enable/disable the Hotword under Google Now settings? Also make sure Google Now is enabled (Home > (menu) > Settings).

          1. Yes, the hotword option is enabled, as is Google Now. I’m using English (us) with the update and no option to say “OK google.” I uninstalled language and then reinstalled, still nothing.

          2. Sorry, not sure what else to do other than reinstalling all 3 apks.

          3. No sweat. Thanks anyway. I did that before as well, no dice. I’m just back to normal for now. Wasn’t digging the launcher as much as my current nova setup anyway.

        2. turn off apps in accessibility settings one by one. Some apps interfere and seem to block it from working. botifier was the issue for me. Some others report swype or light flow are issues but i’m able to keep those enabled.

      2. It looks like it only works when you have the US language pack enabled, I have tried it with UK and the “Ok Google” disappears from the search bar!

        1. That’s correct. Google has only added support for US for some reason.

      3. Do you know why downloading images from search results disappeared after we finally got the function, and whether or not it’s coming back?

        1. No idea why this disappeared but I certainly noticed (that is how I usually get my wallpapers). I just hope it comes back again.

          1. Yea, pretty lame. I immediately assumed it was something deleted by accident because of how quickly it was gone, but I seem to be the only one who noticed it when I ask friends.

    2. it looks like it works, but try actually using the search function. It force closed every time for me

      1. go to settings in google now, click on voice, then change the language to something else. go back and enter a search, then repeat the above directions to revert to your preffered language. should work after that.

        1. damn you’re good!

  31. Which APK is for Play Services? Available yet?

  32. downloaded the clock app, im on a moto x and now it doesn’t work! how can i go back to the previous 4.2 version?

    1. nevermind, i figured it out how to.. new to the android OS n.n

  33. [edit] Is there a way to get the new Phone and People apps?

  34. Do you have the exchange services apk? Need this in order to have exchange in the new email app.

    1. Check Android Police, it’s in the comments

      1. Maybe a dumb question but what does the exchange services do?

        1. It allows the Email app to connect to corporate email servers running MS Exchange.

  35. Awesome! Thanks for the new app updates.. It’s a shame that Google Hangouts was not included….

  36. The link is gone, where do I get the SMS Hangouts link?

  37. desk clock app crashes on my htc one

    1. Not on mine

  38. My only question is, why is the icon for the Play Store still the shopping bag when it is just the Play triangle everywhere else? I was hoping that would be updated.

  39. Good news guys and gals…. Here’s the link to the Google Hangouts v2..

      1. You’re*

      2. hi iz su l8 .

        1. ogey taut dey wur de unly wans.

          1. dun wurre, dey ar kuul k?

  40. I also have an issue when sending MMS with the new Hangouts. It looked like it sent and then the app kept crashing. The picture never did send and the only way I was able to use Hangouts again was by clearing the app data. So may not want to try sending MMS for now.

  41. Ooooh….I like the new Email. On a VZW Note 3. Just like the Gmail app. Thank you for all of these!

    1. I’ll have to try that. I’ve been disappointed that the Email app has changed so little over the years, falling further and further behind Gmail and 3rd party apps. Sounds like they finally gave Email some love.

    2. No Exchange account options?!

      1. Think there’s a hack floating around somewhere? Just saw it yesterday.

  42. there is no camera app…

    1. Yes there is

  43. What about dialer?

  44. you guys are awesome, thanks. hopefully someone will pull the dialer and camera out as well, those would be nice to have.

    1. Camera works. Just a bit sluggish while bringing up the settings.

      1. I can deal with the sluggish part, It’s great to have spheres though.

  45. Camera works perfectly on Droid 4, not rooted.
    Google Settings is completely gray, but works fine.
    Google Search works fine. The icon disappeared from the App Drawer. Command is “Google” instead of “OK, Google”

  46. Gallery works on Droid 4, not rooted.

  47. You guys know why I’m getting parsing errors on a few apps?

    1. Probably those apps are system apps and you need to copy them directly to /system/app and set the permissions to rw-r–r–

      1. oh thanks, I’ll try that

  48. Maps can’t be installed on GS4??

  49. Maps is saying it’s an old version: “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE]”

  50. You can zoom with one finger on chrome now just like maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Calculator, DeskClock and Maps giving parsing error. Tried copying Calculator into systemapp. Still parsing error. Need to either get this working or find a copy of previous calculator.apk
    DROID RAZR 4.1

    1. yeah same here on Note 2

    2. I think some of these are only working on 4.2 and higher.

    3. Getting the parsing error on Maps. Samsung S4 stock rooted rom. 4.2.2

  52. Loving the 4.4 keyboard. Its way more accurate and sensitive than jelly Bean’s keyboard and I’m digging the gray color scheme. Thanks for the link! ✴

  53. I installed launcher in s4 it’s cool

    How do i get the stock phone icon image etc?

    Also is there any apk for touchless search from the lock screen?

  54. all work well on my nexus but i had to boot my phone to safe-mood first then i rebooted it back to normal

  55. Do i need to be rooted in order to use this Awesome app? I have a S3

  56. Awesome. All apps are working on GS4 but Maps, calculator and clock. Could not parse error. Patiently waiting for the extracted dialer apk. Can’t wait

    1. where did u get the dialer apk

    2. Patiently waiting for the video player…

    3. uninstall all of your Maps apps. drop the new apk in /data/app. change permissions to rw-r-r. reboot.
      the new deskclock needs to be dropped in /system/app with rw-r-r permissions. reboot. calculator should’ve been the same as this but i never got that to work either.

      1. I don’t have an app folder I’m the data folder. Its just data/data. Do I make an app folder in the first data folder and leave the .apk file there?

        1. what device? the new Maps should actually be install-able via Play Store now. i did an “update” and it’s 7.3.0

          1. Galaxy S4. It looks like my maps ap is up to date in the play store. I’ll check to see what version it is.
            And is the new keyboard supposed to be gray? The words and swipe feature use to look blue.

          2. i’m running an S4 as well and there’s def a /data/app folder. instead of /system/app, Play Store installed apps go to /data/app.
            keyboard is supposed to be gray. it was changed to match the new 4.4 colors

          3. I checked and my maps is already 7.3.0
            Oh ok. I didn’t like the gray so I reinstalled the older one. Is the new one any better?
            Is the new dialer apk coming?

          4. the layout is a little different. in regards to performance, i can’t say i can tell a difference.
            i don’t think the dialer apk is gonna be installable like the rest of these apps. maybe on GPE ROMs, but i doubt it.

  57. Could we potentially get the Phone, Contacts and lockscreen apps? That would be awesome!

  58. To fix the Google Now force close when searching, you need to extract and add this file to your /system/lib/. (Root fix):

    1. thank you very much谢谢

    2. How do we do this on a VZW galaxy s4

  59. I installed GMAIL and the KEYBOARD apk on my droid bionic…both are working fine w/o any issue.

  60. So… what’s new with this version of Google Keep?

  61. PlayBooks never downloads.

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