Download Nexus 5 Wallpapers from Android Kit Kat 4.4


The Nexus 5 has been announced, people are buying it like hot cakes, it’s even selling out, and some Nexus 5’s are already shipping, but why wait to get the Nexus 5 Wallpapers found in Android Kit Kat 4.4 onto your Android phone right now? You don’t have to.

We dove deep into the chocolatey code and have emerged like Wonka with a set of wallpapers for your enjoyment. Now go forth and enjoy:

wallpaper_15 wallpaper_16 wallpaper_17 wallpaper_19 wallpaper_20 wallpaper_22 wallpaper_50 wallpaper_51

Let us know which is your favorite in the comments and for more discussion, head over to our Nexus 5 Forums!


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  1. These wallpapers are kinda disappointing imo

    1. I agree. Was hoping for the full size version of the one that is showed on the box.

    2. Really? Wow… I like that first one a lot. I guess to each their own!

      1. Same I really love the first one, the rest however are a bit boring

      2. Me too”

      3. Same here. I really like 1, 5, 6. I generally like abstract though.

      4. they’re just too generic. that goes with most wallpapers found on nexus devices.

  2. Ugly! I guess I’ll continue to stick with my aging Phase Beam wallpaper

    1. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve had the Phase Beam live wallpaper for most of my Galaxy Nexus’ life… Never gets old!

  3. Protip: If you’re on your computer, click image, right click the preview popup, open image in new tab, and you’ll have the full res versions.

    1. If using Chrome on someone else’s computer: right click, inspect element, change image URL to iOS 7 image, profit.

    2. Or you can just use middle mouse button :)

      1. It’s surprising to me how many people don’t know about clicking the middle mouse button (wheel).

  4. I kinda like non of them.

  5. Why does Google always … NEVER include the wallpaper from press renders!?!?!?

    1. They did that on the Nexus 4 with the yellow triangles but the renders of the N5 have all been the mountains (last pic in the the post).

      1. Are you serious? I’ve seen the pics with the mountains, but the stylized “5” wallpaper is all over the Google Play Store, used in official press renders, and it’s on the official packaging

        1. Edit: Ok I see which one you mean now in the Play Store. Looks sorta like the one from the new Nexus 7 but that wallpaper is released (droidpapers.teusink.org).

  6. i never use the wallpapers provided by OEMS or NEXUS phones, regular or live

  7. Pass. My goto place for wallpapers is still interfacelift.com

    1. Between wallbase.cc and interfacelift, wallpapers on my devices only stay for a day — if that. I might need an intervention :p

  8. Loving the mountain one on my N4 running obsanity’s color fix.

  9. what’s up with Googles ugly wallpaper for the Nexus line? Hasn’t had a decent set since Ice Cream Sandwich

  10. I like 1,2,3 & 8. I use them in Themer Beta, they look great! Thanks.

  11. Is it just me or is the resolution only 640×640? I opened this article in my browser to download them because I didn’t see a link for a zip that contained them all. So I long pressed on one of them and selected to save the image and after it downloaded it showed the resolution only being 640×640. By the way, thanks Phandroid for all the work you guys have done tonight. Amazing as always!!

    1. Never mind. Figured it out. Thanks Chris

  12. Several of them remind me of toned down “less psychadelic” paranoid android wallpapers

  13. Where’s the wallpaper from the default in all the N5 photos? That’s the one I like.

      1. thank you for pointing out the original link :)

  14. These are lame. It seems like the last cool ones were Microbes and Phase Beam.

  15. Why am I never able to set a wallpaper from the Phandroid App itself?

    1. We are not a wallpaper site so it really wasn’t a priority. I am currently working on a new version that will be released hopefully very soon. …setting an image as wallpaper shouldn’t be a huge task.. I will add it to my todo.

  16. Thanks for the link. Downloaded but nothing really special.

  17. These are just sorry! You’d think Google has enough money to pay a few designers and photographers money for some fantastic wallpapers for their flagship phone! I can understand lame wallpapers on Cyanogenmod, but this is sad.

    1. Agreed, I’m cancelling my order immediately, this is just unacceptable.

      1. come on, guys… they are just wallpapers…

  18. But where is the default wallpaper? I mean that one seen in the press renders.

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