Download: All new Hangouts v2 extracted and ready for installation


Hangouts v2 for Android SMS

Here it is, folks. Extracted straight from the Nexus 5’s freshly-made-available factory image, the all new Hangouts v2. This is the one Google made a big deal about during their Google+ event, and it’s now finally available for download and installation.

Download: Hangouts v2

The new Hangouts v2 brings SMS integration, GIFs and more into the already stellar messaging experience. Enjoy.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Nexus 5 Android 4.4 KRT16M factory image and drivers now available for download

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  1. I’ve been seeing chatter that the version on the N5 only functions on the N5- is this not true? I generally download .apks willy-nilly and install them when they’re Google apps, but in this case… not sure.

      1. Cool. On it!

    1. You could then just uninstall it if it did happen to not work of course? Go on, be a bit more nilly with your willy . . . . So to speak.

    2. I can confirm that it’s working on my LG G2 :)

    3. I can confirm it works on my HTC Droid DNA and on my 2012 Nexus 7 with no issues at all. Tried to put it on my wife’s Note 2 but got slapped…apparently she rather get it when it goes into the play store lol.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I knew you’d deliver!

  3. If it constantly force closes on you, clear the apps data. Had to with my Note 3.

  4. yes!! thank you chris! totally works on verizon gnex and SOO much smoother!

  5. It works on my s3 on 4.2 so that’s awesome

  6. If I use this for SMS will it use my cell number or Google Voice # ?

    1. Cell, unless you’re on Sprint and have the GV integration through them. If you have that, Idunno.

    2. Nope really everything’s the same except your SMS to your normal mobile number syncs with Hangouts and you can send from there.


  8. pumped, side note, just noticed that on my moto X all I have to say is OK Google to start everything up, no more OK Google Now. Much better

  9. Seems to be working fine on my G2.

    Oddly can’t delete one specific contact in my ‘suggestions’ tab. A contact I really don’t wanna have to see every time I use the app. All other suggestions delete, just not that one. Damn.

  10. works as it should on my nexus 4. this app should be like this for very long time,.

  11. Awesome, thanks man!

  12. Does v2 have read receipts like iMessage? Any info on emoji support?

    1. Yes to read receipts and emojis built in. Loving it!

      1. But the read receipts only work if the person you’re messaging has Hangouts as well?

        1. And the emojis are awesome. Finally!

  13. Works on Droid RAZR M.

    Not really sure I like how it doesnt nest or thread Hangout messages and SMS messages with the same person together. Also seems to only be reading contact images from Google+ right now and not locally from the phone.

    Now we just need the web app.

  14. This is fucking tight. Exactly what I was hoping for. Awesome work Googs!
    Now, when they get true VOIP calls integrated like the iOS version, this will be perfect.

  15. Emoji’s seem to have to reload from floppy drive after switching categories. (HTC One)

    1. Oh how you just showed your age..

  16. OMG LOVE IT!!! finally..

  17. When you call to a US land line via Hangouts v2 it falls back to the stock phone app. Does that mean it’s still initiating the call via your carrier (using your minutes on your plan) or via Hangouts (Voip)?

    1. It will still use your carrier number, until they integrate google voice, hangouts won’t use voip is my understanding.

      1. There is no calling integration as of yet. They said Google Voice will be integrated in the future.. but that could be months…

        1. Ugh, well the wait continues. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Not that I use many minutes but it would be nice to use data for calls on my $30 100min T-Mobile plan

          1. I agree with you hopefully sooner than later.

    2. I’m bummed by this… the iOS version supposrt VoIP, but not this new and improved version for Android? I’m disappointed.

    3. Carrier.

  18. seems to run really slow and lags – htc one

    1. Same phone no lag but i app sucks teet without multidevice syncing and hangout and sms threading. Uninstalled

    2. especially when you first open the app. besides that everything works perfectly…still a bit annoying

  19. Sweet, thanks for sharing the download. FYI, when someone sends me a mms to my sprint google voice number, i still cannot get it (as before). Only if they send it to my real (non google voice) sprint number i can receive the mms through sprint. But I can send and receive sms text with my google voice number with the new Hangouts app. Its a start, but still a mess. Looks like it will be a several months before its all integrated in one glorious app. My non-techy friends have a confused look on their face when I tell them they cant send me a mms to my (gv) phone number. lol. In other words, if you don’t use google voice, this app rocks! :)

  20. Thanks for this. Been looking for a download. It works well but really a bummer I don’t see it syncing across my computer. If it doesn’t then this isn’t that great… yet (i’m sure it will eventually).

    1. Yeah, I do wish it would sync SMS across all devices. Still, helps decrease the amount of apps on my phone by bringing my SMS app and Hangout app into one.

      1. I just text so much from the computer so still will need the other app until they fully integrate!

        1. What do you use to text from the computer? I was hoping Hangouts would let me do that :/

          1. I use Google Voice (as you know you can text from anywhere) but since it’s sucks and doesn’t handle MMS so I also use the regular method of the phone. However, I use Mightytext to sync all computers and devices for that. It works pretty well but really hoping to start using one number and one service for everything. Hangouts not syncing to computer just means I’m using yet another service with no advantage until they make it better.

            Eventually, with Google voice integration, it it handles MMS too, then that should be all I need!

          2. Yeah I use MightyText and Google Voice as well. Looking forward to GV in Hangouts eventually.

  21. Its not working with my group MMS messages. It tries to send but then doesnt.

    1. works for me

    2. Make sure WIFI is OFF. If youre connected to wifi, and youre trying to do anything MMS(through celluar data network) with WIFI enabled, nothing will receive or send until you disconnect from wifi

  22. So how can i sms from my nexus 7 and see my phone’s sms convo list there?

    1. You can’t currently. It is basically a SMS app that reads your SMS on the device that it is running on. Sorta how all other SMS apps currently work. I wish it did though, that would make things so much better.

      1. Then why was this being compared to iMessage? If it’s not threading hangouts and sms AND doesn’t sync your messages to the hangout app on my other devices then why was this a big deal?

        1. I was told that you dont see the texts within iMessage on an iPad or Mac, though… just the iMessage messages.

          1. An imessage is an imessage whether its from a phone number or not

        2. it actually does if you use it right. you have to be in the conversation, and then at the top you can click the number and switch from sms to hangouts and vice-versa.

          1. I click on the number while in an sms convo and see no option for hangout. And vice versa.

  23. ok. Hangouts on my Note 3 crashes when trying to send a picture. what’s next?

    1. clear app data, restart app.

  24. On my Sprint Note 3 with GV activated, once it installed, all my SMS and MMS is a direct copy of the messages in the Note 3 stock message app to include MMS. However I can send SMS without problems but when I try to send MMS, it freezes and I notice the wifi icon and 4g icon appear on the top bar then the app crashes. After a few minutes I get a message stating it could not send the MMS . Also tried to clear data and restart the app. :-(

  25. No syncing across devices and worse still sms and hangout messages aren’t combined into a single conversation thread. My hopes have been dashed :'(

    1. +1000000

    2. my thoughts exactly >_<

    3. Yeah, I thought they said it was to be combined in one thread for both sms and data messaging per person.

    4. Yes this is awful. Separated threads is really confusing and bad. I can not see any positive effect of having it like this. I would say it is even worse than separate apps.

  26. Hi. Thanks for the upload. However, on my S4 CM10.2, trying to make video calls will always crash the app. Clearing app data does not help either.. Tips?

    1. Same here, S4 rooted, stock rom. Initiate or try to answer video call and it crashes.
      If you find a fix, please let us know.

      1. Hi. I tested it, and it works. Only, you heve to rename the file-ending to .so instead of .txt

        1. Thanks for testing it. I placed it where it belongs.. works great now. exactly what I was looking for.

  27. Hangouts work fine on Droid 4, not rooted. Only place the keybord will allow me to choose other emoji. They even got sent to my default text message.

    1. Not a fan of the first screen. I don’t like how it doesn’t completely fill up and it shows the right swipe over.

  28. yessssss! thank you! Works on Note 2 touchwiz 4.1.2

  29. MMS DOESN’T work on the VZW Galaxy Nexus with CM10.1. Unless there is a magical trick

    1. Works on my VZW GNex with CM10.2. I guess you need to load up a nightly.

  30. A few things. First, I would like to have it sync across my devices so I could send text messages from my Nexus 7. Second, would be nice to have templates to send messages out that are prepared ahead of time.

  31. If my mobile data is turned off, will I still receive texts?

    1. Text, as in SMS, yes. But your won’t received messages via Hangouts, or MMS I believe.

      1. It’s weird, Yesterday I didn’t have issues receiving sms while the data was off, but today I didn’t receive any till I turned my data on

  32. It won’t sync my SMS with my contacts.. any help?

  33. Video chat not working on my Gnex 4.3

  34. this is why I love Phandroid

  35. I want to address a big problem. Ive been messing with the new hangouts, GEL, Keyboard, Google Search on my Moto X and one thing is MMS will not download or send if WIFI is enabled. Its smart enough to do everything else, it should know that if its trying to send the MMS via the cellular data channel, why isnt it able to do that if wifi is connected?

    1. Mine sent fine with my wifi and network both connected. Seems to be no pattern to the mms issue. Shame, but, it will obviously all be fone once the full 4.4 is on peoples phones.

      1. Strange, ive always had random issues with MMS going through with Wifi enabled off and on since ANdroid v2.3

        1. In general I’ve always found MMS a slight bit flaky in Android full stop. Not bad by any means, just, quite a lot of having to attempt to resend. I hope a fix can be found, as I really think it is a big step forward for Android.

          I am more impressed with hangouts than I am the new launcher!

  36. Anyone know how to use Hangouts on the desktop browser to send and receive texts?

    1. You can’t.

      1. Lame. It’s 2013 people, get on this!

        1. install a cellular radio in your desktop. Learn how cellular transmissions != internet connectivity

  37. how to add multiple homescreen on google new experience
    plzplz help

    1. drag and drop a widget all the way to the right of your last page

  38. I am loving it so far. Genuinely surprised actually. I wonder, given Google want all new phones from now to run 4.4 ideally, and lots of old phones can run 4.4 also . . . If Hangouts will just knock Whatsapp, BBM, Viber, Kik etc etc off their perches in quick time and become the biggest messaging app?

  39. is there a mirror for the file?

  40. anyone having sms notification problems?? I open the app and see new messages, but was never notified of them….thats a big problem….. GS3 on verizon stock android

  41. how do you create a gif? is it only through hangouts or can you do it in text messaging too?

  42. Just tried it and would love to make it my default messaging app but that’s not going to happen because it has a dearth of features and is functionally inferior to the messaging app on my Note 3

  43. Says too many people downloaded and to try again in 24 hours. Gotta love Google Drive.

  44. Video chat is crashing the app. I’m using a 2013 HTC One, not rooted.

    1. Throw the mentioned LIB on your system and vid chat works fine

      1. No need for root?

      2. Where is this LIB? I have the APK but it crashes on video call. SMS support is really cool though, except for the fact that noone can see the emoticons unless they uses Hangouts

      3. WhAt is the LIB I need to install for it?

  45. any body know why group messaging only uses MMS? Is there a way to switch group messaging to SMS?

    1. SMS is designed to go to a single person and just contain text. For group messaging to work, it has to contain a list of all the participants in the conversation. If they tried to do that over SMS, it would take too much of the available space. Therefore, SMS messages, which are already short, would have to get even shorter and would mean that many would get split into multiple messages with the entire list of participants sent with each message of the split. By using MMS, you have much more space to work with and then usually only need one message.

  46. Talk was better than Hangouts 1. Hopefully they will figure out how to improve Hangouts.

  47. MMS does not work even when turning off wifi, it force closes without fail. also, now it force closes during normal sms. i am using on a galaxy note 3. anyone know a fix?

    1. working flawless on moto x. Did u try clearing appdata?

      1. Yup also reinstalled

        1. I guess it could be phone specific??

          1. im sure theyre specifically optimized per certain phones.

          2. Well, would love to use it but it is very unstable on my note 3. Back to Textra!

        2. same here. about to give up on it.

          1. looks like we will just have to wait for an official release lol patience I guess.

  48. I wish Hangouts can allow me to send SMS from my Nexus 7.

  49. Has this version of Hangouts been released via Google Play yet for the GS3 (on AT&T)?

  50. Working on my Sony phones

  51. Won’t send photo in MMS over hangouts. Anyone else having this issue?

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