Moto X camera gets an update… on the Google Play Store?


moto x camera update

Motorola has done something that’s not quite common by today’s standards, though I guess it’s something we should all be getting used to by now. They have updated the camera app on the Moto X, except the changes didn’t come with a cumbersome firmware upgrade as most manufacturers would issue them — it actually came in the form of a Google Play Store update.

The upgrade itself seems pretty minor in scope, with the biggest known change so far being a brighter picture in the viewfinder (you know, to make sure all those blurrycam Nexus 5 shots are looking blurry-licious). Motorola also enabled quick capture for enterprise-mode users, and had some general bug fixes in store.

This might not have been the biggest upgrade for a piece of camera software in the history of them, but to know Motorola could bring more great changes without having to go through the hoola-hoops known as OTA updates is quite comforting. Be sure to find the upgrade in the Google Play Store if you’re a Moto X user.

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  1. My moto X doesn’t have any update for the camera. This Dev doesn’t match Motorola’s Dev account. Motorola Mobility, LLC is what all the other apps are posted under. This app according to the screenshot is Motorola Mobility, INC

    I recommend don’t go looking for the update, wait for it to push to you

      1. thanks

  2. I’m sure it still takes crappy pictures.

  3. How about an apk?? Wondering if it will install/work on my Maxx?

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