Oct 30th, 2013

Sprint Spark devices

Customers on the Now Network have a little something to look forward to this year. Aside from Sprint announcing a handful of shiny new devices that will soon be available on their network, they’re also announcing that these will be some of the first that will feature tri-band radios, built to better handle Sprint’s multiple 4G LTE bands.

Sprint has branded these devices as “Sprint Spark” compatible, seeing as how tri-band would likely only confuse customers. Upcoming devices to be released on Nov 8th include:

According to Sprint, all of these devices will need an over-the-air software update in order to flip on their dormant radios, with the exception of the Galaxy S4 Mini, which will be Sprint Spark enabled out-of-the-box. In any case, it’s always nice to see Sprint making a greater effort to bring LTE to more customers. They certainly have a lot of competition.