Oct 30th, 2013

htc evo 3d stops bullet

In case you haven’t heard, a Florida man’s life was saved from a gunshot because his HTC EVO 3D was sitting inside his shirt pocket. Never mind the fact that he is still carrying an HTC EVO 3D after two long years — it saved his life! Perhaps that’ll get the phone half a brownie point on our worst Android phones of all time list.

Unfortunately, that does mean the man’s phone has been destroyed forever, but fret not — HTC is going to hook him up with a brand new HTC One, complete with a smorgasbord of accessories to help protect his new bullet proof breast plate. I can’t say I’m mad at HTC for using this opportunity to get some free positive press, but let’s just hope everyone doesn’t start thinking a phone is good protection for various other dangers of the world.

htc one

[Twitter, CNN]

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