Vine gives you the ability to save sessions and come back to finish them later on


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Vine has just gotten a huge upgrade in the Google Play Store. The “Twitter for videos” service has given folks tools to make multi-clip video editing even easier. For starters, you can now save “sessions,” which means you can record a little bit of video and come back later on without having to worry about losing footage you’ve already recorded.

We know this’ll be a godsend for folks who like to make Vines using multiple scenes. Sessions are accessed by pressing a new button that will show up on the bottom right of the recording screen.

If that’s not enough, “Time Travel” will let you reorganize or remove any piece of the clip, giving you a nice do-over option for those times when you just aren’t happy with the shot. That particular option can be accessed using a green bar while shooting, or the edit button while previewing.

I’m one of those non-creative people who will never get nearly as much out of these features as some of Vine’s other superstars, but it’s nice to know these tools are there if I ever feel like breaking out some day. If you feel like you can get some use out of this then you’ll want to swing over to the Google Play Store and grab the download for yourself.

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